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A Safer Way for Police to Test Drug Evidence
JILA’s Novel Atomic Clock Design Offers ‘Tweezer’ Control
OSAC Adds Two Disaster Victim Identification Standards to Registry
NIST Team Shows Atoms Can Receive Common Communications Signals
OSAC Standards Bulletin, September 2019
Brighter Future for LEDs: NIST Introduces New Lamp Calibration Lab
Guidelines for Selection, Configuration, and Use of Transport Layer Security Implementations
OSAC in Action at International Association for Identification Conference
NIST CRADA Gives Priority Cellular Service to First Responders
Newfound Superconductor Material Could Be ‘Silicon of Quantum Computers’
Plan Outlines Priorities for Federal Agency Engagement in AI Standards Development
Probing Origin of Alzheimer’s . . . with Transistors
OSAC Standards Bulletin, August 2019
NIST Continues 1920s CRADA Partnership with American Dental Association
2019 Baldrige Case Study Features Nonprofit Organization
NIST Physicists Create Record-Setting Quantum Motion
NIST’s Quantum Logic Clock Returns to Top Performance
NIST’s Compact Atomic Gyroscope Displays New Twists
What is Verdict – Guilty or Innocent?
Glass is More than Half Full
OSAC Standards Bulletin, July 2019
No Longer Under Pressure: NIST Dismantles Giant Mercury Manometer
Before Connecting an IoT Device, Check Out a New NIST Report for Cybersecurity Advice
NIST Presents First Real-World Test of New Smokestack Emissions Sensor Designs
Highest Selling Steel SRM Renewed
Neutrons get a wider angle on DNA and RNA to advance 3D models
NIST Team Supersizes ‘Quantum Squeezing’ to Measure Ultrasmall Motion
A Bubbly New Way to Detect Magnetic Fields of Nanometer-Scale Particles
NIST Infrared Frequency Comb Measures Biological Signatures
OSAC Standards Bulletin, June 2019
FISSEA 2019 Conference Agenda Announced
NIST Physicists ‘Teleport’ Logic Operation Between Separated Ions
NIST Study Identifies Chemical Blends as Possible Alternative Refrigerants