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Immune Cells Turned to Cancer-Battling Bacteria Exposure
In search of inflammatory Achilles heel
Hunting for Inflammatory Achilles Heel
Premature Infant Medicine
PFAS Can Suppress White Blood Cell’s Ability to Destroy Invaders
Teenage Patient Gives Back to Columbia Clinic
New Drug Found to Reduce Inflammation During Coronary Catheterization
FDA Approves New Therapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer from Dana-Farber
New Study Sheds Light on Neutrophils’ Role in Cancer, Targets IL-8 and EVs
Key to Unlocking Immunotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer Discovered
UC Irvine, UCLA Researchers Develop ARDS Prevention Therapy
UCalgary Study Reveals Insight into Lung Fungal Invasion
Delaying Antibiotics May Not Impact Cancer Patient Survival
New Lupus Treatment Discovered in Blood
Driver of cystic fibrosis lung inflammation yields target for treatment
Transcriptomic technology can help identify infections after knee and hip replacements
Researchers reveal first close-up of bats’ immune response to live infection
Intestinal microorganisms influence white blood cell levels in blood
Analysis reveals adverse effects of complex cancer therapies called antibody drug conjugates
Analysis finds adverse effects of complex cancer therapies called antibody drug conjugates
Gut parasites may increase onward transmission of respiratory bugs in rabbits
How Pathogens Hijack Immune System to Cause Vaccine-Enhanced Disease
Studies reveal complexity of immune responses in patients receiving treatment for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis
Penn Scientists Receive NIH Grants through Research Program
Researchers reveal new strategy to prevent blood clots without increasing risk of bleeding
Disarming immune system’s lethal lung response
Tiny swimming robots treat deadly pneumonia
Single-cell transcriptomics of immune cells in lymph nodes finds their composition and alterations
Wistar Institute and Jubilant Therapeutics Inc. find PAD4 inhibition
Elucidation of innate immune system as basis for development of novel therapies
Common Mechanism for Cancer Metastasis and Atherosclerosis
Unique origin of neutrophil’s chemical messaging system
Turning white blood cells into medicinal microrobots with light
Two different white blood cell types play opposing roles in affecting heartbeat irregularities after heart attack
Study identifies kids with cancer at risk of lethal infections
In Colitis Patients, Skin Conditions May Originate in Gut
Females itch less than males
Math model predicts efficacy of drug treatments for heart attacks
Fecal transplants show promise for protecting newborns receiving antibiotics
Emory immunologists identify critical immune cell target to treat Covid complications
New insights into processes of recovery after severe disease
Nanoparticle sensor can distinguish between viral and bacterial pneumonia
Study identifies best treatment for rare childhood cancer
Pfizer Announces Overall Survival Results from Phase 3 PALOMA-2 Trial of IBRANCE for First-Line Treatment of ER+
Blocking enzyme could hold key to preventing, treating severe Covid
Identifying new drug targets for inflammatory autoimmune diseases
Discovery reveals blocking inflammation may lead to chronic pain
Discovery finds blocking inflammation may lead to chronic pain