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Magnetic device isolates rarest white blood cells
Viral infections during pregnancy affect maternal care behavior
GuestXR: machine learning agent for improving conflict management in virtual environments
Immune cell characteristics mapped across multiple tissues
Researchers at Université de Sherbrooke receive funding for new projects to help reduce harmful effects of alcohol use
Findings on how gen YWHAZ can alter neuronal development
Findings on how gen ‘YWHAZ’ can alter neuronal development
To Err Is Human
Research of promising Alzheimer’s marker in blood prompts warning about brain-boosting supplements
Scientists found that ‘free-living’ runners default to an energy-saving speed, no matter distance
Clinical trial to test psychedelics in treating depression
Promising avenue to prevent mental illness following transient infection
Cross-Racial Study of 1.87M Vets Shows Wide Disparities in Dementia
Science Leads European Research Giant To Melbourne
Your Mental Health May Impact Your Chances of Breakthrough COVID
Protein that enables us to detect cold and menthol may also be key to migraine headaches
EMBL consolidates ties with Sapienza University
Animal experimentation: UNIGE awards its 3R prize
Psilocybin Rewires Brain for People with Depression
Wireless neuro-stimulator to revolutionise patient care
Engineer s develop simple delivery method that enhances promising cancer treatment
Biggest study of its kind implicates specific genes in schizophrenia
Social interactions divert established motivational system
Little understood brain region linked to how we perceive pain
Stroke treatments safe and effective for people with existing disability or dementia
Stretchy display for shapable electronics
Engineer s develop stretchable display that could revolutionize how humans interact with electronics
Scientists control brain circuits from distance using infrared light
“The beginning of a new paradigm for understanding brain”
When brain sees familiar face
Extended napping in seniors may signal dementia
When It Comes to Sleep, It’s Quality Over Quantity
Drug incorporated into silicone coating reduces ‘foreign body reaction’ to implants
Prenatal mindfulness program improves stress response in infants
Lack of cellular prion protein might cause symptoms of epilepsy and learning deficits
Nanoscale look at coronavirus infection
International team creates first complete fruit fly cell atlas
Targeting dysregulated kappa-opioid receptors reduces working memory deficits in alcohol use disorder
Dementia patients struggle to cope with change because of damage to general intelligence brain networks
King’s researchers awarded funding to study persistent pain in inflammatory arthritis
Significant project combines state-of-the-art AI solutions with research on near-Earth space
Craver wins National Science Foundation grant
Rats can estimate their timing accuracy
Research reveals differences between brains of girls, boys with autism
First study to analyse brain changes associated with juvenile fibromyalgia
Brainpower May Take Beating Following Concussion
UB and IDIBAPS study links mechanisms that control embryonic development with cancer cell growth
Head trauma caused by intimate partner violence is subject of new study