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Engineer s create perching bird-like robot
Scientists study role of gene known as FTO in coexistence of depression and obesity
New stroke clot-buster drug shows ‘exciting potential’ in mice
Joining Forces in Theoretical Natural Sciences
Brain connections have their own tempo
New doctoral training programme will train future healthcare professionals
From ‘corpora amylacea’ to wasteosomes: new perspectives on removal of damaging substances in tissue
Mr Geoffrey Kempler announced as new AusBiotech Chair
Scientists investigate role of gene linked to Alzheimer’s in brain’s immune cells
Researchers gain insight into how cells avoid assembly-line mistakes
Whole genome sequencing increases diagnosis of rare disorders by nearly third, study finds
$15 million gift to strengthen life science education, research across university
Chatbot for addressing Covid vaccine hesitancy
UCSF Weill Neurosciences Building Heralds New Era for Patients
3 Teens with Covid Developed Sudden Severe Psychiatric Symptoms. Why?
Lab-grown ‘mini brains’ hint at treatments for neurodegenerative diseases
Lab-grown ‘mini brains’ hint at potential treatment options for motor neurone disease and frontotemporal dementia
Philip receives NIH grant for neuroscience research
Bloom receives NIH grant for extramural research programs
Steps in Development of Brain’s Cellular Geography Revealed by New Studies
Funding boost expands MND research in our region
Treating severe depression with on-demand brain stimulation
New microscopy technique makes deep in vivo brain imaging possible
Stanford exoskeleton research demonstrates importance of training
Research demonstrates importance of training
Happiness in Early Adulthood May Protect Against Dementia
New mouse model for studying cognitive protection mechanisms in Alzheimer’s
Augmented reality helps tackle fear of spiders
International study finds insomnia, anxiety and depression very prevalent during first phase of Covid pandemic
How serotonin curbs cocaine addiction
Light-activated drugs: localized medicine without side effects
Virtual specialists have real impact on rural stroke patients
Researchers develop an engineered ‘mini’ CRISPR genome editing system
Family of proteins offers promise as ischemic stroke treatment
Struggling to learn new language? Blame it on your stable brain
AI algorithm solves structural biology challenges
Stanford machine learning algorithm predicts biological structures more accurately than ever before
Eyes provide peek at Alzheimer’s risk
Too much time on computer, watching TV or other sedentary activities raises stroke risk
Applying complex mathematics to analyze fMRI data
Uncovering relationship between lifestyle, personality and brain structure
Survey suggests climate change has reduced presence of invasive Argentine ants
Global warming increased U.S. crop insurance losses by $27 billion in 27 years, Stanford study finds
3-D ‘Heat Map’ Animation Shows How Seizures Spread in Brains of Patients with Epilepsy
Dual-Drug Therapy Shows Promise for Treating Alcohol Use Disorder
Expansion of MR and CT imaging at Salford Royal
New findings on function of mitofusin 2 in cellular energy metabolism
UCSF Medical Center Ranks 1st Nationwide in Neuro, Among Top 10 Hospitals for 2021-22