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New tool measures atomic scale defects, identifies transistor limitations
Who’s Who of PSCR 2022
How PSCR and FirstNet Authority are Connected for Public Safety
Custom ‘headphones’ boost atomic radio reception 100-fold
NIST Industrial Wireless Technical Interest Group
Journey to Commercialize Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology
NIST Study Gives Animal Testing Alternatives Confidence Boost
NIST Awards Funding to Strengthen Advanced Manufacturing for Critical and Emerging Technologies
Commerce FY 2021 Tech Transfer Report Spotlights Laboratory Successes and Milestones
Scientists discovers new properties of magnetism that could change our computers
US Cyber Games Launches Season II
NIST Finds Wireless Performance Consistent Across 5G Millimeter-Wave Bands
Your Clothes Can Have an Afterlife
FirstNet Authority, NIST Launch Immersive Virtual Experience Center for Public Safety
OSAC’s Human Forensic Biology Subcommittee Develops DNA Analysis Process Map
New EO Guidance for Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management
Encouraging Small Business Innovations
Study Links Urbanization to Poor Ecological Knowledge, Less Environmental Action
Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on President’s New Directives to Advance Quantum Technology
President Biden Announces Two Presidential Directives Advancing Quantum Technologies
Research links urbanization to poor ecological knowledge, less environmental action
Wi-Fi May Be Coming Soon to Lamppost Near You
Symposium Focuses on AI and Economy and Path for Responsible and Inclusive AI
NIST Launches Prize Challenge to Improve Unmanned Aircraft in Indoor Search and Rescue Scenarios
NIST Seeks Inputs on its Draft Guide to Operational Technology Security
NIST Produces Complete Suite of Supports for Testing for Allergens in Food
Force Behind Mask: How American Ingenuity is Saving U.S. from PPE Disaster
Unexpected light Behavior May Be Harnessed to Improve Optical Communications and Sensors
NCCoE Releases Three Publications on Trusted Cloud and Hardware-Enabled Security
NIST Releases Study on Blockchain and Related Technologies for Manufacturing Supply Chain Traceability
NIST Supports Accurate Food Labeling with New Standard Reference Material for Fat
NIST Supports Accurate Food Labelling with New Standard Reference Material for Fat
NIST Study Shows Everyday Plastic Products Release Trillions of Microscopic Particles Into Water
Decision to Revise NIST SP 800-22 Rev. 1a
TPO Tools of Trade
Inspired by Prehistoric Creatures, NIST Researchers Make Record-Setting Lenses
NIST Supports Measurements of Vitamins in Dietary Supplement Tablets
NIST Releases NISTIR 8419 to Help Organizations Improve Traceability in Manufacturing Supply Chains
Final Publications on Enterprise Patch Management Released
Taking Look at Tech Transfer Reports and Publications
NIST Collaborates With EPA to Develop Standard to Improve Fecal Pollution Measurements in Recreational Waters
NCNR Update to Scientific Community
NIST MEP Helps Manufacturers Respond to Pandemic and Thrive Despite It
NASA uses moonlight to improve satellite accuracy
NIST Awards Funding to Strengthen Advanced Manufacturing for Microelectronics, Digital and Biomanufacturing
Johns Hopkins Scientists Contribute to 1st Complete Sequence of Human Genome
First Complete Human Genome Poised to Strengthen Genetic Analysis, NIST Study Shows
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