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IAEA Reviews Management of Water Stored at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
Trump administration rolls back fuel efficiency standards, Climate
VERA nuclear reactor simulation software licensed commercially for first time
Unearthing technical solutions for a low carbon future: CCS
Wastewater A Resource That Can Pay Dividends for People, Environment, and Economies, Says World Bank
Plans for world-first solar power plant in western Victoria
Fusion researchers endorse push for pilot power plant in US
New Spinoff Publication Shares How NASA Innovations Benefit Life on Earth
Victoria’s Gas Decision A Sensible Step Forward
Gas Decision A Sensible Step Forward
Laboratory researchers describe how antineutrino detectors could aid in nuclear nonproliferation efforts
BEIS in budget
IAEA Mission Sees Strengthened Radiation Safety in Malta; Human Resources Challenges Remain
ACT distributed energy trial to help optimise network integration
More challenges ahead but solutions in sight for Australia’s power system
Home Battery Scheme’s first step-down of subsidy
Team Explorer Finishes Second In DARPA Competition
Atomic Fingerprint Identifies Emission Sources of Uranium
Solar Batteries To Power More Victorian Postcodes
Not your average science classroom
New nanoparticle can sustainably convert carbon emissions into fuel
IAEA Reviews Belarus’ Nuclear Power Infrastructure Development
More efficient, longer-lasting solid oxide fuel cells
Team CoSTAR Takes First Place in Underground Robot Competition
Can New Kind of Power Plant Improve Air Quality, Resilience?
We should have less fear of radiation, says Imperial researcher
Centennial Coal emits three years’ worth of pollution from mine in two years, with no penalty
Quadrupling turbines, U.S. can meet 2030 wind-energy goals
Newly found bacteria fights climate change, soil pollutants
IAEA Concludes Long Term Operational Safety Review of Romania’s Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant
IAEA Safety Mission Sees Significant Progress at Finland’s Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant
Environmental solutions to clean up
Federal money to upgrade a coal-fired power station is an insult to bushfire hit communities
Team Explorer Adds Capabilities for Latest DARPA Robotics Contest
More beef means more jobs for Darling Downs
New Analysis: Only One Coal Plant Being Built in Western Europe, North America or Australia
Half of U.S. deaths related to air pollution are linked to out-of-state emissions
Maintaining equipment that powers our world
Breaking it Down: Victorian Coal Power Plants Least Reliable in Aus
IAEA Ministerial Conference Commits to Strengthening Nuclear Security Amid Concerns About Global Threats
New material created to clean up fossil fuel industry
Engineering a Better World Using Mirrors, Sun, and Steam
Rivers are warming at same rate as atmosphere
Photos taken by Konsta Punkka tell about climate change research – Exhibition open untill 15th
Taking Aim at Gastric Cancer: New approach to selective chemotherapy
New understanding of condensation could lead to better power plant condenser, de-icing materials
Energy-saving particle accelerator achieves breakthrough success
Nuclear waste could be recycled for diamond battery power