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“Growing end” of inflammation discovered
Malaria parasites form vortices
Immune cell characteristics mapped across multiple tissues
Bacteria that cause dysentery also actively block body’s ability to fight infection
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causes premature aging of immune system
Great progress thanks to mini organs
Researchers grow plants in soil from Moon
Immuron partner submits IND application to US FDA for new therapeutic
New discovery may hold key to fighting deadly infections
Researchers find trigger for ‘cell suicide’; could lead to new skin infection therapies
Pushing back against Parkinsonia
New CMJ review article examines link between bacterial infection and colorectal cancer
Study finds nanomedicine targeting lymph nodes key to triple negative breast cancer treatment
Researchers identify rare genetic markers of drug-resistant tuberculosis
Scientists Firstly Apply Control Theory in Analysis of Photochemical Reaction Dynamics in Light Therapies
Investigational COVID mucosal vaccine protects against disease and transmission
Fungal effector Rip 1 suppresses maize host defense responses
In poplars, two plant hormones boost each other in defense against pathogenic fungi
Rapid method shown to detect infection in cystic fibrosis
Sharper image for proteins
How rabbit virus myxoma leaped into new species
Scientist receives prestigious ERC funding to unravel mystery of rapid cell division in malaria parasite
Discovery reveals how fungi bypasses plant defenses, kills plants
Newly discovered protein in fungus bypasses plant defenses
High levels of respiratory pathogens present in air of nurseries, schools, nursing homes and other indoor settings during winter
Fungal meningitis spreads in brain by blocking and bursting blood vessels
Virtual Meeting and Listening Session on Oversight Framework for Research Involving Enhanced Potential Pandemic Pathogens
Machine-learning model can distinguish antibody targets
Adding high-flavonoid corn to broiler chickens’ diet may cut intestinal disease
When neurons behave like double-edged sword
New Tools Against Hospital Infections?
Flexible printable electrical patches for accelerated wound healing
New Academy Report Shows Critical Role Microbes Play in Climate Change
New insights about ‘bad news’ breast cancer mutation point to treatment opportunities
Pair convicted for waste injection scheme
Automated CAST-R System Helps to Identify Best Antimicrobials to Fight Acute Blood Infections
Body’s Response to Different Strains of Tuberculosis Could Affect Transmission
Could releasing ‘handbrake’ immune cells help supercharge immunity?
Layered controls can significantly curb exposure to Covid
Immune response to parasitic worms
Infectious bacteria force host plants to feed them, study finds
Infectious bacteria force host plants to feed them
Discovery of wheat’s clustered chemical defenses creates new avenues for research
Northern growers warned to consider elevated disease risk when making chickpea planting decisions
UKHSA update on salmonella cases linked to confectionary products
Intranasal vaccine may deter antibiotic-resistant bacterium
Dengue-blocking mosquitoes here to stay
Dengue-blocking mosquitoes are here to stay