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NIST Formula May Help 5G Wireless Networks Efficiently Share Communications Frequencies
NIST Researchers Boost Microwave Signal Stability a Hundredfold
NIST Names Mojdeh Bahar as Associate Director for Innovation and Industry Services
NIST Team Builds Hybrid Quantum System by Entangling Molecule With Atom
NIST Study Measures Performance Accuracy of Contactless Fingerprinting Tech
IOP Publishing brings international quantum science community together virtually
Two New Forensic DNA Standards Added to OSAC Registry
NIST Identifies Critical Needs for Improved Plumbing
NIST Scientists Create New Recipe for Single-Atom Transistors
NIST Helps Expand Genome Sequencing of Marine Mammals
New Summit Consulting and W.E. Upjohn Institute Study Finds MEP Generates Substantial 13.4
National Inventors Month: Tech Transfer
Turmeric, One of World’s Super Foods?
Tumeric, One of World’s Super Foods?
“A Slice of America” Through a Firefighter’s Eyes
NIST Announces Funding for 2020 Standards Curricula Development Program
Symposium on Federally Funded Research on Cybersecurity of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
Software Vulnerability Management–NIST Publishes NISTIR 8011 Vol. 4
NIST Contributes to WIPO Report on IP Management by U.S.Federal Government
Helping Laser Scanners Measure Up
In Glowing Colors: Seeing Spread of Drug Particles in a Forensic Lab
NIST Tool Could Help Hospitals Repurpose Rooms for Disinfecting N95 Masks
Draft NIST White Paper on “Methodology for Characterizing Network Behavior of Internet of Things
NIST SP 800-175B Revision 1–Guideline for Using Cryptographic Standards
To Tune Up Your Quantum Computer, Better Call an AI Mechanic
NIST Funding Manufacturing Institutes to Support Pandemic Response
Divide and Conquer: New Algorithm Examines Crime-Scene Bullets Segment by Segment
NIST Releases Online Economic Decision Tool to Help Communities Plan for Disaster
How Fire Causes Office-Building Floors to Collapse
Approaches for Federal Agencies to Use Cybersecurity Framework: NIST Publishes NISTIR 8170
NIST Helps Build Accurate Measurement Infrastructure for 5G Communications
Outside Perspective: Reflecting on Technology Transfer Around World
NIST Updates and Expands Its Flagship Catalog of Information System Safeguards
HurriCon 2020: Science at Intersection of Hurricanes and Populated Coast
HurriCon 2020:Science at Intersection of Hurricanes and Populated Coast
NIST Study Uncovers a Potential Driver of Premature Solar Panel Failures
Roll-Up TVs and Bendable Smart Phones: Toward More Choices for Flexible Electronic Materials
Getting a closer look at living cells and batteries: a little bit of graphene goes a long way
Tech Transfer: Thoughts on an Innovation Ecosystem
How Well Do You Know Your Kidneys?
How Low Can You Go? Lower Than Ever Before
Can Mobile Networks Connect First Responders in Remote Areas?
A Roadmap for Successful Regional Alliances and Multi-stakeholder Partnerships to Build
NIST Releases Roadmap to Creating Partnerships to Build Cybersecurity Workforce
A Simple Retrofit Transforms Ordinary Electron Microscopes Into High-Speed Atom-Scale Cameras
Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information in Nonfederal Systems and Organizations
A Better Pregnancy Test for Whales
NIST Releases a New Standard Cigarette for Testing Flammability of Mattresses and Furniture