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DOE awards $18 million to LaserNetUS consortium
LaserNetUS High-Power Laser Consortium, Including Berkeley Lab, Receives $18M From U.S. DOE
Germany Shows Interest in New IAEA Initiatives to Fight Pandemics and Plastic Pollution
On way to fish-friendly hydropower
Global transformation of electricity sector requires greater efforts to ensure security of supply
Germany To Remain Key IAEA Member After Nuclear Power Exit
Metals from Chinese coal plants are ending up in Pacific Ocean, with uncertain consequences
IAEA Discusses Liability and Compensation for Nuclear Damage with Pakistan
Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting with Romanian Foreign Minister Aurescu
Accelerating investment, backing technology and innovation to deliver a low emissions economy
Additively manufactured components by ORNL headed for TVA nuclear reactor
Stanford’s Dan Reicher on new agreement on U.S. hydropower and river conservation
World Energy Outlook 2020 shows how response to Covid crisis can reshape future of energy
CEFC backs Australia’s next wave of cleantech startups through Startmate
A Better Carbon Trap Will Take Greenhouse Gases Out of Air and Put It To Use
IAEA Director General Discusses Nuclear Safety, Non-Proliferation and Expanding Collaboration
Climate change could mean fewer sunny days for hot regions banking on solar power
Are there hydroelectric power plants that are fish-friendly?
Hydrology Data Tool Helps Users Manage Water Resources, Protect Infrastructure
Regarding Vision for Advancing U.S.-Bangladesh Economic Partnership
Lego-like assembly of zeolitic membranes improves carbon capture
IAEA Virtual Training Helps Countries Develop a National Position for a New Nuclear Power Programme
Earthquake forecasting clues unearthed in strange precariously balanced rocks
Surfing microwave oven learning curve
“Green” cement pour yields concrete results
Nuclear Key to Clean Energy Transition – Conclusions of 2020 IAEA Scientific Forum
Electric vehicles can fight climate change, but they’re not a silver bullet: University study
Seminar to examine initiative’s effects on energy costs, power grid
Validating physics behind new MIT-designed fusion experiment
New standards making power more secure and clean
Four years on from a dark day for South Australia
China’s Environmental Abuses
Groundbreaking Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor is designated a Nuclear Historic Landmark
American Nuclear Society designates groundbreaking Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor a Nuclear Historic Landmark
International Cooperation for Nuclear Safety in Focus at Regulatory Cooperation Forum
Government backs bold leadership of UK Atomic Energy Authority
PLUS takes 3D ultrasound images of solids
Berkeley Team Plays Key Role in Analysis of Particle Interactions That Produce Matter From Light
With energy against depression
CEFC statement on release of LETS
Technology Investment Roadmap sets course
Coles to source more than 90% of QLD electricity needs from CleanCo
COP26 Energy Transition Council launched at Clean Energy Ministerial side event
Worth a closer look
Study: Insect Can Re-Learn Flower Scents, Even as Pollution Alters Aroma
Q&A: Public Opinion of Nuclear and Why it Matters to Clean Energy Transition
Australia wakes up to great gas rip off, AWU calls for bipartisanship
Ensuring affordable, reliable and secure electricity supply