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Using biologically inspired algorithms in physical world
Making most of quite little: Improving AI training for edge sensor time series
Machine learning gives nuanced view of Alzheimer’s stages
Teaching photonic chips to learn
Chung-Ang University researchers develop algorithms for optimal decision making under heavy noisy rewards
Artificial neural networks learn better when they spend time not learning at all
Researchers developed phase-change key for new hardware security
Plants use their epigenetic memories to adapt to climate change
Dr. Douglas Dirschl named chair of Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Douglas Dirschl named chair of Department of Orthopedic
Atmospheric aerosols affect weather, climate and health
Solving brain dynamics gives rise to flexible machine-learning models
Down to Synapse: Connecting Brain Circuits to Behavior
Prehistoric predator? Artificial intelligence says no
Designing and programming living computers
Johns Hopkins APL releases first-ever global estimates for road transportation greenhouse emissions leveraging artificial
Researchers help robots navigate crowded spaces with new visual perception method
AI helps optimise power electronic converters
Novel integrated system of neuromorphic devices
CABBI team adds powerful new dimension to phenotyping next-gen bioenergy crop
AI predicts properties of complex metamaterials
Inflammation förstärker effekten av genetisk riskvariant vid schizofreni
Inflammation amplifies effect of genetic risk variants for schizophrenia
New large-scale virtual model of cortex highly successful in solving visual tasks
Machine learning generates pictures of proteins in 5D
Study urges caution when comparing neural networks to brain
University of Toronto collaborates with Naver, Wattpad on AI research
Using sound to model world
Artificial intelligence methods may replace histochemical staining
Project co-led at LLNL looks to improve visualization of largescale datasets
Teaching AI to Accurately Colorize Marine Plankton Images
How early fears play role in future anxiety, depression
Gift from Schmidt Futures to spark revolution in AI-based STEM research at University of Toronto
Deep learning with light
UCLA engineers design AI material that learns behaviors and adapts to changing conditions
Skin and hair in 3D
Researcher combines AI and microelectronics to create neural implants that fight brain disorders
Energy-efficient light-weight deep learning algorithm for future optical artificial intelligence
Deep learning makes X-ray CT inspection of 3D-printed parts faster, more accurate
Deep learning makes X-ray CT inspection of 3D printed parts faster, more accurate
AI image generation is advancing at astronomical speeds
Raül Andero receives Leonardo grant from BBVA Foundation
New machine learning approach for high-entropy alloy discovery
More accurate assessments of hurricane damage for responders
Brain-like organoids grown in dish provide window into autism
New Study Unveils Why Gold Surface Forms Herringbone Texture
Climate simulation more realistic with artificial intelligence
University of Nottingham programme commits £110,000 to furthering sustainable aerospace research