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Snake trade in Indonesia is not sustainable enough: but it could be
Greens call on Government to rule out explosives in fish farm trial
Possum found on Great Barrier Island
‘Bycatch’ dolphin capture in WA not sustainable, study finds
Dolphin bycatch from fishing practices unsustainable, study finds
Dolphin bycatch from fishing practices unsustainable
$350,000 for sustainability in seafood industry
FSU-led research team receives $9M from National Academies of Sciences
New mapping tool highlights how protected species hotspots and dangerous gillnetting overlap on our Reef
Pelicans prefer native fish to sportfish at Utah’s strawberry reservoir
Local councils say no to shark nets in historic unanimous resolution
Noble False Widow Spider captures bats in attic
Scientific study recommends excluding and moving offshore wind farms away from protected areas in Mediterranean
State of Conservation report is high on spin, low on climate action for Reef
World Wetlands Day reminder not to let wetland protection fall by wayside: Greens
Call for information after gull shot with crossbow bolt
Protected birds aren’t target practice
Lighted nets dramatically reduce bycatch of sharks and other wildlife while making fishing more efficient
Penguin taken to zoo uninjured
Weak climate goals make new Reef 2050 Plan blueprint for rapid Reef decline
Reform fishing to help sustainable seafood become more available and increase choice in SE Queensland
Pilot project aims to help safeguard native white-clawed crayfish
Winners announced in British Antarctic Survey and University of Cambridge net zero hackathon to decarbonise UK Antarctic Research
Shell in South Africa: fossil fuels at full blast
Give leopard seal at Havelock space
Greens welcome Government plan for law change to better protect nature
Protecting precious marine habitats together
DOC’s smallest wave of new recruits
DOC investigates cause of death of great white shark death in Auckland
Stay safe and remember rules when you return to Hauraki Gulf Islands
Mountaintop removal worse for endangered species than initially thought
Pakistan’s amphibians need more research efforts and better protection
New Hendra virus genotype discovered
Victoria is failing threatened species
It’s magpie swooping season
It’s swooping season
New free guide to help recreational visitors to protect Whitsundays
Magpie Swooping Season: Bayside
Ancient marsupial ‘junk DNA’ might be useful after all, scientists say
Swooping September is upon us
Golden Perch theft along Murray River
Up to 20,000 sharks saved per year under new Queensland fisheries rules
Next stage of Fisheries reforms come into effect today
Lea Castle Village becomes first Homes England site to gain Build with Nature accreditation
Biggest changes to Queensland fisheries in decades will improve sustainability
Report swooping magpies in our parks & streets – Wollongong
Microsoft boosts hi-tech footprint in Australia’s surging space industry
Landmark consultation launched on reintroduction of beavers in England