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Case Western Reserve awarded $3 million National Cancer Institute grant to apply AI to immunotherapy
Breast Cancer Survivors’ Fear of Cancer Returning Linked to Genomic Test Results, Psychological Factors
Could Mario Kart Teach Us How to Reduce World Poverty and Improve Sustainability?
VP&S Names 2021 Gerstner Scholars
Science Has Not Kept Pace With Aquaculture
What NYU Researchers Have Learned About Vaccine Acceptance and Hesitancy
Mimes Help Us ‘See’ Objects That Don’t Exist
Prosecuting Nonviolent Misdemeanors Increases Rearrest Rates
Not Prosecuting Misdemeanors Reduces Likelihood of Re-arrest, New Study Finds
How do birds breathe so efficiently? Looped airways facilitate air flows
Targeted Opioid That Hones in on Inflamed Tissues Stops Colitis Pain Without Side Effects
Kirigami-style fabrication may enable new 3D nanostructures
Kirigami-style nanostructure fabrication may enable new tiny 3D structures
Prosecuting Nonviolent Misdemeanors Increases Rearrest Rates, New Study Shows
Narcissism Driven by Insecurity, Not Grandiose Sense of Self, New Psychology Research Shows
Things to Do at Penn State: March 25
International Collaboration Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Climate Change Projections
Behrend conference to focus on gender, sexuality and safety
How Do Birds Breathe Better? Researchers’ Discovery Will Throw You for a Loop
Lemurs Can Sniff Out Hidden Fruit from Afar
NYU Establishes Cash Transfer Lab to Study Impact of Universal Basic Income and Related Economic Policies
UNESCO convenes a global dialogue to break through bias in AI on International Women’s Day
Stuart Orkin receives $500,000 Gruber Genetics Prize for his groundbreaking research on genetics of inherited blood disorders
Culturally Tailored Intervention Boosts Safe Sex, Reduces Drinking Among Young Black Women
Northwestern program director honored with Dennis Clark Solas Award
Law enforcement seizures of methamphetamine and marijuana rose during pandemic
Drug Seizures Plummeted Early in COVID-19 Pandemic, Then Climbed Once Lockdowns Lifted
Protein Controlling Magnesium Identified as Therapeutic Target for Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
NYU Oral Cancer Center Awarded NIH Grant to Study Interplay Between Oral Cancer and Nerves
New Algorithm Identifies ‘Escaping’ Cells in Single-cell CRISPR Screens, Uncovers New Regulators of Immune Cell Behavior
Girl Trouble: Breaking Through Bias in AI
Game Theory May be Useful in Explaining and Combating Viruses, Researchers Conclude
Penn State Behrend to host series of Holocaust-themed talks
Experts offer roadmap for Biden administration to calculate social cost of carbon in new analysis
Video coaching program may improve parenting skills and children’s school readiness
How Should We Calculate Social Cost of Carbon? Researchers Offer Roadmap in New Analysis
In Dueling Ants Vying to Become Replacement Queen, Behavioral and Molecular Cues Quickly Determine Who Will Win
Smartphone Study Points to New Ways to Measure Food Consumption
Despite sea-level rise risks, migration to some threatened coastal areas may increase
Mutation in SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Renders Virus Up to Eight Times More Infectious
Archaeological team co-led by Princeton’s Vischak identifies world’s oldest industrial-scale brewery
New Study Informs Research on Child Development and Learning in Conflict-Affected Areas
Green Tea Compound Aids Tumor-Suppressing, DNA-Repairing Protein
Green Tea Compound Aids p53, “Guardian of Genome” and Tumor Suppressor
Want to hire more women? Expand your short list
Covid-safe on stage: a new frontier in costume design
Pharmaceuticals in waterways pose risk to fish
Anti-depressants pose risk to survival of fish