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Specific and Rapid Expansion of Blood Vessels
Marmoset study finds single brain region linking depression and anxiety, heart disease
Uncertainties key to balancing flood risk and cost in elevating houses
New research sheds light on complex genetic and metabolic traits in plants
Finally, a way to see molecules ‘wobble’
New treatment for blood cancer works by selectively interfering with cancer cell signalling: study
Grafting with epigenetically-modified rootstock yields surprise
Australian invention to make it easier to find ‘new Earths’
Plants communicate at a molecular level
Polycystic ovary syndrome treatment may hinge on diet, mouse study suggests
Polycystic ovary syndrome treatment may hinge on diet
How to make perfect edges in 2D-materials
Ultrafast Camera Films 3-D Movies at 100 Billion Frames Per Second
Coordinated drought planning is essential for new Ethiopian Dam
New benchmark to protect biodiversity after bushfires
Monash engineers improve fatigue life of high strength aluminium alloys by 25 times
NTU Singapore scientists develop ‘mini-brains’ to help robots recognise pain and to self-repair
Researchers mine data and connect dots about processes driving neuroblastoma
Volcanic eruptions may explain Denmark’s giant mystery crystals
EPFL scientist gains fresh insight into origins of earthquakes
Electron-spin dynamics studied on its natural time-scale
Stopping lethal lung damage from flu with a natural human protein
Ancient tiny teeth reveal first mammals lived more like reptiles
Scientists develop new tools to study immune system
HKUMed reports a simple risk score to identify undiagnosed diabetes and announces launch of “HK CRISPS
Three Reasons Why COVID-19 Can Cause Silent Hypoxia
Three Reasons Why COVID-19 Can Cause Silent Hypoxia
A Step Closer to Practical Solar Hydrogen Production via Elaborately Modified Hematite Photoanode
‘Programmable Medicine’ is Goal for New Bio-circuitry Research
Polar ice, atmospheric water vapor biggest drivers of variation among climate models
Climate change could mean fewer sunny days for hot regions banking on solar power
Supercharged ‘clones’ spark scarlet fever’s re-emergence
Supercharged ‘clones’ spark scarlet fever’s re-emergence
Earth grows fine gems in minutes
Mysterious molecular phenomenon could boost precision of targeted drug delivery
Trillions of extra economic damages predicted in new study of climate change effects
Battling with neighbours could make animals smarter
A synthetic vaccine against meningococcus
A synthetic vaccine against meningococcus
‘Like a fishing net,’ nanonet collapses to trap drug molecules
Potential drug treatment for particular type of lung-cancer
Millimetre-precision drug delivery to brain
80-year-old antibiotic redesigned for new medical uses
Crickets were first to chirp 300 million years ago
Woodpeckers’ Drumming: Conserved Meaning Despite Different Structure over Years
Cancer researchers collaborate, target DNA damage repair pathways for cancer therapy
A better understanding of how cirrus clouds form
Tiny brain “tweezers” could hold key to treating Parkinson’s Disease