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New research identifies cancer types with little survival improvements in adolescents and young adults
Research finds cancer types with little survival improvements in adolescents and young adul
TERT and its binding protein: overexpression of GABPA/B in gliomas
New tests can detect tiny but toxic particles of coal ash in soil
UConn Health Minute: Diagnosing Dysautonomia
3D imaging reveals neural ‘vicious cycle’ in fatty liver disease
Mount Sinai Recruits Internationally Recognized Cardiovascular Immunology Researcher
Novel method for rapid repair of peripheral nerve injuries
Research reveals unleashing Treg cells may lead to treatments for multiple sclerosis
Study links Research refutes suspicion that dengue increases risk of microcephaly to zika
Brain ‘noise’ keeps nerve connections young
Can CBD help people with psoriasis find relief?
Non-neuronal cells drive sex differences in early brain development
Study may show why MS patients develop progressive disability but those with related diseases do not
Valneva and Pfizer Complete Recruitment for Phase 2 Trial of Lyme Disease Vaccine Candidate
Mechanisms to separately regulate synaptic vesicle release and recycling
New theory suggests blood immune and clotting components could contribute to psychosis
New UK study finds extent of brain complications in kids hospitalized with COVID-19
CHOP and COG Will Validate New Tool to Measure NF1-Related Progressive Vision Loss
Identification of over 200 long COVID symptoms prompts call for UK screening programme
Identification of over 200 long COVID symptoms prompts call for UK screening program
New UK study reveals extent of brain complications in children hospitalised with COVID-19
First 3D simulation of rat’s complete whisker system acts as tactile ‘camera’
Ohio State collaborates on $2.9 million grant to study age-related muscle loss
Novel screening approach improves diagnosis of metabolic disorders in newborns
Innovative gene therapy ‘reprograms’ cells to reverse neurological deficiencies
A Trojan horse could help get drugs past our brain’s tough border patrol
Opening Blood-Brain Barrier with Focused Ultrasound
Tetanus toxin fragment may treat depression, Parkinson¿s disease and ALS
Thresholds for diagnosing hypertension in pregnancy should not be lowered
Dual-Window Approach Offers Unprecedented View of Brain Dynamics 8 July
Adult ADHD is linked to numerous physical conditions
Work like a dream: new anticholinergic drug keeps PTSD flashbacks and nightmares away
Research ID’s immune cells that sculpt inhibitory neurons, regulate brain wiring
Scientists Find Genetic Cause, Underlying Mechanisms of New Neurodevelopmental Syndrome
Research lays groundwork for restoring lost oral functions with pacemaker-like devices
Rutgers Opens Center for Advanced Human Brain Imaging Research
Nurse prescribers now able to initiate Special Authority medicines
A promising new pathway to treating type 2 diabetes
Microbiome Medicine: Scientists Harness Body’s ‘Bugs’ to Treat Asthma, MS, and More
Body’s ‘Bugs’ as Medicine
Ever wondered who’d win in a fight between a scorpion and tarantula?
3 Questions: Anna Jagielska on printing artificial axons
Latest wastewater report builds on drug consumption data
Know signs: Heat exhaustion can quickly turn to heat stroke
In a Dish, a Mouse, Crafted From Stem Cells, Begins to Form
Unusual prey: Spiders eating snakes
New microscopy method reveals single childhood cancer cells in unprecedented detail