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Large Study in Botswana Finds Daily Micronutrient Supplementation During Pregnancy Reduces Complications at Birth
Closing gap in maternity care
Catching Covid during pregnancy increases risk of hospitalization, premature birth: national study
Neighborhoods most affected by racism, inequities and Covid pandemic stressors at greater risk for preterm births
Changing guidelines for treating mild chronic hypertension in pregnancy
Pregnant women living near natural gas sites experience higher rates of depression, substance use: Study
Study shows Black infants at risk for poor birth outcomes across Minnesota
MRI finds markers of atypical brain development in kids born preterm
Viruses in gut may warn of deadly disease in preterm infants
Reducing preterm stillbirth
Historically redlined neighborhoods burdened by excess oil and gas wells
Study shows treating mild preexisting high blood pressure during pregnancy improves outcomes for parents and babies
Interconception Preventive Care and Pregnancy Complications
Role of genes in prenatal responses to air pollution
First Large-Scale Study of Covid-Era Birth Data Finds Significant Drop in Premature Cesarian, Induced Deliveries
Molly Wardaguga Research Centre secures $5 million to support First Nations maternal health
Treating chronic hypertension in early pregnancy benefits parents, babies
Research reveals Covid vaccination during pregnancy does not increase complications around time of childbirth
Rural hospital administrators’ beliefs on offering obstetric care
No increase in pregnancy complications after Covid vaccination
Birthing on Country services centre First Nations cultures and empower women in pregnancy and childbirth
CHOP and Penn Medicine to Lead Philadelphia Regional Center for Children’s Environmental Health
Coronavirus may double severe complications in pregnancy
Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from mother to baby is rare, say researchers
Higher cigarette taxes reduce child deaths, first global estimates suggest
New epigenetic biomarkers found that potentially predict preterm birth
New study shows significant impacts of severe Covid infection on pregnancy outcomes
Diet, malaria and substance use linked to Pacific preterm births
Common infertility treatments may increase risks for pregnancy, vascular complications
Premature birth linked to lung disease later in life
Researchers to study Covid effects on maternal, child health during pregnancy
Global study launched to evaluate effects of Covid variants and vaccination in pregnancy
Structural sexism and anti-LGB stigma linked to poor birth outcomes in US
Covid in Pregnancy: Studying racial disparities and adverse birth outcomes
Risks after treatment for cervical neoplasia have declined over time
NIH-funded study suggests Covid increases risk of pregnancy complications
Research suggests Covid increases risk of pregnancy complications
‘Family Foundations’ parenting program helps families weather pandemic
Study finds low rates of contraceptive use in women with kidney transplant
Johns Hopkins Medicine Study Finds Gap in Care for Pregnant People with Opioid Use Disorder in U.S. Jails
Covid may cause fetal inflammation even in absence of placental infection, researchers report
Survival rate increases for extremely preterm infants in NIH-funded research network
SARS-CoV-2 may cause fetal inflammation even in absence of placental infection
Maternal Covid infection increases risks of preterm birth, low birth weight and stillbirth
Study links Covid to complications during pregnancy
Research to detect Delta variant of Covid in maternal bloodstream and placenta
Behavioral indicator for preterm infants
New world-first clinical trial on benefits of losing weight prior to pregnancy