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Streamlined NIST Tool Could Help Homeowners, Renters Reduce Airborne Exposure to COVID
NIST Releases Great Lakes Sediment Material for Measuring Organic Pollutants
Spin Mixing in Ferromagnets Revealed
Energizer Atoms: JILA Researchers Find New Way to Keep Atoms Excited
Measuring Up: NIST Calibrates Masses for Unique Air Force Deadweight Machines
Updates and Expansion of Resources on
Federal Laboratories Report on Tech Transfer Activities for FY 2017
Impeding Impedance: Research Reveals How to Design Better Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Battery
New NIST Reference Material Helps Manufacturers Better Assess Their Biological Drug Products
Identifying and Estimating Cybersecurity Risk for Enterprise Risk Management: NISTIR 8286A
University of Texas at Arlington – TMAC Wins 2020 TEEA Pollution Prevention Award
NIST Seeks Information on Chinese Participation in International Standards Development Process
NIST Seeks Public Input on Consumer Software Labeling for Cybersecurity
NIST Awards 5 Universities With Key Funding to Develop Standards Curricula
NIST’s Callie Higgins Wins Service to America Medal
Recruit Veteran for Cybersecurity
New photonic chip for isolating light may be key to miniaturizing quantum devices
NIST Draft Publication Addresses Removing Barriers for Voters With Disabilities
AI Risk Management Framework Workshop Attracts 800+
Borderless Effort: Growing Cybersecurity Workforce
Encouraging Women in STEM Fields
Variety is Spice of Cybersecurity Life
NIST PH Standard Reference Materials Supports One of Manufacturing’s Most Measured Properties
Spotlight: Jennifer Case and Soft Robots, New Bots on Block
FACT SHEET: Ongoing Public U.S. Efforts to Counter Ransomware
NIST, Collaborators Develop Sensitive New Way of Detecting Transistor Defects
Expanding Federal Tech Transfer Tool Kit: RCAs
NCNR Town Hall for Scientific Community – October 8 at 4:30pm EDT
JILA’s comb breathalyzer is now thousandfold more sensitive to disease biomarkers
New NIST White Paper | Benefits of an Updated Mapping between NIST CSF and NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards
New Online Tool to Improve Stakeholder Engagement with SP 800-53
Week-Long Events During Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week
DHS, NIST Coordinate in Releasing Preliminary Cybersecurity Performance Goals for Critical Infrastructure Control Systems
Implementation Plan for NICE Strategic Plan
Bridge Between Research and Commercialization
Machine Learning for Access Control Policy Verification: NISTIR 8360 Published
Implanted Atoms Create Unique Electrical IDs That Distinguish Bona Fide Devices From Forgeries
2021 FISSEA Fall Forum
New Harmony: NIST Researchers Develop Universal Method for Calculating Resonances of Oscillators
Withdrawal of NIST Special Publications 800-15, 800-25, and 800-32
Draft California Fire Code Includes NIST Tool to Evaluate Wildfire Hazard
Neutron beam more accurate probe than X-ray, could also be used to find physics’ ‘fifth’ forces
Jun Ye wins Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
NIST Scientists Explore World of Tech Transfer
Is Gravity Quantum Force? 8 September
Science Snapshots from Berkeley Lab
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technologies Anne Neuberger,
New molecular device has unprecedented reconfigurability reminiscent of brain plasticity