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Can We Prevent Antibiotic Resistance?
U.s/australian comedy co-production Wizards! to film in tropical Queensland
RMIT launches new Cyber Security courses in Asia’s thriving tech hub
Award-winning film helps to protect vital marine habitat
Recommendation algorithms that power Amazon, Netflix can improve satellite imagery, too
Billboard technology connects community
York academic leading project to reconstruct famous Sutton Hoo ship
Alcohol, tobacco, and junk food common on reality TV
Subtle signals can influence whether people trust online recommendations
Broadcasting reforms to create new golden age of British TV and help nation’s public service broadcasters thrive
Greens pledge $1billion Australian Stories Fund and local content quotas
2022 Sydney Writers’ Festival at Hawkesbury Central Library
What’s next for National Broadband Network?
Swinburne research finds robots are coming for our influencers
New Fund Gives North and Far North Queensland Screen Businesses Valuable Boost
Researcher explores how to make AI ‘more intelligent’
Repeating success of platforms such as Netflix in offline world
Oscars shift from big screen to TV stream
Local Success Story MaveriX Premiers Tonight on ABC ME
New director of Susan B. Anthony Institute reflects on her background and plans
Why organisations are failing to execute their digital transformations successfully – How Kearney’s “Velocity Code” can help
Super Sound Stage Open For Business At Docklands Studios
Don’t Look Up brings climate crisis to Oscars: 9 environmental movies to watch next
King’s launches new entertainment system for patients
Netflix good, self-checkouts bad: seniors grapple with changing digital technology
Opinion: challenges faced by doctors and nurses in conflict zones
Is Russia really about to cut itself off from internet?
UN to honour most promising initiatives to restore nature
Netflix now available on Optus SubHub as latest subscription partner
DCMS Secretary of State’s oral statement on Ukraine
We made a ‘time crystal’ inside a quantum computer
Local film production Mistletoe Ranch brings snow to South-East Queensland
Multilateral Diplomacy – Building capacities in area of gender, women’s leadership and mentoring
Optus adds MasterClass to SubHub, providing further value and simplicity for subscription management
First ‘love-bomb’, then ‘financial emergency’: 5 tactics of Tinder swindlers
CEO’s 2021 Year in Review and 2022 Preview
Top 10 events at Adelaide Fringe 2022
Top 21 Emerging Filmmakers Shortlisted for Netflix & UNESCO’s African Folktales
With video game industry under new management, what’s going to change?
Harnessing noise in optical computing for AI
CSAF Leadership Library 19 January
DCMS Secretary of State’s oral statement on licence fee settlement
Look up, look in
How ‘Don’t Look Up’ plays with portrayal of science in popular culture
Making it to top: supporting start-up innovation
Majority of Aussies keen to live more sustainably
Food scientist wants to create data model for personalised dietary recommendations
Miniature brains offer new directions in dementia research