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Changing resilience of oceans to climate change
Researchers model regional impacts of specific anthropogenic activities and their influence on extreme fire weather risk
Coronavirus: Weak Point of Remdesivir
NIH scientists study salmonella swimming behavior as clues to infection
Why remdesivir does not fully stop coronavirus
Non-invasive brain stimulation helps to ease tremors
New study of Earth’s crust shows global growth spurt three billion years ago
Scientists Reverse Deadly Impacts of Asthma in Mice
Researchers Find Wildfire Smoke is More Cooling on Climate Than Computer Models Assume
Best friends forever? How adolescent brain reacts to good friends
Protecting lungs from ventilator-induced injury
Energy channelled by space weather favours north, new study shows
A Safer, Less Expensive and Fast Charging Aqueous Battery
How NeCEN helped develop Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine
Ultraviolet radiation causes rare type of eye cancer
New nanostructured alloy for anode is a big step toward revolutionizing energy storage
New Statistical Method Exponentially Increases Ability to Discover Genetic Insights
Engineers find antioxidants improve nanoscale visualization of polymers
Rare quadruple-helix DNA found in living human cells with glowing probes
Mechanophores: Making Polymer Crystallization Processes Crystal Clear
Research explains why crocodiles have changed so little since age of dinosaurs
Oldest Hominins of Olduvai Gorge Persisted Across Changing Environments
HKU Engineering scholar reveals in first global study hugely uneven urbanization among large cities
Mystery of Amazon region’s rare fertile soils is unlocked
Cortex over reflex: Study traces circuits where executive control overcomes instinct
Identification of a gene that regulates storage of dangerous fat could help prevent heart disease and diabetes
Recovering resources from wastewater streams supports circular economy
Protein Tells Developing Cells to Stick Together
New imaging method views soil carbon at near-atomic scales
Researchers further reveal inner workings of pathogenic bacteria
Coral recovery during a prolonged heatwave offers new hope
Whether it’s 2020 or Baby Shark: Study offers clues on how to stop thinking about it
New drug to combat global killer sepsis
Higher oil production in plant leaves could revolutionize vegetable oil industry, University of Missouri researcher finds
Empowering women could help address climate change
New, ultrastable tetrahedral “chiral zinc” added to synthetic chemistry toolbox
Scientists show what loneliness looks like in brain
Remdesivir likely to be highly effective antiviral against SARS-CoV-2 for some patients
Bioengineered probiotic could prevent Listeria infections
Novel genomic tools increase accuracy of breast cancer risk assessment
Frequency Data for Stable Power Supply
Physicists create time reversed optical waves
Why did some planets become habitable and others did not?
A cool advance in thermoelectric conversion
New computational method validates images without ‘ground truth’
Tiny bubbles on electrodes key to speeding up chemical processes
Coral recovery during El Niño offers hope for long-term survival
Bacteria release climate-damaging carbon from thawing permafrost