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Drug gabapentin may boost functional recovery after stroke
Pediatric Cancer Research Funding Critical to Save Lives
Novel preclinical drug could have potential to combat depression, brain injury and cognitive disorders
Research reveals surprising inactivation mechanism for voltage-gated ion channel
Uncovering new details of brain’s first line of defense
Why do we get teary when we’re tired or sick?
Epilepsy drug stops nervous system tumor growth in mice
Epilepsy drug stops nervous system tumor growth
Male pheromones improve health of females’ eggs
Risk factors for dementia may vary with age
Deciphering Brain and How Visual System Processes Information
Russian-Chinese research team has sequenced genome of Thalictrum
Infrared imaging to measure glymphatic function
NeuroMechFly: digital twin of Drosophila
Research confirms sarin nerve gas as cause of Gulf War illness
Combination of “feelings” and measurements suggest Alzheimer’s in early stage
Antidepressant use during pregnancy not linked to epilepsy in kids
Glatiramer acetate compatible with breastfeeding
For outdoor workers, extreme heat poses extreme danger
Key Protein Identified for Brain Stem Cell Longevity
Children with history of maltreatment could undergo an early maturation of immune system
D-peptide Ligand of Y1 Receptor Developed for Targeting Gliomas
Study finds brain searches for best way to move body
Research reveals brain searches for best way to move body
How gene mutation causes higher intelligence
Findings on how gen YWHAZ can alter neuronal development
Findings on how gen ‘YWHAZ’ can alter neuronal development
Research finds novel molecular mechanism that regulates secretion of sonic hedgehog, shedding light on cancer treatments
Role of surface tension in biological symmetry
Research reveals new targets for diagnosing and treating aggressive cancers
Higher antioxidant levels linked to lower dementia risk
How Herpesviruses Awaken
Life’s gift after tragedy
Research reveals nearly 13% of Covid hospitalized patients had serious neurologic symptoms
Stem Cell-Derived Model Offers Insights on Gene Activity and Addiction
How octopuses and squid have broken away from previously known pattern of evolution
Hearing and vision impairment linked to serious cognitive impairment in older adults
Squid and octopus genome studies reveal how cephalopods’ unique traits evolved
HKUMed and JHU teams jointly discover role of central nervous system in control of bone healing
Elon Musk claims his Neuralink brain chip could ‘cure’ tinnitus in 5 years
Strong saline solution can boost delivery of morphine and other drugs to spinal cord
B12 deficiency harms young children’s development – food relief not good enough
Researchers explore importance of two-pore channels in plants
Does autism begin in womb?
β-NMN delays myelin ageing and enhances myelin repair in aged mouse brain by targeting SIRT2
Engineers at UBC get under skin of ionic skin
Aging Brain Initiative awards fund five new ideas to study, fight neurodegeneration
Online health and wellbeing program using singing techniques can improve quality of life and breathlessness after Covid