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Two NYU Studies Compete in STAT Madness 2020
UO psychology professor named 2020 Sloan research fellow
Study Reveals How Too Much Fluoride Causes Defects in Tooth Enamel
Hospitals with Internationally Trained Nurses Have More Stable, Educated Nursing Workforces
Dr Sebastian Schelter named as head of AIRLab
New, Detailed Molecular Roadmap Boosts Fight Against Endometrial Cancer
U.S. President Trump Announces Judicial Nominees and United States Marshal Nominee
Love basmati rice? Scientists have now sequenced its genome
NYU, NYU Abu Dhabi Researchers Design Proteins That Can be Utilized to Combat Alzheimer’s Disease
Most Young People Do Not Vape, and Even Fewer Vape Regularly
New open release allows theorists to explore LHC data in a new way
Researchers Find Best Classroom Shapes for Fish Swimming in Schools
Study: Self-Reported Suicide Attempts Rising in Black Teens as Other Groups Decline
Researchers Rediscover Fast-acting German Insecticide Lost in Aftermath of WWII
Fungal Invasion of Pancreas Creates Cancer Risk
Fathers May Protect Their LGB Kids from Health Effects of Discrimination
Children’s brain can recover from ictus and develop language ability thanks to its plasticity
Researchers Unearth “New” Extinction
Aligning New York City’s Social Networks and Urban Transit
Scientists Uncover Intricacies of “On/Off Switch” that Creates Cell Differentiation
One in 10 Older Adults Currently Binge Drinks
Ancient Molar Points to Interbreeding Between Archaic Humans and Homo Sapiens in Asia