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As few as 1 in 5 COVID cases may have been counted worldwide
New tool assesses which countries need Covid vaccines most
Covid associated with increase in new diagnoses of type 1 diabetes in youth, by as much as 72%
Newly discovered COVID‑like virus could infect humans, resist vaccines
Newly discovered COVID-like virus could infect humans, resist vaccines
Estimated effectiveness of Covid vaccines against Omicron or Delta infection, outcomes
Novel method to predict behavior of different Covid waves in vaccinated or previously infected
New MIT Sloan research finds which countries may be better positioned to accept a “new normal” of living with COVID-19
Combining COVID Vaccines Shows Promise Against Variants, UVA Researcher Says
Cell membranes play larger role than thought in allowing spike proteins on viruses to infect cells
One in three infected but unvaccinated persons no longer have detectable antibodies one year after infection
Study finds decline in performance of some Covid home testing kits during omicron period
With most mandatory public health measures gone, is New Zealand well prepared for next COVID wave?
Record number of people with multiple jobs in June quarter: Australia
What Have We Learned about Long COVID?
Australia’s first bivalent Covid vaccine to join rollout
Chief Health Officer Update
Promising anti-cancer drug also may function as Covid antiviral therapy
Neutralizing antibodies from single Covid booster steadily decline Should I get one of new Covid boosters?
Using math to predict SARS-CoV-2 protein mutations
What You Need to Know About Your Next COVID Booster
Health and Social Care Secretary Steve Barclay Oral Statement on urgent and emergency care
Everyday COVID decisions – it’s not about yourself
Preparing for future coronavirus variants using artificial intelligence
JCVI advises use of additional bivalent vaccine for autumn booster campaign
What to know about new Covid booster shots
Covid: U.S. life expectancy continued to decrease in 2021, study finds
U.S. life expectancy continued to decrease in 2021
Which people are most likely to get vaccinated for Covid?
First Omicron-adapted Covid boosters are coming
What you need to know about bivalent boosters for Covid
Genetic sequencing can help predict severity of next variant
ANMF Cautions Against Hasty Removal of Covid Safety Measures
Should states cut COVID isolation from 7 to 5 days?
TGA provisionally approves Moderna bivalent Covid vaccine for use as booster dose in adults
Administration of anti-Covid monoclonal antibodies after FDA deauthorization
Efficacy, cash and more will increase booster shot acceptance
Analysis: In highly vaccinated state, COVID is not increasing mortality
Study: Slogans protesting federal Covid vaccine mandate displayed three themes
Assay determines percentage of Omicron, other variants in Covid wastewater
Real-world study details average duration of infectiousness for Covid
UBC researchers discover ‘weak spot’ across major Covid variants
New antibody neutralizes all known SARS-CoV-2 variants in lab tests
JCVI publishes advice on Covid vaccines for autumn booster programme
Powerful new antibody neutralizes all known Covid variants
Single clinical test provides more answers about Covid
Most older adults ready to roll up sleeves this fall for updated Covid boosters, U-M poll shows