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Mount Sinai Cardiologist Awarded $2.9 Million NIH Grant to Advance Work with Stem Cells and Heart Repair after
UW Medicine limits hospital visitors as COVID-19 precaution
Predicting preterm births
Energy drinks can raise stillbirth risk and caffeine guidance confuses mums-to-be, new research warns
Gene-edited monkey embryos give researchers new way to study HIV cure
UPMC Magee Opens Women’s Health Services at UPMC Lemieux
Prof Euan Wallace To Lead Health And Human Services
Country health command centre marks its first year
No, your birth control won’t cause depression
New insight into a placental gene pathway and its association with vitamin D
Does breastfeeding lower mother’s breast cancer risk?
Higher risk of future fecal incontinence after sphincter injuries
Higher stillbirth risk for mothers experiencing deprivation, unemployment, stress and domestic abuse
Yale finds neuron behind fatal anorexia, and solution in high-fat diet
Honouring slaves experimented on by ‘father of gynaecology’
New device to revolutionise childbirth
Severe morning sickness linked to depression new study finds
Enhanced common blood test could predict adverse outcomes in pregnancy, study suggests
Post-traumatic stress experienced by partners following miscarriage
DNA Test Identifies Genetic Causes of Severe Fetal and Newborn Illness
COVID-19 Has a Prolonged Effect for Many During Pregnancy
Common cardiovascular disease drug could help hearts of at risk new mums
Gut health benefits begin in utero
Polycystic ovary syndrome increases risk for gestational diabetes and hypertensive disorders
Minimising COVID-19 risk is important, but so is testing for gestational diabetes
Congratulating Albany GP Dr Lorri Hopkins
Most Infants Are Well Even When Moms are Infected by COVID-19
Frankston Hospital To Deliver Better Care And Local Jobs
A pregnancy ended by COVID-19 informs new understanding and protocols
U.S. Air Force improves lactation support for nursing mothers
Grant supports research on chronic, debilitating condition in women
Rising applications for RACGP’s specialist ‘Rural Generalist’ training for GPs
Worse birth outcomes, higher maternal risk factors for pregnancies in Alberta’s poorest rural regions
Rutgers-Led National Survey Uncovers Doctors’ Misconceptions About Nicotine Risks
Baylor to research environmental health disparities in pregnancy outcomes
Psychological abuse: obstetric care must delve deeper
Government working with midwives, medical experts, and academics to investigate BAME maternal mortality
New surgical approach for women at risk of ovarian cancer
Brigham and Women’s Hospital Names New Chair of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Potential preterm births in high risk women predicted to 73% accuracy, thanks to new technique
A Safe and Effective Cure for Hep-C During Pregnancy
In nation’s 2 largest metros, Blacks and Latinos are more likely to die from COVID-19
Study on infections after childbirth wins Research Paper of Year
Discovery of novel autoantibody that is a major risk factor for recurrent pregnancy loss
Early menstruation linked to increased menopause symptoms
Sexual health and domestic violence during COVID-19
Living close to natural green space benefits gut bacteria of urban, formula-fed infants, study shows
Women who deliver by C-section are less likely to conceive subsequent children