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Researchers at Pusan National University Develop Non-Intrusive Pipeline Sensor
Eco-efficient cement could pave way to greener future
Eco-Efficient Cement Paves Way to Greener Future
Ashurst advises multiple funders on financing Uzbekistan power plant
Specially modified yeast strain improves 2G ethanol production
Protein Coating Could Extend Freshness of Produce
IAEA Chief to Visit Zaporizhzhya NPP
Local Planners Given Framework to Tackle Climate Impact on Resources
Electrification Submission Paves Way for Planet Protection
West Coast Air Pollution Inequality Worsens in Heat, Drought
Doing math on solar-powered future
IAEA DG Statement on Ukraine: Update 151
Cellular Smoke Detector Found: Eureka
Chernobyl: Worst Nuclear Disaster Now Sheds Light on Earth’s History
Where should wind turbines be constructed in Switzerland?
China’s Coal Strategy Offers Insight into Environmental Cooperation
Gas Crisis Looms: Blackouts, Closures, Hardship Possible
Minimizing electric vehicles’ impact on grid
EVs’ Impact on Grid: Minimizing it
WVU Lab Develops Heat-Reducing Semiconductor Material
Scientists help enhance advanced nuclear reactor analysis
$368B Subs Put Illawarra at Risk, Regional Funding Cut
Fukushima aftermath: Nuclear reintroduction burdens future
Shrinky Dinks, nail polish, and smelly bacteria
IAEA Chief Criticizes Complacency at Ukraine Nuclear Plant
IAEA Chief Comments on Ukraine Situation
UK presents statement on nuclear safety in Ukraine at IAEA Board of Governors
Interior Dept. Allocates $135M to Boost Jobs, Rejuvenate Coal Lands
IAEA Director General Addresses Board of Governors
Working to make nuclear energy more competitive
Guterres vows to pursue just peace in Ukraine
Mystic River Watershed Threatened by Climate Change
UK’s 2023 Nuclear Tech Review for IAEA Board of Governors
World Bank Backs Uzbekistan’s Solar Power Plant Expansion
Australia’s Electricity Market Settlement Rule: First Look
IAEA Chief: Ukraine Situation Worsening
Greens announce plan to slash energy prices and repower economy
Smart batteries take charge in new partnership
IAEA Chief Calls for Urgent Action in Ukraine Crisis
UN Women Exec Director Calls for End to Violence in Ukraine
Samantha Power Marks 1-Year Anniversary of Ukraine Invasion
IAEA: Nuclear Safety, Security in Ukraine Reviewed
Classes virtual, remote work for Feb. 23
Australia’s Grid Reliability Questioned by Energy Market Operator
IAEA Director General Addresses Ukraine Situation: 147 Updates
Radioactive Waste Stored in Minerals for Long-Term Storage
New superalloy could cut carbon emissions from power plants
New antibiotic cures superbugs without bacterial resistance