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Bugs find bats to bite thanks to bacteria
Researchers discover surprising new way that tuberculosis suppresses immunity
Exploring possible futures through Sustainable Shine Dome project
T Cell Response Not Critical for Immune Memory to SARS-CoV-2 or Recovery from Covid
Plant root-associated bacteria preferentially colonize their native host-plant roots
Pathogen trapping proteins can differentiate between types of bacteria
Lorna Jane pays $5 million over false ‘anti-virus activewear’ claims
Pathogens get comfy in designer goo
Study links Long COVID and severe COVID-19 infections to epstein-Barr virus reactivation
Is bacterial acidity key to tackle antimicrobial resistance?
Simple compound to control complex gut microbes
Research reveals that electronic air cleaning technology can generate unintended pollutants
New avenue for fighting drug-resistant bacteria
Brain injury computer models map brain blood vessels in highest resolution yet
Researchers develop new technique to treat middle ear infections
TSU and SPbSRIVS will engineer new generation of vaccines
Investigating how B cells and antibodies in immune system respond to breast cancer
Vaccines given in last 20 years could prevent 51 million deaths in LMICs
Vaccines given in last 20 years could prevent 50 million deaths in LMICs
Handpicking genes for disease-resistant crops
Progress towards new treatments for tuberculosis
Protein appears to prevent tumor cells from spreading via blood vessels
From antibodies to nanoplastics
Researcher Abir Monastiri, awarded by Arab Women Organization in fight against coronavirus
Bacterium-derived compound from food shown to stimulate brain cell growth
A UOC team develops a neural network to identify tiger mosquitoes
To better protect food, place rodent traps near warmth, shelter
ASM Calls for Objective Evaluation into Pandemic Origins
ViraCorp partners with Lancaster University to test and develop innovative antiviral technologies
Repurposed Drugs Present New Strategy for Treating COVID-19
How Premature Birth Affects Respiratory Health in Newborns
Bacteria enters through natural openings at edges of corn leaves to cause Goss’s wilt
Growing an environmentally sustainable agriculture sector in Quebec through science
New broadly applicable tool provides insight into fungicide resistance
Food science researchers advance science behind gut health and prebiotics
Novel strategy for natural product biosynthesis
Combating infectious diseases with genetic engineering
Wageningen scientists discover how potato blight pathogen penetrates plant
UCLA scientists say COVID-19 test offers solution for population-wide testing
Vaccines grown in eggs induce antibody response against an egg-associated glycan
UMaine-led study: Imaging spectroscopy can predict water stress in wild blueberry fields
Software tool breathes life into post-COVID office airflow
Unlocking power of microbiome
Researchers discover unique ‘spider web’ mechanism that traps, kills viruses
Two studies by CU Cancer Center researchers explore link between inflammation and leukemia
New tools for pandemic prevention research: DNA sequencing from water and leech
Hard-working enzyme keeps immune cells in line
Bigger may not always be better: Density governs receptor activation on immune cells