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Local school students invited to enter 2023 Beyond Boundaries art competition
Fight Fish for Prostate Cancer Research
Biohybrid Device to Restore Paralysed Limbs
Epilepsy Patients’ Brain Neurons Linked to Cognitive Ability
Message from Health Ministers: Brain Awareness Week 2023
First wiring map of insect brain complete
National Network Forms to Combat Long COVID
Insect brain’s neuron wiring map done
3 UConn Health Nurses Recognized for Outstanding Care
Stanford Devises New Method for Bacteria ID in Fluids
Research Finds Ability to Predict Seizures in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, 30+ Mins Ahead
Quebec Funds Research on Mental Health Services for Kids, Youth
Research on Mental Health Services for Kids, Youth, Young Adults
Prizes for biomedical research in Lake Geneva region
Nitrous Oxide Abuse: Guidelines for Clinicians to Prevent Spinal Damage
Nitrous Oxide Abuse on Rise: Guidelines to Prevent Spinal Cord Damage
Research Launches to Investigate Brain Aging Causes
UTA Prof Finds Brain Cells Tied to Pediatric Seizures
Giant step forward in understanding autism
$1M Donation Aids Teens with Epilepsy Transition to Adult Care
Toddlers’ Attention to ‘Motherese’ May Aid Autism Diagnosis
Caregivers Rely More on Social Media for CTE Info Than Doctors: UTHealth Study
Celery Seed-Derived Med May Improve Stroke Outcomes
New Medicine from Celery Seeds May Help Stroke Recovery
Two UB researchers receive Consolidator Grant to drive their researches
Do Sleep Medications Increase Your Chances of Dementia?
Sleep Meds Linked to Increased Dementia Risk
Fresh Questions About Oxytocin as ‘Love Hormone’ Behind Pair Bonding
Oxytocin’s Role in Pair Bonding Questioned
Using Big Data against mental disorders
Stroke Risk Linked to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity
Managing emotions better could prevent pathological ageing
Aggressive Surgery Increases Survival with Low-Grade Brain Tumors
Aggressive Surgery Boosts Survival for Low-Grade Tumors
Disaster Trauma Linked to Health Issues
30 Years On, Are We Winning Fight Against Alzheimer’s?
Targeting tau, other protein behind Alzheimer’s disease
Generating Human-Like Neural Networks Via Cellular Reprogramming
During Sleep, Brain Regions Synchronize to Create Motor Memory
Rethinking How Cancer Cells Evade Targeted Therapy
Exploring Strategies to Combat Cancer Cell Resistance
Brain Regions Synchronize During Sleep to Form Motor Memory
Early Sign of LATE Found: Potential Breakthrough
Spinal cord pain to PTSD: $5.2m in NHMRC grants to target pressing medical conditions
Molecular hydrogen as new strategy for treatment of chronic pain
Researchers identify differences in spontaneous brain activity in people with Down syndrome
Connection between illnesses of digestive and nervous systems
Estrogen may provide protection against delirium