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NIST Tests Forensic Methods for Getting Data From Damaged Mobile Phones
NIST Releases Version 1.0 of Privacy Framework
NIST Requesting Information to Upgrade iEdison System
NIST Publishes “A Taxonomic Approach to Understanding Emerging Blockchain Identity Management
NIST to Revamp iEdison Tool for Reporting Federally Funded Inventions
An In-Depth Look into Intellectual Property: Part One
Making Mercury Measurements Less Crude
NIST Releases Second Draft of NISTIR 8259, “Recommendations for IoT Device Manufacturers”
What to Catch at PSCR Booth During CES 2020
NIST Study Suggests Universal Method for Measuring Light Power
OSAC Adds 25th Standard to Registry
NIST Study Evaluates Effects of Race, Age, Sex on Face Recognition Software
NIST Scientists and Engineers Pitch Innovations to Venture Capitalists
A New Playbook for Interference
Enhancing Public Safety Video Analytics with Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence
NIST Develops New Standards to Improve Metal-Detector Testing
A Solution to a Hairy Problem in Forensic Science
SBIR funds internationally marketable quality audit instrument
Venture Capitalists Share Their Insights With NIST
Harnessing two quantum properties transforms a neutron beam into a powerful probe of material
NIST Final ‘Big Data’ Framework Will Help Make Sense of Our Data-Drenched Age
JILA Team Demonstrates Model System for Distribution of More Accurate Time Signals
Turmeric: Spice or Herbal Medicine?
Houston Forensic Science Center is an Early Implementer of Standards on OSAC Registry
Economic Benefits of Global Positioning System to U.S. Private Sector Study
NIST Goes With Flow: New Technique Could Improve Biotech, Precision Medicine
Take a short course in technology transfer 101
NIST Unveils New Laboratory Building for Improved National Radiation Measurements
NIST Announces Plans for OSAC 2.0
A Safer Way for Police to Test Drug Evidence
JILA’s Novel Atomic Clock Design Offers ‘Tweezer’ Control
OSAC Adds Two Disaster Victim Identification Standards to Registry
NIST Team Shows Atoms Can Receive Common Communications Signals
OSAC Standards Bulletin, September 2019
Brighter Future for LEDs: NIST Introduces New Lamp Calibration Lab
Guidelines for Selection, Configuration, and Use of Transport Layer Security Implementations
OSAC in Action at International Association for Identification Conference
NIST CRADA Gives Priority Cellular Service to First Responders
Newfound Superconductor Material Could Be ‘Silicon of Quantum Computers’
Plan Outlines Priorities for Federal Agency Engagement in AI Standards Development
Probing Origin of Alzheimer’s . . . with Transistors
OSAC Standards Bulletin, August 2019
NIST Continues 1920s CRADA Partnership with American Dental Association
2019 Baldrige Case Study Features Nonprofit Organization
NIST Physicists Create Record-Setting Quantum Motion
NIST’s Quantum Logic Clock Returns to Top Performance
NIST’s Compact Atomic Gyroscope Displays New Twists
What is Verdict – Guilty or Innocent?