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On quest to develop more effective pain medicines, scientists are studying how CBD inhibits pain
Neuronal cell type for controlling flow of information in brain
Prehistoric fish led by their nose
Women can live better with improved diet
How internal body clock keeps roundworms free from constipation
Study links Liver disease to higher risk of dementia
Study links Is stroke to depression before it occurs?
Disruptions in brain sphingolipid metabolism reveal new insights into cause of Gaucher disease
Underwater glove puts octopus’ abilities on hand of humans
Staying cool under high heat
Habitat shifts affect brain structure in Amazonian butterflies, according to study
National Comprehensive Cancer Network shares new recommendations for treating children with brain tumors
Scientists capture images of antibody attacking neuron receptor
UT Southwestern researchers capture first images of antibody attacking neuron receptor
Molecular pathway by which stress affects lupus discovered
Activating STING could make brain tumors more susceptible to treatment
Hearing is healing
500-million-year-old fossilized brains of stanleycaris prompt rethink of evolution of insects and spiders
Functioning of antibodies in autoimmune encephalitis deciphered
Researchers identify cells causing neuronal death in mitochondrial disease animal model
What do you hear when you listen with your body?
Long term high-fat diet expands waistline and shrinks brain
Polio Vaccines: New Developments on Road to Eradication
New technologies drive Tyndall AFB’s ‘Installation of Future’ rebuild
Study links Thyroid problems to increased risk of dementia
Death of family member may increase heart failure mortality risk
UNC School of Medicine Names 2021-22 Yang Family Biomedical Scholars
Cross-disciplinary UC San Diego team examines nervous system workings related to PTSD, other mental health disorders
Researcher leads study linking ALS to immune and central nervous systems
Small NIH study reveals how immune response triggered by Covid may damage brain
Peptide with anti-obesity action is successfully tested in animal trial
Blood test for Parkinson’s within reach for first time
When ASD occurs with intellectual disability, convergent mechanism for two top-ranking risk genes may be cause
Adolescents more vulnerable to cannabis addiction but not other mental health risks
How Researchers study effect of brain irradiation on damage to liver and protective effects of Dragon’s Blood
Mere sight of meal triggers an inflammatory response in brain
Research reveals women have more brain changes after menopause
Organoids reveal similarities between myotonic dystrophy type 1 and Rett syndrome
New word-score model leads to better evaluations of cochlear nerve damage
Extreme Heat is Bad for Your Health
Scientists develop word-score model capable of estimating hidden hearing loss
Can beavers catch chronic wasting disease?
Researchers show how liver can control brain and behavior
Researchers identify molecular mechanisms behind learning and memory, may open door to new therapeutic strategies for Alzheimer’s
Sea dragons’ genes give clues to their distinctive looks
Octopus’ brain and human brain share same “jumping genes”
Scientist co-edits monograph on new methods of brain research
Baby’s kick in womb may be key to treating disease and training robots