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Can acupuncture reduce headaches?
Mount Sinai researchers learn that ALS may be linked to both immune and central nervous systems
Eplontersen met co-primary and secondary endpoints in interim analysis of NEURO-TTRansform Phase III trial for hereditary
Inhaled toxic particles take direct route from lungs to brain – study
Gene discovery indicates motor neuron diseases caused by abnormal lipid processing in cells
Taking opioids at home after surgery: More harms than benefits
Muscle biopsy test for biomarker could lead to earlier diagnosis of ALS
Valneva and Pfizer Enter into an Equity Subscription Agreement and Update Terms of Collaboration Agreement for Lyme Disease Vaccine
Gene discovery indicates motor neurone diseases caused by abnormal lipid processing in cells
Research sheds light on mechanism by which long-term anti-anxiety drug use affects brain
New post-bac program in neuroscience provides research experience, professional development
Cost of brand-name epilepsy drugs increased by 277% over eight years
Signals that Make Cells Self-Destruct
Key outcomes of Long COVID identified in international consensus study
Research finds how epilepsy and migraine drug causes birth defects
Four Penn Scientists Chosen as 2022 Pew Scholars
New insights into processes of recovery after severe disease
Chronic pain in Gulf War veterans linked to brain structure changes
Rubbery camouflage skin exhibits smart and stretchy behaviors
Wageningen scientists unravel how potato disease sharpens its weapons
RADAR-CNS paves way for remote measurement technology to manage depression, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy
“Pain not just a symptom”
Ultra-thin, flexible probe provides neural interface that’s minimally invasive and long-lasting
Study find links between inflammatory bowel disease and depression
Does shingles increase person’s risk of dementia?
What we can learn from worms
How does brain process heat as pain?
McNair Medical Institute names Dr. Kara Marshall as new McNair Scholar
Transcranial stimulation lowers blood pressure in patients with resistant hypertension
Cannabis products demonstrate short-term reduction in chronic pain, little else
Molecular mechanism behind migration revealed in salt-seeking worms
Repurposing cancer drug to treat neuroinflammation
Targeted drug achieves 43% response rate in KRAS-mutated lung cancer
Research reveals bidirectional link between inflammatory bowel disease and depression
Brain cell activity plays critical role in CNS disorder outcomes
Exploiting vulnerability in an aggressive leukemia affecting babies
World-first: biomarker that can diagnose Parkinson’s disease
Roundworms offer new insights into Bardet-Biedl syndrome
Electrical pulses to back of neck found to restore breathing after drug use
Researchers investigate links between facial recognition and Alzheimer’s
AdAlta: Innovative shark-inspired antibodies to revolutionise treatments for serious disease
Rise in Guillain-Barré syndrome following AstraZeneca vaccine
Breathtaking solution for breathless problem
New insights into complexity of brain
Seeing how odor is processed in brain
Microbiota-gut-brain axis in bipolar depression with multi-omics analysis
Study Confirms Pathogenesis of EV-D68 Virus Causing Polio-like Paralyzing Illness in Children
Shedding light on spermatogenesis failure caused by testicular warming