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A New Kind of Visual Illusion Uncovers How Our Brains Connect Dots
Having Same Nurse for Home Health Visits May Prevent Rehospitalization for People with Dementia
Study Examines “Red Flag” Gun Laws and State Efforts to Block Local Legislation
COVID-19 Outbreaks in Countries Largely Due to Four Features, New Study Shows
Declining Treatment During Maternity Care Can Foster Mistreatment, Tension Between Patients and Providers
UBC Sauder study shows cigarette tax hikes can help boost bigger brands, hurt consumers
U.S. President Biden Announces Five Key Nominations 19 June
Earth Has a Pulse-A 27.5-Million-Year Cycle of Geological Activity
Communication Technology and Study of Collective Behavior Must Become a “Crisis Discipline,” Researchers Argue
Food systems offer huge opportunities to cut emissions, study finds
“Commit to changing world,” civil rights lawyer Bryan Stevenson urges Class of 2021
People Who Use Methamphetamine Likely to Report Multiple Chronic Conditions
How is genome like an open book? New research shows cells’ ‘library system’
Understanding feelings: When less is more
Potential of artificial intelligence to bring equity in health care
How ‘Racial Capitalism’ that Commodified Women’s Bodies Haunts Us Today
Is U.S. Understating Climate Emissions from Meat and Dairy Production?
WHO approves landmark resolution on global oral health
Apple Entrepreneur Camp participants break barriers on their coding journeys
Non-Parents Expand ‘Facial Dexterity’ in Caring for Infants Among Primates
Methotrexate users have a reduced immune response to mRNA COVID-19 vaccine
New use of imaging technique could allow early detection of aortic aneurysms
Pollen-sized technology protects bees from deadly insecticides
States Laws Limit Local Control Over Guns, Favor Gun Rights
Computer-Based Modeling Can Predict Mutation “Hotspots” and Antibody Escapers in SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein
A new theory for what’s happening in brain when something looks familiar
Scientists Explore Tesla Roads Not Taken-and Find New Potential Present-Day Utility
Supermassive black holes devour gas just like their petite counterparts
Micrometre-size molecular modelling kit shows real chemical reactions
Politically polarized brains share an intolerance of uncertainty
John Goering honored with Delta Sigma Pi Career Achievement Award
Teaching Pandemic Response Through Gamesmanship
Research finds oral bacterial imbalance linked to Alzheimer’s disease
Josh McDermott seeks to replicate human auditory system
Single-Cell CRISPR Technology Deciphers Role of Chromatin Accessibility in Cancer
Partnerships Between Researchers, Policymakers and Practitioners Improve Early Childhood Education
Kratom Use Rare, But More Common Among People with Opioid Use Disorder
U.S. President Biden Announces Second Slate of Judicial Nominees
Royal Cam chick naming competition takes to skies
Sperm development linked to testicular cancer
New approaches for teaching science remotely arise from COVID-19 crisis
Sea level rise predicted to affect 1.3 million people across Bangladesh by 2050
Genetic changes in head and neck cancer, immunotherapy resistance identified
World Dental Congress – your sneak preview
Physicists develop theoretical model for neural activity of mouse brain
Countries Marked by Inequality Less Likely to Contain Coronavirus Pandemic, New Analysis Concludes
For One Model of Criminal Justice Reform, Look to Early, Indigenous America
Imbalance in Gum Bacteria Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarker