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Obstetricians Now Better Prepared to Assist Mothers During Birth
Premature birth linked to poorer school grades in adolescence
Premature Births Tied to Lower Grades in Adolescence
Preterm Birth Linked to Chemicals Found in Vagina
Chemicals in Vagina Linked to Preterm Birth
£1.8m to combat long-term effects of maternal infections in pregnancy
Cannabis and oral microbiome: Exploring their impacts on brain
Researchers find vaccination protects mother and baby from Covid
Researchers Analyze National Registry Data on Perinatal Covid
Mediterranean Diet May Lower Preeclampsia Risk
New tool to help improve maternity care secures funding for NHS trial
Study hoping to reduce cerebral palsy in preterm infants
Inflammation may explain antidepressants’ link to preterm birth
Spinal cord pain to PTSD: $5.2m in NHMRC grants to target pressing medical conditions
Babies born to black mothers in wealthy countries are twice as likely to die in first weeks of life
UCSF is First to Integrate Records Across Medical and Dental
Pregnant Moms’ Stress May Accelerate Cell Aging of White, Not Black, Kids
Pregnant mothers’ stress may accelerate cellular aging in white, not black, children
Buprenorphine, Not Methadone, May Be Safer Treatment for Opioid-Use Disorder During Pregnancy
Preconception health is important for women – and probably men: review
Family planning: importance of preconception health
Study finds conceiving quickly after miscarriage not linked to adverse risks
Challenging Guidelines for Pregnancy Interval After Miscarriage or Abortion
New insights into medicines for pre-eclampsia
WHO advises immediate skin to skin care for survival of small and preterm babies
New findings on effects of Covid on preterm birth shed light to importance of vaginal microbiota
Reducing impacts of chlamydia in Australia
Adverse pregnancy outcomes in women with inactive inflammatory bowel disease
Maternal-fetal medical team gives mom best hope for motherhood
Covid placentitis, and how maternal Covid vaccination could prevent stillbirth
Single stranded suture threads could prevent pregnancy infection complications
Prenatal care for foreign-born Latinx people dropped during 2016 presidential campaign
Shopping vouchers help women to stop smoking during pregnancy
Johns Hopkins Researchers Find WIC Participation May Be Associated with Better Health Outcomes
New avenues to reduce long-term complications in preterm infants
New recommendations from WHO to help improve health of preterm infants
Research offers hope for preventing cerebral palsy
Screening for pregnancy anxiety in first and third trimesters can help reduce early births
Anxiety during pregnancy can lead to earlier births
Covid zaps placenta’s immune response, study finds
Dolutegravir-based antiretroviral therapies for HIV-1 effective in pregnancy
Newborns of women with disabilities more likely to have health complications, study finds
Spongy electrodes designed for better births
No link between Covid vaccination in pregnancy and higher risk of preterm birth or stillbirth
Early-Term Births Associated With Higher Rate of ADHD as Reported by Teachers
Study links Early-term births to higher rate of ADHD as reported by teachers
New target for therapies to treat preterm labour
Preterm birth delay drugs safe for global reduction in neonatal death