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UC Irvine Discovers Neutrinos from Particle Collider
Prototype Particle Detectors Project Smashes Milestone
Citizen Science: Reaching from Space to School
Confining quarks
‘Stretched’ nuclear states under magnifying glass at Cracow cyclotron
Astronomers create new technique to assist in search for dark matter
UTA physicists team up with nuclear research interns
Researchers at SLAC use purified liquid xenon to search for mysterious dark matter particles
High energy and hungry for hardest problems
Lights on for Australia’s first dark matter lab
$3.8M NSF grant begins new era of early universe research
Successful startup of particle detector aims to pin down dark matter
World’s largest particle accelerator surges back to life with record-breaking run
Large Hadron Collider takes first data in record-breaking run
After three years: start of first particle collisions at unprecedented energies at LHC
SLAC’s Auralee Edelen and Noah Kurinsky receive prestigious DOE Early Career Awards
News and Events ArticleSpecially Sourced Argon May Soon Whisper Secrets About Universe’s Dark Matter
Novel particle detector used to study alternate path to carbon creation in stars
Researchers Contribute to CDF Collaboration at Fermilab on Most Precise Ever Measurement of W Boson Mass that Tests Standard Model
CDF collaboration at Fermilab announces most precise ever measurement of W boson mass to be
Berkeley Lab Team Hunts for Carbon in Soil Without Getting Their Hands Dirty
MARATHON measures mirror nuclei
More sensitive X-ray imaging
ATLAS and CMS chase invisible with Higgs boson
Scientists make first detection of exotic “X” particles in quark-gluon plasma
Oxygen ions in Jupiter’s innermost radiation belts
New epoch of miniaturized Cherenkov detectors
Moments of silence point way towards better superconductors
Taming data deluge
Made in Ames: Physics, manufacturing expertise help build nuclear physics experiment
CERN celebrates 2021 “Fête de la science” in Ferney-Voltaire and Annecy-le-Vieux
York physicists to help develop new detector technology for new powerful particle collider
TSU Physicists are testing new superheavy particle detectors
Scientific reasoning requires irrationality of intuition
LHAASO’s Measurement of Crab Nebula Brightness Yields New UHE Gamma-ray Standard
5 Projects That Push Limits of Physics, Fabrication Techniques, Algorithm Design
Speeding up machine learning for particle physics
Why precision luminosity measurements matter
A SciFi moment for LHCb experiment
IAC is participating in DALI experiment, searching for axion, proposed component of dark matter
CERN approves two new experiments to transport antimatter
Measuring invisible
New result from LHCb experiment challenges leading theory in physics
U.S. Magnet Development Project for CERN Particle Collider Upgrade Moves Forward
After 20 years, physicists find a way to keep track of lost accelerator particles
Iowa State particle physicists follow data to Japan’s Belle II experiment
A new tool in search for axions
Scientific paper sets new record with 5,154 authors