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New white paper outlines best practices for less invasive GERD treatments
Japan’s Nagoya University Develops New Polymer Electrolyte Membrane for Fuel Cells
ALICE sees “the ridge” in simplest collisions yet
Thinking big and dark by starting small and light
Beam Gas Curtain: new instrument for LHC Run 3
LHCb Adopts Real-Time Processing of Collision Data
CAS Study Unveils Electrocatalyst for OER in Acidic Environments
New Pt-Based Nanocatalysts Could Boost Oxygen Reduction Reactions
Molecule Oscillates when Stretched: Rabi Effect Observed
Photo Layer on Semiconductor Changes Bipolarity
Novel Membrane Electrode Assembly Proposed for High-Performance Water Electrolysis
Proton Transfer Boosts Copper Electrode’s CO2-to-CH4 Selectivity
ATLAS moves into top gear for Run 3
Rapid fluorescent mapping of electrochemically induced local pH changes
Physicists Discover New Transfermium Isotope Lawrencium-251
LHC report: switch was flipped, and beams were dumped
Constructing charge transfer channels on photoanode surface by electrochemical treatment
Recent progress on excited-state multiple proton transfer process in organic molecules
ALICE explores hidden charm of quark-gluon plasma
Scientists discover they can pull water molecules apart using graphene electrodes
Pitt, Swansea physicists find signs of pentaquark states, new matter
ALICE pins down hypermatter properties
Little strain goes long way in reducing fuel cell performance
Researchers Reveal Dynamic Evolution of Aluminum Coordination Environments in Mordenite Zeolite
Police appeal to locate man missing from Parkes
Discovering how heavy elements were made by measuring masses of short-lived, nuclear-rich nuclei
Butanol in Latex Paint Detected by Fast Gas Chromatography Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry Technology
Interfacial Engineering Boosts Electrocatalytic Ammonia Synthesis of Rhodium Catalyst
New membrane improves reversibility of zinc-air batteries
Triple treat from CMS