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Time Experience Differs For Kids, Adults: Time is Not What it Used To Be
Zebrafish research helps reveal origins of scoliosis
Researchers Find Neurons Linking Female Fruit Fly Preferences, Male Songs
Study identifies features that may make motor neurons vulnerable to ALS
Brain Organoids Respond to Visual Stimuli in Adult Rats
More variability helps learning
Brain Learning Vs. Artificial Intelligence: Who Will Win?
Hypothalamus-Hippocampus Synapses Linked to Long-Term Change
Tech May Aid Brain Stimulation: New Study
Gene Activity in Schizophrenia Found to Cycle Every 12 Hours
Device with Pop-Up Electrodes Aids 3D Brain Mapping
Regional Cortical Channels for Brain Communication
Brain Wave Patterns Can Predict Movement
Safety Tests of Insecticides Inadequate for Bees: Research
Fruit flies grow brainy on poor diet
Research Examines Impact of Low Choline on Health
Schizophrenia Loosening of Associations Evidence Found
Fruit Flies Show Cognitive Improvement on Low-Nutrient Diet
TRPV1 Targeted for Long-Lasting Pain Relief by Allosteric Modulator
Six minutes of intense exercise boosts key brain protein
Sensory Neurons Trigger Joint Deformities
ALS Skeletal Muscle Shows Age-Related Dysregulation of circRNAs
Synthetic Nerve Cells Mimic Biology
Neurons Linked to Altered Consciousness in ‘Absence’ Epilepsy
Brain Functionality Advancement Could Treat Memory Issues
Sense of Smell Linked to Newly Discovered Cell Component
Fatty Acid Affects Sensitivity of Psoriasis Plaques to Heat, Pain
Rats Exhibit Eye-Scratching Behavior
Seeing Things Differently: Secret Life of Our Eyes
Successful Nonhuman Primate Hypothermia Paves Way for Human Torpor
Successful Hypothermia in Primate Sets Stage for Human Torpor
Gene That Explains One Chip Can’t Stop’ Phenomenon Identified
Mice’s Neuropathic Pain Perceived by Motor Cortex
Stem Cells Tested for Schizophrenia Drug Discovery
Brain Circuit Discovered to Turn Goals into Escape Actions
Dynorphin Shields Neurons from Alzheimer’s-Causing β-Amyloid
Neurons Protected from Alzheimer’s by Big Dynorphin
Research reveals which animals perceive time fastest
Animals Ranked: Who Perceives Time Quickest?
Cell Markers Reveal Muscle Aging, Frailty and Senescence
Potential breakthrough for growing insulin-producing cells in laboratory
Uncovering Keys to Quality Sleep
Life in action: researchers capture 3D cellular dynamics across whole organism
Scientists capture 3D cell dynamics across organism
Research throws light on how neurons respond to aging-related iron accumulation
Centennial ferroelectric devices throw light on intelligent computing
Head-mounted microscope measures neuron activity
How touch dampens brain’s response to painful stimuli