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Masks can put cognitive performance in check
ALICE experiment at CERN starts test operation with lead ions
New findings on neuronal activities in sensorimotor cortex
Scientists unlock nature’s secret to super-selective binding
Gene from 28 million years ago protects today’s plants against caterpillars
Prehistoric predator? Artificial intelligence says no
Most detailed map of brain’s memory hub reveals connectivity puzzle
Color Patterns Drive Fish Community Structure in Coral Reefs, Finds New Study from Japan
This new computer chip is ideal for AI
Scientists develop screening tool to aid early diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Bipedal robot developed at Oregon State achieves Guinness World Record in 100 meters
Recognizing arthritis in MRI scan
Laser light offers new tool for treating bone cancer
Single-cell transcriptomics of immune cells in lymph nodes finds their composition and alterations
Employers are encouraged to embrace neurodiversity
Unlocking human-like perception in self-driving vehicles
Researchers Identify Ku Proteins as New Co-sensors of Cyclic GMP-AMP Synthase
Manta ray-inspired biosyncretic robot with stable controllability by dynamic electric stimulation
Concordia celebrates 50 years of computer science teaching and research
Building applications inspired by human eye
Plant immune systems can adapt to non-living environmental stressors
Leading AI expert’s keynote lecture at Concordia will explore past, present and future of deep learning
Synapses as model: solid-state memory in neuromorphic circuits
MIT scientists discover new antiviral defense system in bacteria
Neuromorphic computing with optically driven nonlinear fluid dynamics
SAOT recognizes innovative research into photonics
Using AI to diagnose birth defect in fetal ultrasound images
Study Provides New Insights into Immunomodulatory Effects of Fucoidans from Saccharina japonica
Expanding artistic frontiers in artificial intelligence
Let your mind control computer
Technology helps self-driving cars learn from own ‘memories’
Optical microphone developed by CMU researchers sees sound like never before
Seeing whole from some of parts
Hallucinating to better text translation
Analyzing images of reformer
Filling gaps in immune system cancer research
How AI spots legendary cricket batting backlift using video only
Tricks used by phone scammers exposed in new study
Synthetic data mimics real patient data, accurately models Covid pandemic
Anticipating others’ behavior on road
UW-Madison, industry partners run quantum algorithm on neutral atom quantum computer for first time
Mathematical paradox demonstrates limits of AI
Mathematical paradoxes demonstrate limits of AI
Data Science for Particle and Nuclear Physics 2021 held online for high school students
Mapping of exposed water tanks and swimming pools based on aerial images can help control dengue
Cell research on rare disease finds new link to inflammation
Using AI to take guesswork out of glaucoma
Hybrid machine-learning approach gives hand to prosthetic-limb gesture accuracy