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Simple treatment during pregnancy can protect baby from memory problems in later life, study in rats suggests
Hope for patients with ME/CFS
Researchers find cause of degeneration in Lafora disease
Snake venom evolved to target just right prey
UH Researcher Joins Team Developing Opioid Vaccine
Scientists produce first anatomical atlas of a tiny insect responsible for greatest financial losses
Essential oils restore insecticide effectiveness against bed bugs
Beetles that pee themselves to death could be tomorrow’s pest control
Can ‘Warrior’ exercise help Parkinson’s patients?
Researchers elected to American Society for Clinical Investigation
Heavy energy drink consumption linked to heart failure in a young man
Tiny fruit flies give researchers new insights into ‘highway of nerve cells’
New type of cell contributes to increased understanding of ALS
Classification Scheme Developed for Newly Identified Multiple Sclerosis-like Disease
New discovery could one day help rejuvenate adult brain
Tagrisso approved in China for adjuvant treatment of patients with early-stage EGFR-mutated lung cancer
Brain organoids uncover mechanisms of virus-induced microcephaly
Research to investigate promising exercise program for Parkinson’s disease
MD Anderson researchers recognized by AACR
New study probes effects of opioid use during pregnancy
Link between COVID-19 infection and subsequent mental health and neurological conditions found
Insights at intersection of nervous and immune systems point to a culprit behind chronic
New Bionic Pain-perception System for Effective E-Skin Protection
Gene therapy technique shows potential for repairing damage caused by glaucoma and dementia
Johns Hopkins Medicine Helps Find Cause of Guillain-Barre Syndrome Outbreak in Peru
NeuroBasis, a new multi-institution project, is launched
Australian oncology company inks China licence deal
Exploring variations in herpes virus symptoms
Plants Remember Drought
Researchers discover new gene mechanism underlying neurodegenerative disorders
New Discoveries of Deep Brain Simulation Put It on Par with Therapeutics
DNA damage “hot spots” discovered within neurons
Researchers identify a potential biomarker for Parkinson’s disease
Scientists have learned how nervous system behaves in ischemia
Investigating antihistamine-related misuse and mortality in England
New CWRU School of Medicine biophysics program partnering with U.S. Air Force research laboratory to develop biosensors for stress
Researchers Find Supplement Prevents Strokes in Patients with Rare Genetic Disorder
Conformational Equilibria in GPCRs provides critical clues about activation mechanisms
Jigsaw piece for therapy of rare genetic diseases
Holographic microscopy illuminates pain-driven changes in neuronal network activity
Heart rhythm of unborn child more accurately captured with new technology
Polymerized Estrogen Provides Neuroprotection in Preclinical Testing
Research finds surprising electron interaction in ‘magic-angle’ graphene
Researchers uncover underlying genetics that make flies champion fliers
For good health, trust your gut
Identifying Cells to Better Understand Healthy and Diseased Behavior
Advanced Mouse Embryos Grown Outside Uterus
‘A culture of discovery’: University of Toronto Entrepreneurship Week spotlights innovation and inclusion