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Remnants of ancient virus may fuel ALS in people
Ancient Virus Remnants May Fuel Lou Gehrig’s Disease
Remnants of ancient virus may fuel ALS
Scientists Target Proteins, Pathways in Congenital Heart Disease
Critical Pro-Viral Protein Key for Embryo Growth
New Map Shows Cells’ Complex DNA Repair World
UArizona Researchers Uncover New Answers in Safer Opioid Therapy
New Study Uses Cancer Proteomics Data to Identify Gene Candidates for Therapeutic Targeting
UK AI Leads in Protein Location and Expression Detection
St. Jude tool gets more out of multi-omics data
BostonGene, Mater Research partner in follicular lymphoma study
Efficient protocol maintains RNA-seq, metabolomics data integrity
New Mechanisms Found in Regulating Plant Response to Temperature
New Study Shows Hibernating Bears’ Protection Against Thrombosis
Four different autism subtypes identified in brain study
Brain Study Identifies Four Autism Subtypes
Scientists discover solution for Long COVID
New study finds cKMT1 as lysine methyltransferase in cyanobacteria
Atlas of genetic scores to predict multi-omic traits
Seer Researchers Discover Links Between Lung Cancer and Protein Variants via Proteomics Analysis
Project Provides Atlas of Human Complexity: Deep Proteome
IgA Nephropathy Pathogenesis Revised After Anti-Mesangial Autoantibody Discovery
New models shed light on life’s origin
Cell Type Affects Waste Removal in Cells
Proteomics to Resubmit Test for Medicare Funding: PromarkerD
Seeking leukemia’s Achilles heel
Marker Identified to Show When Skin Cancer Is About to Spread
Differences in animal biology can affect cancer drug development
Animal Biology May Impact Cancer Drug Dev
Case Western Reserve U Licenses Tech for Cancer, HIV Therapy to RORA Biologics Inc
UEA Researchers Develop New Cancer Treatment Method
Why men are at higher risk from Covid
Men at Higher Risk of COVID-19: Study
New Models Unlock Clues to Life’s Origin
Tracking Cellular Proteins with Snapshot Translation Data
Monitoring Iron-Sulfur Cluster Occupancy in E. coli Proteome
How waste-eating bacteria digest complex carbons
Bacteria That Feed On Waste Able to Digest Complex Carbs
Translation Snapshots Could Uncover Cellular Protein Mysteries
Hope for patients with severe rare disease
Cancer Cells Shrink or Grow to Survive
Mitochondrial Dynamics Linked to Inflammation, Muscle Atrophy
Slit2 Signaling Linked to Ewing Sarcoma Growth
New Proteins Shed Light on Neuronal Vulnerability in Ataxia
Research boost for heart muscle disease
Plants’ Iron Uptake: Role of Oxidative Stress & Implications for Humans
Big data analysis drives fight against Alzheimer’s
Researchers from King’s identify new potential molecular mechanism in obesity