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Nitrate in drinking water could cause up to 100 cases of bowel cancer in NZ
UWA innovative research projects awarded national funding
Step up vaccines against Group B strep, linked to baby deaths and disability
Urgent need for vaccine to prevent deadly Group B streptococcus
Pregnant women with Takayasu’s arteritis and their babies at high risk for serious complications
Stark racial and social inequalities in pregnancy outcomes in over million births
Research of over million births reveals stark racial and social inequalities in pregnancy outcomes
Depression, anxiety may be linked to c-section risk among pregnant women
King’s research group awarded funds to investigate origins of preterm labour and birth
Extending support for Australian families following infant loss
Identifying keys to preventing cerebral palsy in premature babies
New test rapidly detects bacteria associated with greater risk of preterm birth
Answering questions about pregnancy and Covid
Living near oil and gas wells increases air pollution exposure, according to Stanford research
Scientists find more severely Covid infected mothers more likely to have preterm birth
Legacy of racism in housing policies continues to impact maternal health
CDC Statement on Pregnancy Health Advisory
Study Links Air Pollution to Nearly 6 Million Preterm Births Around World
Research links air pollution to nearly 6 million preterm births around world
FACEBOOK LIVE: Pregnancy and Covid
Four projects selected for Bertarelli Foundation’s Catalyst Fund
New test to diagnose vaginal inflammation could help reduce risk of HIV infection
Expectant mothers who have HPV could be at high risk of giving birth prematurely
Grant support for crucial health and medical research
Heat stress in dairy cows damages health of calves
To Reduce Preeclampsia Risk, Study Says Take Action Before and Between Pregnancies
Nearly one in five babies in Brazil born ‘small’ and at risk of early childhood death
Premature birth could be predicted as early as 10 weeks pregnant
Drinking and smoking during pregnancy linked with stillbirth, NIH-funded study suggests
Wildfire smoke exposure during pregnancy increases preterm birth risk, Stanford study finds
Wang receives award to further develop pregnancy imaging system
Teens who use cannabis frequently more likely to have premature baby
Researchers uncover new evidence that fetal membranes can repair themselves after injury
Scientists uncover new evidence that fetal membranes can repair themselves after injury
Loss of Placental Hormone Linked to Brain and Social Behavior Changes
Who owns discoveries and inventions made by EPFL scientists?
Study links Covid not to increased preterm births or stillbirths
Read UK NSC’s annual report for April 2020 to March 2021
Nearly Half of Surveyed Female Surgeons Experience Major Pregnancy Complications
Urgent need for anti-smoking campaigns to continue after pregnancy
Residential proximity to oil and gas drilling linked to lower birthweights in newborns, study finds
Recognising disability to improve care
Women’s heart health is strongly related to pregnancy outcomes
Female physicians delay having children until later in life: University of Toronto study
UC researchers part of a multi-site team which finds DHA supplements
Women who vape are more likely to have low-birthweight babies, study shows
Studies explore links between stress, choline deficiency, preterm births, and mental health
AI breakthrough in premature baby care