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New studies identify how tuberculosis destroy lungs and how to protect them
Too many forewing eyespots is bad for butterflies
Engineer s devise novel approach to wirelessly power multiple wearable devices using a single source
SMART researchers develop method for rapid, accurate detection of viruses
Monash researchers make fundamental advance in understanding T cell immunity
Researchers develop world’s first blood test for real-time monitoring of cancer treatment success
Researchers make fundamental advance in understanding T cell immunity
Manipulating quinary charge states in solitary defects of 2D intermetallic semiconductor
Researchers develop novel technique to automate production of pharmaceutical compounds
NUS raises S$300 million through second green bond to finance sustainable infrastructure projects
Researchers use “automated” microscopy to identify predictor of chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer patients
Researchers keep international COVID-19 projects moving forward
Materials breakthrough enables twistronics for bulk systems
Locally developed 60-second breath test receives provisional authorisation from HSA
New NUS technology completes vital class of industrial reactions five times faster
Wireless and Battery-free Spintronic Energy Harvester
SGX RegCo, NUS Business School see improvement in companies’ sustainability reporting quality and disclosures
Engineer s harvest WiFi signals to power small electronics
Researchers from Singapore join partnership with COP26 Universities Network
S$1.2M gift from Goh Keng Swee Foundation to support medical education
NUS and Shell join hands to advance decarbonisation solutions
Scientists create a new type of intelligent material
Asia Pacific Forum on Global Health held in Hangzhou
Researchers create AiFoam for robots to interact intelligently with their surroundings
Scientists found a key element that affects how genes are expressed in blood stem cells
S$6 million gift from Prima Group to support education and research in food sciences at NUS and SIT
Business School continues to benchmark among world’s best
SMART investigates science behind varying performance of different colored LEDs
SMART breakthrough in materials discovery enables twistronics for bulk systems
A Stanford-designed tool could guide floodwater management and combat ongoing drought
From excavation waste to ultra-high performance concrete
Engineers develop eco-friendly technique to upcycle metal waste into multi-purpose aerogels
Researchers Identify Potential Targets for Novel Treatments for Lung Cancer
Researchers create SmartFarm device to harvest air moisture for autonomous, self-sustaining urban farming
Risk-directed childhood leukemia treatment takes a step forward
Nottingham-Singapore alliance to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation collaboration
16 UK and Singapore universities form an alliance to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation collaboration
Research shows cytonemes distribute Wnt proteins in vertebrate tissue
Study Finds Those Late Night Snacks May Be Hurting You at Work
NUS offers new Masters and PhD programmes in FinTech to boost digital finance research talent and capabilities
Study links nutritional supplements to lower risk of preterm birth
Sea makes S$50 million gift to advance cutting edge research and education at NUS School of Computing
COVID fails to slow academic collaboration
New Treatment Proves More Effective and Less Toxic for Neuroendocrine Tumor Patients
Uk, Italy and Singapore engage with youth to tackle sustainability issues at Singapore COP26 youth climate dialogue
Singapore scientists found a new way to improve treatment outcomes for breast cancer
NUS and Johnson Controls embark on S$5 million research to co-create people-centric smart building systems
Researchers harness AI to identify cancer cells by their acidity