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Preschoolers with larger vocabulary before they begin education
New take on ‘marshmallow test’: When it comes to resisting temptation, child’s cultural upbringing matters
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App Boosts Preschoolers’ Motor Skills
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Harmony Week Storytime at Lithgow Library
New photography exhibit at Divinity School documents life during Covid pandemic
Flexible learning programs bring quality education to remote preschoolers
Research reveals impact of school closures on preschool children during Covid
Pandemic-Related School Closings Likely to Have Far-Reaching Effects on Child Well-Being
Even minor exposure to light before bedtime may disrupt preschooler’s sleep
Her Majesty Queen recognises Singaporean charity founder with Commonwealth Points of Light award
Record level of flu jab uptake in those aged 65 and over
Abnormal thyroid hormone levels during pregnancy may increase risk of preschool boys’ behavioral problems
Studies suggest no causal link between young children’s screen time and later symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity
Covid forced shift from healthy feeding practices by parents of young children
Can talking to young children during TV time buffer screen time effects on development?
Children in preschool and primary school to explore artificial intelligence
Children do not understand concept of others having false beliefs until age 6 or 7
Canterbury health research projects win funding boost
Bilingual advantage is bust
17-year study of children associates poverty with smaller, slower-growing subcortical regions
After school care trial for preschoolers success
NIH COVID-19 testing initiative funds additional research projects to safely return children to in-person school
Most Curious Babies Years Later Maintain Cognitive Edge
Child social networks
Caregivers can help early learners thrive amid pandemic disruption
Sometimes, Even 3-Year-Olds Just Want to Fit in With Group
In Utero Exposure to Tiny Pollution Particles in Air Is Linked to Asthma in Preschoolers, Study Shows
How a virtual program may help kids get ready for kindergarten
Major upgrade for Heyfield’s Gordon Street
New Zealand housing lacking basic amenities, new report finds
National Simultaneous Storytime From Space: Bayside
Support for school vaccination requirements edges up, but some resistance remains
Most U.S. Preschoolers Don’t Get Quality Pre-K Education, and Pandemic Made it Worse
New trial aims to reduce frailty and improve mental health by connecting older Australians and preschoolers
Despite New York City’s ambitious experiment in pre-K education, racial gaps continue to grow, Berkeley study finds
Pregnant mothers’ stress during floods can disadvantage their babies, but it’s not inevitable
Audio-enhanced storybooks can improve vocabulary of at-risk preschoolers
Preschoolers’ extensive electronic media use linked to emotional/behavioural issues
Harmony Day Storytime at Lithgow Library
Whether at home, school or in child care, 3- to 5-year-olds experience similar levels of physical activity
FREE assessment and FREE first lesson – Preschool Learn to Swim Programs
Study: Preschoolers with higher cardiorespiratory fitness do better on cognitive tests
ABC’s record-breaking run at Kidscreen Awards
UW Division of Communication Disorders Researches Speech Sound Issues in Children