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Improved Recombination Boosts Covid Research
Chief Health Officer Update 17 March
FDA Backs Pfizer’s PAXLOVID After Advisory Committee Vote
Schools Need Infectious Disease Protection Cloak
Research finds new drugs could prevent COVID variants
Exhaled Breath Could Aid COVID-19 Detection: Study
Chief Health Officer Update 3 March
Liver Cirrhosis Tied to Lower Vaccine Response, Not Efficacy
Covid Vaccine May Reduce Impact of Long COVID
Chief Health Officer Update 24 February
HKUMed Identifies Novel Host Protease Determinants for Covid Infection
Chief Health Officer Update 17 February
Research Reveals COVID Variant Immunity Fading Over Time
COVID-19 Vaccine Linked to Diabetes Risk After Infection
Paxlovid Cuts Hospitalization, Death Risk During Omicron Wave
CU Researchers Prove Paxlovid Effective Against Omicron Variants
Chief Health Officer Update 10 February
Chief Health Officer Update 3 February
Babies Recognize Faces Under Masks: UC Davis Study
Mapping COVID in classroom
Frequent vs Infrequent Testing for Omicron Covid Variant
Tedros: COVID-19 Still Global Health Threat
Frequent or Infrequent Testing for Omicron Variant of COVID-19?
Chief Health Officer Update 27 January
Updated Bivalent Boosters Reduce Omicron-Related Hospitalizations, Deaths: Gillings Study
JCVI advises autumn COVID-19 vaccine booster
TGA Gives Provisional OK to Pfizer Booster COVID-19 Vaccine
Hybrid Immunity Boosts COVID Protection: Study
UCalgary, WHO Find Hybrid Immunity Best vs COVID-19
Antiviral Compound Shown Effective Against Covid
Chief Health Officer Update 20 January
New Study: Omicron Linked to Milder MIS-C Cases in Kids
Vaccine Protects Against Omicron Variant-Linked Pregnancy Complications
Long-Lasting Antibodies Fight Covid on Two Fronts
XBB.1.5: What you need to know about Covid’s ‘Kraken’ variant
Airway Mucosa Antibodies Durably Protect Against Covid
What to Know About Respiratory Illnesses This Winter
Chief Health Officer Update 13 January
NEIDL Finds Weak Spot in Covid, Could Guide Vaccine Advances
Researchers Fix ‘Fundamental Flaw,’ Improving Pandemic Prediction Model
Researchers find vaccination protects mother and baby from Covid
B.C. sea sponge has COVID-blocking powers
Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 detected in New Zealand
Chief Health Officer Update 6 January
Statement on Imposition of Travel Restrictions for Travelers from China
Canada Mandates Negative COVID-Test for China Travelers
Chief Health Officer Update 30 December
Vaccination Rates of Nursing Home Staff Tied to COVID Outcomes