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FDA Approves Treatment for Candidiasis Infection
Enquirer: Legionella sprouts in water more than numbers show
Fomepizole Beats Antibiotic-Resistant Pneumonia in Mice
UC Davis Medical Center Recognized as Age-Friendly Health Care Provider
WHO Chief Urges ‘Peace for Health’ on NW Syria Visit
HKUMed: New Glucose-Lowering Drug Reduces Risk of Diseases
Scientists Uncover Bacterium’s Key to Surviving Pneumonia
Prison Safety: Ombudsman urged to improve transparency in death probes
Tool Aids Doctors to Diagnose More with COPD
Tool Aims to Increase COPD Diagnoses for Doctors
Two Years On: CT Scans Reveal COVID Lung Damage
Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis studies explore key traditional and modern therapeutics
WHO Sends Aid to 400K Earthquake Victims in Türkiye & Syria
T-cells Found to Shield from Deadly Pneumococcal Illness
COVID-19 vs. Pneumonia in ICU for Older Patients
COVID-19 vs Bacterial, Viral Pneumonia in Older ICU Patients
Updated Hand Hygiene Advice to Combat Infections in Healthcare
BestWool/BestLamb and BetterBeef Regional Roadshow
Who Decides Cause of Death? Explaining Certificates & COVID
Pulmonary Embolism Can Appear as Exertional Dyspnea
How macrophages use metabolic product to combat Q fever pathogen
COVID-19 in Pregnancy Raises Serious Health Risk
New insight may save many hospital patients
Patients’ Bacteria Linked to Hospital Infections
Melioidosis cases on rise 30 December
Covid treatments have long-term benefits for patients
Afghanistan Vaccinates Millions of Kids in First Post-Transition Campaign
Drug for CF may treat pneumonia
Edward Black Prince Unlikely to Have Died of Dysentery
Edward Black Prince Not Killed by Chronic Dysentery: Study
Wi-Fi Could Help Identify When You’re Struggling to Breathe
American Society of Anesthesiologists Enhances Patient Safety, Satisfaction
UKHSA update on scarlet fever and invasive group strep
National study suggests new vaccine is needed to prevent childhood pneumonia
Cerebral palsy doesn’t cause death in adults, so why is it still listed as underlying cause?
Afghanistan: Child pneumonia, malnutrition spikes as families face impossible choice: eat or heat
Remdesivir reduces mortality from Covid in real-world setting
Screening and treatment of infections in AIIRD
First evidence drug resistant bacteria can travel from gut to lung, increasing infection risks
Three new measles cases in Victoria
Lung infections caused by soil fungi are problem nationwide
Scientists Screen for Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Infection through Breath Test
Can adults get RSV?
How Pathogens Hijack Immune System to Cause Vaccine-Enhanced Disease
Artificial intelligence could help ease strain on hospitals
Early use of ECMO devices did not improve outcomes in people with cardiogenic shock
New weapon against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
RSV: What parents should know