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Protecting precious marine habitats together
DOC’s smallest wave of new recruits
DOC investigates cause of death of great white shark death in Auckland
Stay safe and remember rules when you return to Hauraki Gulf Islands
Mountaintop removal worse for endangered species than initially thought
Pakistan’s amphibians need more research efforts and better protection
New Hendra virus genotype discovered
Victoria is failing threatened species
It’s magpie swooping season
It’s swooping season
New free guide to help recreational visitors to protect Whitsundays
Magpie Swooping Season: Bayside
Ancient marsupial ‘junk DNA’ might be useful after all, scientists say
Swooping September is upon us
Golden Perch theft along Murray River
Up to 20,000 sharks saved per year under new Queensland fisheries rules
Next stage of Fisheries reforms come into effect today
Lea Castle Village becomes first Homes England site to gain Build with Nature accreditation
Biggest changes to Queensland fisheries in decades will improve sustainability
Report swooping magpies in our parks & streets – Wollongong
Microsoft boosts hi-tech footprint in Australia’s surging space industry
Landmark consultation launched on reintroduction of beavers in England
Management plans adopted for flying foxes
Plan for Flying-fox management on MidCoast
Scotland’s beaver population doubles in three years, survey finds
Research finds ways to improve magpie goose management on NT mango farms
Antarctic visitor
Emperor penguins face extinction risk from Antarctic sea ice loss 5 August 2021
Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Decision
78th AFMA Commission meeting – Chairman’s summary
DNA assay aids in identifying and protecting North American wolves, coyotes
Sharks in Costa Brava: evidence of an ongoing decline
KAI Challenge: swimming 120 kilometres in Costa Brava for its environmental protection
DOC calls for information following a spike in wildlife attacks
Draft World Heritage Decision
Remember to send your e-monitoring hard drive to AFMA
Bringing back health of Hauraki Gulf
Government taking action to protect albatross
Greens want Government to get cameras on boats faster
Wider roll-out of cameras on boats to support sustainability and protect marine life
Are zoos inadvertently complicit in wildlife trade? case of a rare Borneo lizard
Snails carrying world’s smallest computer help solve mass extinction survivor mystery
DNA test kit saves thousands of Earth’s most bizarre turtles
Great white shark meat seized in Tauranga case
Beautiful, rare ‘purple cauliflower’ coral off NSW coast may be extinct within 10 years
Beautiful, rare ‘purple cauliflower’ coral off NSW may be extinct within 10 years
UK Government sets out next phase of strategy to combat bovine tuberculosis in England
Urgent calls for bird shooting to be restricted to signposted areas in Victoria