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HE Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Rt Hon. Helen Clark brief Member States at UN General Assembly on pandemic response
Force Health Protection Guidance – Department of Defense Guidance for Coronavirus Disease 2019 Surveillance and Screening Testing
“Hepatitis can’t wait” – WHO commemorates World Hepatitis Day 2021
Force Health Protection Guidance Revision 2 – Department of Defense Guidance for Coronavirus Disease 2019 Laboratory Testing
Gov has to mull long COVID costs when easing restrictions
Penn Medicine Launching Center for Applied Health Informatics
Virtual contact in pandemic prompts over 60s’ loneliness
Virtual contact in pandemic prompts over 60s’ misery
New ECOSOC President aims to maximize ‘reach, relevance and impact’
It will take years to understand full impact of Covid-19
Intersections of suffering
Pop-Up Vaccination Site For People Experiencing Homelessness
Adalsteinn Brown discusses fall scenarios, future pandemic preparedness at University of Toronto event
World Bank Group’s $157 billion Pandemic Surge is largest Crisis Response in its History
COVID-19 response utilized to erode democracy in some countries
COVID-19 response eroding democracy & contributing to increased political violence
Launch Pad collaboration supports innovative ‘Maskbuddy’ to help combat COVID-19
Statement on Vice President Kamala Harris’s Meeting with Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Federal Republic of Germany
Study finds physicians are widely effective messengers of Covid-19 information
Statement on eighth meeting of International Health Regulations Emergency Committee regarding coronavirus disease pandemic
Government to ease restrictions on telehealth
World Bank in Turkey Focuses on Protecting People and Firms, while Improving Climate Resilience in Fiscal Year 2021
GP telehealth services reinstated
AMA welcomes decision to allow patients in COVID hotspots access to safer consultations with GPs over phone
IFEM Humanitarian Award
Prime Minister to address National Conference
On Front Lines: Correctional Nurses and COVID-19 Pandemic
Pandemic led to significant new industry assistance
New megalab opens to bolster fight against COVID-19
Tighter ‘Stage 4’ restrictions will likely be needed to control Delta variant outbreak in NSW, new modelling shows
Montenegro embraces IPv6: Updating protocols to meet new web demand
Researchers Report on Progress of COVID-19 Seed Grants
Likely ‘Stage 4’ tighter restriction levels will be needed to control current Delta variant outbreak
COVID-19 Response in Turkmenistan Strengthened with World Bank Financing
Coronavirus Response: NATO supports Bosnia and Herzegovina
Women shine as leaders, yet their absence at top levels of public service threatens pandemic recovery
Liverpool Covid-19 testing pilot cut virus cases and spread
Call for expression of interest supporting COVID-19 response in ASEAN
Bold new life sciences vision sets path for UK to build on pandemic response and deliver life-changing innovations to patients
Update on pandemic and roadmap to freedom
$4.95 million to make cities smarter
Report shows big COVID-19-related HIV prevention programme service disruptions
Refugee health challenges remain high amid COVID-19
Expand UK’s covid-19 symptom list to prevent cases being missed, say experts
City of Darwin COVID-19 Essential Services Update
Preparing for future pandemics with hi-tech lab
World Bank Approves US$6 Million in Additional Financing for COVID-19 Response and Vaccines in Guyana
New amenities at Nell E Robinson Park a win-win for community, local industry