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An appetite for survival
How migraines protect against diabetes
Pivot from accounting to neuroscience
Young athletes with history of concussions may have more changes to their brains
New CRISPR-based technology speeds identification of genes involved in health, disease
Transcranial stimulation enhances beneficial effect of aerobic exercise on gait in Parkinson’s patients
Report reveals adult brain tumor incidence rates are decreasing but 5-year survival rates remain low
Award-winning diagnosis of brain tumours
Nine HKU young scientists awarded China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2021
Rare Cambrian fossils from Utah reveal unexpected anatomical complexity in early comb jellies
New fossils show what ancestral brains of arthropods looked like
Neural network models of future – key to unlocking how our brain works
LiftPose3D: Turning 2D images into 3D models
New CRISPR-based technology to speed identification of genes involved in health and disease
Varying immune cell levels in canine brain tumors could provide therapeutic targets
Half of pediatric opioid prescriptions are “high risk”
PirB functions as an intrinsic suppressor in hippocampal neural stem cells
Key mechanisms behind synapse degeneration in Alzheimer’s brain discovered
New study finds kids with Covid or MIS-C have surprisingly high rates of neurological symptoms
Immigrants to Canada may have lower rate of stroke than long-term residents
Magnets could offer better control of prosthetic limbs
Prior training can accelerate muscle growth even after extended idleness
‘2.0’ of Covid vaccine quickly kicks immune system into high gear
New insights into our ‘first brain’ – in gut
Genetic program protects neurons from degeneration
Delivering nucleic acid therapy to CNS
Swimming robot gives fresh insight into locomotion and neuroscience
Noxopharm announces collaboration with US National Institutes of Health
Patient shuns Covid vaccine, then changes mind after hospitalization
New insights into how ‘first brain’ works in gut
Tiny ‘maniac’ robots could deliver drugs directly to central nervous system
Discovery raises possibility of new medication for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s
Researchers discover inherited neurodegenerative disease in monkeys
To advance human rights, consult neuroscience
No signs of brain injury post-acute Covid
Study reveals how smell receptors work
Scientists link neurodegenerative disease protein to defective cholesterol metabolism
Kristy Johnson: Expanding communication for all
Retina ‘hardwired’ to predict path of moving objects
How headless hydra feel, react to prodding
Can Beta Blocker Prevent Bone Loss?
Decoding How Salamanders Walk
Zambia must treat children suffering from lead poisoning, clean up former mine area – UN experts
Researchers identify cellular defect common to familial and sporadic forms of ALS
Modifiable risk factors increase risk of brain complications in patients hospitalised with Covid
Distinctive gut microbiome unrelated to diet may characterise children with autism
Chronic pain might impact how brain processes emotions
New research identifies cancer types with little survival improvements in adolescents and young adults