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Researchers and others illuminate long-standing mystery of sea turtles’ epic migrations
Fishing industry appeal on orange roughy fails in victory for sustainability
Turtles trapped and killed in gillnet set in Mackay Net-Free Zone
Treaties Committee reports on endangered species trade changes
Inquiry into use of Crossbows and Bows to hunt animals
DOC urges island visitors to follow rules and biosecurity advice
Survey finds beavers establishing strong presence in City of Perth
Court sends strong message to dog owners in recent wildlife cases
Marine conservationists uncover footage of turtle death traps in our Reef
Marine conservationists uncover threatened wildlife carnage in killer Reef gillnets
Conservation dogs sniff out trouble as yachting fans flock to islands
Treaties Committee to review new CITES listings
Wedge-tailed eagle deaths near Deniliquin linked to pesticide poisoning
Imports for Chinese New Year can leave bitter taste
Check before buying online products for Chinese New Year
Orange roughy ruling victory for sustainable fisheries and for ocean loving Australians
How Earth’s oddest mammal got to be so bizarre
Protect our oceans and your pockets this Christmas by choosing sustainable and affordable seafood
Project ‘Evitem la pesca fantasma’ conducts 34 extractions of lost fishing gears in Catalan coasts
DOC and recreational fishers working together to ‘tackle’ marine bycatch
Marine conservationists call for better protection after sawfish found with rostrum hacked off
Ninety Duvaucel’s geckos released on pest-free Motutapu island
When Wildlife, Politics, and Morals Collide
Whitsundays operators brush up on reef health monitoring
Innovative Small Arts Projects Set To Lift Community Spirits
Watching fleet
New protection for Tasman Bay marine reserves
Spring nesting flow for drought-hit Murray cod in Macquarie River
Public debate will show up shoddy reef science – if they turn up
Without federal protection, hundreds of imperiled species face greater peril
Monkey poop could hold key to understanding threats to wildlife from chemical pollutants
Conservation rule breakers may face fines
2020 badger control licences published
Saving marine life: Novel method quantifies effects of plastic on marine wildlife
Cameras rolled out further across fishing fleet
Sussex college fined £50,000 for slurry pollution
National Compliance and Enforcement Program 2020-21
Tips for magpie swooping season
New fish pass in Norwich
Working together for whitebait wins
Seafood industry celebrated at Seafood Sustainability Awards
Inaugural seafood awards honour sustainability
Seafood industry celebrated at Seafood Sustainability Awards
On China’s Predatory Fishing Practices in Galápagos
Wildlife death toll continues to rise in NSW shark nets program
Green light for ground-breaking bovine TB vaccine field trials
Conservationists welcome NSW investment in non-lethal shark control, but nets still need to go
World Ocean Day: Coral life found ‘half a league’ under sea