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Researchers find new target to combat lung disease
Scientists find new target to combat lung disease
Cystic fibrosis faithfully modeled in human Lung Airway Chip
Venetoclax shown to benefit patients with Waldenström Macroglobulinemia, including some who relapsed after previous therapy
New stroke clot-buster drug shows ‘exciting potential’ in mice
Landmark study points to source of rapid aging, chronic inflammation in people living with HIV
Discovery of potential new therapy for inflammatory arthritis
Immunization is passed on to offspring
Antibody treatment for MIS-C works by depleting inflammatory immune cells
Massage doesn’t just make muscles feel better, it makes them heal faster and stronger
Tool to interrogate new class of drugs
Counting cells may shed light on how cancer spreads
Novel small molecule potently attenuates neuroinflammation in brain and glial cells
Innate immune response may predict Covid severity
No more aggravation: ATP-hydrolyzing ectoenzyme E-NTPD8 attenuates colitis
Human embryos make contact with mother-to-be
Research finds that immune cells cooperate to trap and kill bacteria
New findings on field of perinatal brain injury
Drug costing less than €2 day helps in treatment of severely ill Covid patients
Granulocytes may weaken immune response in connection with Covid
Organoid bladders reveal secrets of UTIs
Ludwig Cancer Research welcomes Mikaël Pittet to Ludwig Lausanne
More complex than we thought: body’s reaction to contact allergens
Signs Are in Matrix
MUSC Hollings clinical trial gives cancer patients new hope
Cancer: immunotherapies without side effects?
Drug dissolved net-like structures in airways of severely ill Covid-19 patients
Researchers discover unique ‘spider web’ mechanism that traps, kills viruses
Undergraduate students begin summer research fellowships
Novel risk score for predicting blood cancer relapse
Immune cells in human biliary system mapped
Study finds common protein in blood enables human fertilization and fighting infection
Gene profile in blood predicts risk of poor outcomes, death for patients with COVID-19
Start-stop System of Hunting Immune Cells
Intratumoral SIRPalpha-deficient macrophages activate tumor-specific cytotoxic T cells
Dana-Farber researchers present key studies at ASCO annual meeting 20 May
Could COVID vaccines affect your period?
New cells harnessed to ambush and kill malaria
New technique provides map of lung pathology in COVID-19
Real-World Evidence Supports Effectiveness of First-line IBRANCE Combination Therapy
Cracking ‘code’ to predict recovery for patients with spinal cord injury
Lung cancer resistance: key is glucose
COVID-19: how does it affect people preparing food?
NIH scientists discover how DNA fragments can trigger inflammation in sickle cell disease
Why do kids tend to have milder COVID?
Pfizer Confirms U.S. Patent Term Extension for IBRANCE Until March 2027
New Biomarker May Predict Which Pancreatic Cancer Patients Respond to CD40 Immunotherapy
Timing is of essence when treating brain swelling in mice