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How to actually fix a lost voice, according to science
Molecule could beat antibiotic-resistant infections
Scientists confirm bacteria’s genetic ‘Swiss army knife’ is key driver of antibiotic resistance
Charles J. Kilo, professor of clinical medicine, 94
Globetrotters spread super bacteria more than assumed
Dementia and COVID: What Families and Physicians Should Know
Penn Medicine Study Illuminates Molecular Details of Lung Development
New research shows substantially higher burden of COVID-19 compared to flu
Reframing child and adolescent health for SDG era
Devastating harms from tobacco use and exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke in pregnancy
WHO: Smoking doubles sudden infant death and birth defects
Infectious Disease Advisor: COVID-19 Vasculitis or Novel Vasculitis Mimic?
Early COVID Patient at UConn Health Gets Life Back a Year Later
Study unravels antibiotic resistance in MRSA ‘superbug’ infections
Summer pneumonia
Regular meat consumption linked with a wide range of common diseases
Trial results show potential benefits of tocilizumab for COVID-19
Death rates fall in Australia – despite, or because of, COVID
A Healthier Alternative to Antibiotics
No increased risk of aerosols with special nasal cannula
Tree resin could cure infections caused by MRSA bacteria
Legionnaires’ disease cases prompt reminder for cooling tower checks
Drug trial that could improve respiratory recovery from COVID-19 now underway
Gout drug help cuts need for oxygen therapy and hospital stay in COVID-19 patients
New GAO Report Points to Need to Address On-going Testing Challenges
Pitt Scientists Find Key to Viral-Bacterial Co-infection
Monsoon rains increase risk of Melioidosis
DNA test can quickly identify pneumonia in patients with severe COVID-19, aiding faster treatment
COVID-19 vaccine creates incentive to improve our health
Scientists Reverse Deadly Impacts of Asthma in Mice
Make-up of gut microbiome may influence COVID-19 severity and immune response
Why COVID-19 pneumonia lasts longer, causes more damage than typical pneumonia
Drug developed in part by MUSC holds promise for treating advanced prostate cancer
With COVID-19 exacerbating threat of superbugs, researchers ID new weapon
With COVID exacerbating superbug threat, researchers ID new weapon to fight them
Stem cells: A possible treatment for severe respiratory failure, a COVID-19 complication
Free World’s Leadership Will Defeat COVID-19
Respiratory illness increase in young children
Lung bacteria defend against pneumonia
Scientists discover how COVID-19 virus causes multiple organ failure in mice
Seeing deeper inside cells
Swallowing alcohol-based hand sanitiser can kill, warns analysis of coroners’ reports
NTU and A*STAR Scientists discover role of protein in detecting common cold virus
‘Natural killer’ cells found to be a key determinant of severe COVID-19 in patients
Legionella risk as air-conditioning cooling towers restart
Doctors use existing treatment earlier to save lives of Covid-19 patients
Fiji’s vaccine program reduces childhood death and illness: study
New study explains important cause of fatal influenza