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2020 badger control licences published
Saving marine life: Novel method quantifies effects of plastic on marine wildlife
Cameras rolled out further across fishing fleet
Sussex college fined £50,000 for slurry pollution
National Compliance and Enforcement Program 2020-21
Tips for magpie swooping season
New fish pass in Norwich
Working together for whitebait wins
Seafood industry celebrated at Seafood Sustainability Awards
Inaugural seafood awards honour sustainability
Seafood industry celebrated at Seafood Sustainability Awards
On China’s Predatory Fishing Practices in Galápagos
Wildlife death toll continues to rise in NSW shark nets program
Green light for ground-breaking bovine TB vaccine field trials
Conservationists welcome NSW investment in non-lethal shark control, but nets still need to go
World Ocean Day: Coral life found ‘half a league’ under sea
Geography in Government Awards 2018
Better protection for seabirds
Best Fishing In Adelaide And South Australia
Road traffic noise causes bat activity to decrease by two thirds, as bats find it ‘irritating’
Court fines commercial crabbers caught with female mud crabs
A raft of ideas to help track down elusive water vole
Government sets out next phase of strategy to combat bovine tuberculosis
Summer heat worsens algal bloom and botulism in Firth of Thames, Piako River
Innovative Scheme to conserve newts and promote sustainable development is rolled out across England
A Better Pregnancy Test for Whales
AgForce will hold State Government to account on its ‘sham’ Lake Eyre consultation
Rare lizard habitat protected
Environment roundtable shows State Govt has learnt nothing
HS2 Ltd’s approach to ancient woodlands during Oakervee Review
Spring swooping season
Revisions to Gillnet and SPF Dolphin Strategies
Commercial fishing threatens sharks worldwide