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Researchers Reveal How Critical Part of Lung Forms at Cellular Level
Motility allows Adaptation
New light on innate plant immunity
New natural answers for killer allergies
How one patient’s rare mutation helped solve a mycobacterial mystery
Complement inhibition reverses mental losses after traumatic brain injury in preclinical models
Research pinpoints unique drug target in antibiotic resistant bacteria
1,600 vaccinated in Guinea Ebola virus outbreak but more jabs needed: WHO
New Corona test developed
Skeletons reveal coevolution of humans & pathogens
Medical Microbiologist Lab Directors Needed to Run Clinical Microbiology Laboratories
With an eye on COVID-19 variants, University of Toronto, Sinai Health researchers design next-gen sequencing platform
Researchers Target Nucleocapsid Protein to Combat COVID-19
Biodiversity protects bee communities from disease, study finds
Single mutation set off recent COVID-19 variants expansion
Researchers map metabolic signaling machinery for producing memory T cells
Belowground biodiversity in motion
Scientists use Doppler to peer inside cells, leading to better, faster diagnoses and treatments of infections
Deep-Learning and 3D Holographic Microscopy Beats Scientists at Analyzing Cancer Immunotherapy
A Healthier Alternative to Antibiotics
New antimicrobial resistance resource for vets
Physics of particle dispersion may lend insight into reducing airborne spread of COVID-19 virus
UK PM Announces 100 Day Target to Create New Vaccines
Research Center for Zoonosis Control
Researchers demonstrate new method to track genetic diversity of salmon, trout
No increased risk of aerosols with special nasal cannula
Finding coronavirus’s helper proteins
Hospital wastewater favors multi-resistant bacteria
Biodiversity protects bee communities from disease
Researchers describe a mechanism that inhibits tumor-associated macrophage immunosupressive activity
Multi-Model Approach Could Help Farmers Prepare for, Contain PEDV Outbreaks
Bats may hold key to vaccines for future pandemics
Rebuilding soil microbiomes in high-tunnel agricultural systems focus of study
Weill Cornell researchers detect key flaw in brain modeling
New study identifies bird species that could spread ticks and Lyme disease
Richness of plant species reduces number of viral infections in both wild meadows and meadows on edges of cultivated fields
Scientists uncover potential antiviral treatment for Covid-19
How European hibernating bats cope with white-nose syndrome which kills millions of North American bats
QUT awarded grant for COVID-19 surface research
Lactobacillus Manipulates Bile Acids to Create Favorable Gut Environment
Study’s findings may help eventually close door on COVID-19
Pitt Scientists Find Key to Viral-Bacterial Co-infection
Anti-freeze for cell membranes
Gamba grass: friend or foe?
Canada invests $162.6 million to strengthen Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Amcor’s single-serve plastic bottles and flexible packaging reshape dairy industry
New theory about spread of antibiotic resistance
Breakthrough in understanding ‘tummy bug’ bacteria