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Study reveals factors that shape Haitian Creole-speaking women’s birth plans after C-sections
Financial toxicity associated with cancer care impacts nearly 50% of women with gynecologic cancer and disproportionately affects
New study underscores role of race and poverty in COVID-19
Kommagani receives NIH grant
Tens of thousands of women turn to ER for fibroid symptoms
“Electronic Nose” Accurately Sniffs Out Hard-to-Detect Cancers
Myovant Sciences and Pfizer Receive FDA Approval for MYFEMBREE, First Once-Daily Treatment for Heavy Menstrual Bleeding Associated
More work still needed to recruit, retain OB/GYN residents that reflect diverse patient population they serve
New program makes planning a birth after C-section simpler
NOVA: pandemic disrupted tens of thousands of IVF cycles
Researchers launch COVID-19 vaccine registry for pregnant and breastfeeding individuals in Canada
A call to gynecologic surgeons to reduce excess opioid pills after hysterectomy
Study shows early preterm births can be decreased with DHA supplementation
Breakthrough medical device to improve prediction of preterm birth
UConn Health first in New England to Offer Surgical Navigation for Breast-Conserving Surgery
COVID-19 vaccine does not damage placenta in pregnancy
COVID-19 vaccine does not damage placenta in pregnancy
Better treatment for miscarriage patients is more cost effective than standard NHS treatment
New study suggests pregnant women hospitalized for COVID-19 do not face increased risk of death
Untethering mothers
Bacteria do not colonize gut before birth, says collaborative study
New Women’s and Children’s Hospital Project
Oula Announces Hospital Partnership with Mount Sinai West for Deliveries
New drug class gives hope to some ovarian cancer patients
Could COVID vaccines affect your period?
Vaccinated pregnant women pass antibodies to their babies
Yes, ADHD could explain some of Andrew Laming’s behaviour
New report on early planned caesarean sections
Eight from School of Nursing recognized for leadership, professional accomplishments
Can a newborn’s brain discriminate speech sounds?
Standard IVF is fine for most people
SELF: What Black women need to know before seeking fertility treatment
Pregnant women with COVID-19 face high mortality rate
New Chief Scientific Adviser appointment
Underweight and overweight women at higher risk of successive miscarriages
Odibo named director of maternal-fetal & ultrasound division in OB-GYN
Living in a Majority-Black Neighborhood Linked to Severe Maternal Morbidity
New test better detects reservoir of virus in HIV patients
Labor will bring back essential health services including maternity and permanent medical staff to Mersey Community Hospital
CUIMC Employees Share Their Vaccination Stories in Statewide Education Campaign
Stem cells reproduce beginnings of placenta
For breastfeeding moms, COVID-19 vaccinations may also protect babies
Anxiety Among Fathers is Higher Than Recently Reported, New Study Suggests
Simple fetal heartbeat monitoring still best at reducing emergency caesarean sections
Medics should treat gender and sex differently
COVID vaccination earlier in pregnancy leads to better antibody transfer to baby
Changing Hypertension Definition May Identify More High-Risk Pregnancies
UPMC Pinnacle Harrisburg Opens New Antepartum Unit