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Mining Bacteria Parts To Build Around-the-Clock Biosensors
New Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Production with Enhanced Faradaic Efficiency
Cells must age for muscles to regenerate in muscle-degenerating diseases
Engineers 3D print soft, rubbery brain implants
Researchers discover a novel chemistry to protect our crops from fungal disease
ORNL scientists tap into AI to put a new spin on neutron experiments
Hidden source of carbon found on Arctic coast
In Earth’s largest extinction, land die-offs began long before ocean turnover
Mother’s gut bacteria may hold key to predicting childhood food allergies
Bacterial protein fragment kills lung cells in pulmonary fibrosis, study finds
X-ray imaging Reveals Insights into a Natural Mosquito-Killing Compound
DNA riddle: how cells access data from ‘genetic cotton reels’
NTU scientists transform ultra-tough pollen into flexible material
FSU Research: Hidden source of carbon found at Arctic coast
Flat-panel technology could transform antennas, wireless and cell phone communications
Hidden Source of Carbon Found at Arctic Coast
Scientists identify factors for predicting which patients with ovarian cancer won’t benefit from
New insights into US flood vulnerability revealed from flood insurance big data
New clues in AI cancer prognoses
Comparisons between organic and conventional agriculture need to be better, say researchers
Emissions of several ozone-depleting chemicals are larger than expected
Alterations in cellular degradation hubs can lead to cancer
Malaria finding may pave way for drug development
Plant life on edge
Parkinson’s disease linked to gene targeted by blue-green algae toxin
Heat and Light Create Never-Before-Seen Biocompatible Microparticles
Scientists uncover how invasive plants gain a head start after fire
Careless cancer cells may be susceptible to future drugs
Planet’s largest ecosystems collapse faster than previously forecast
How plants protect themselves from sun damage
Is your coffee contributing to malaria risk?
Natural contaminant threat to drinking water from groundwater
Researchers map protein motion
Atomic Fingerprint Identifies Emission Sources of Uranium
Seismic biomarkers in Japan Trench fault zone reveal history of large earthquakes
Study of non-inherited changes to genes highlights environmental interplay in Parkinson’s
Neuroscientists discover new structure of important protein in brain
Benzene: solving a mystery in 126 dimensions
Solving a mystery in 126 dimensions
Study finds signal cascade that keeps plant stem cells active
Researchers pinpoint mechanism controlling cell protein traffic
Water splitting observed on nanometer scale
Bristol discovery is significant step toward developing electronics for extreme energy efficiency
Biomaterial discovery enables 3D printing of tissue-like vascular structures
Novel disinhibitory circuit identified for regulation of seizure in TLE
Scientists succeed in measuring electron spin qubit without demolishing it
Egg stem cells do not exist, new study shows
Advanced immune profiling sheds light on peanut allergy