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When eyes meet, neurons start to fire
Newly discovered neural network gets visual and motor circuits in sync
Smooth movements are achieved by stable basal ganglia activity
Surprising role of motor system neurons
Women seen as happy and men as angry despite real emotions
Dark matter of brain
VTA→BLA Dopamine Neurons Selectively Control Anxiety-Related Behaviors
Distant regions of human brain are wired together by surprisingly few connections
Experts publish guidelines for psychophysiological research involving measurements of eye’s pupil
How does Covid affect people’s ability to smell
Dopamine triggers sleep state transitions
Neuron counts reveal brain complexity evolution in land vertebrates
How single nerve cell can multiply
Algebra of neurons
Astrocytes help orchestrate synaptic activity in learning and memory
Early life treatment prevents autism symptoms from developing
Key advance in brain research
Growing perfect diamond: Simulations reveal interesting geometric patterns
How left and right hippocampal CA1 regions in mouse brain talk with each other
Surprisingly simple ‘arithmetic’ of smell
Research reveals new links between brain over-activity and schizophrenia symptoms
Research finds new links between brain over-activity and schizophrenia symptoms
Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Helps Protect Against Predator Attack: Study
Rapid eye movement sleep helps protect against predator attack
Biologists identify neural circuits linked to aging
Sleeping mice show busy brains
Carnegie Mellon Biologists Awarded Grants from Pittsburgh Foundation’s Kaufman Fund
Researchers predict rat behaviors from brain activity
Fine-tuning motivation in brain
Study shows certain brain waves aren’t just background noise
How can our brain still perceive familiar objects even when they become indistinct?
Modeling quantum spin liquids using machine learning
‘Dancing molecules’ successfully repair severe spinal cord injuries
New recessive neurodevelopmental disorder identified
Safety and efficacy data published for novel nusinersen drug delivery method for spinal muscular atrophy patients
Prefrontal neurons in monkeys and bats facilitate group communication
Protein processing impairment in Parkinson’s disease
Brain circuits that inhibit fear instinct identified
How brain differentiates between planned and actual movement
Development of dendritic-network-implementable artificial neurofiber transistors
New way to count micronuclei in cells
Yoo wins research grants
Researchers Shed New Light on Molecular Mechanisms in Brain Diseases
New microscopy technique reveals activity of one million neurons across mouse brain
PirB functions as an intrinsic suppressor in hippocampal neural stem cells
New insights into how ‘first brain’ works in gut
PTEN nuclear translocation enhances neuronal injury after hypoxia-ischemia
Neural Network Model Shows Why People with Autism Read Facial Expressions Differently