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Paying attention to how we see: Nicholas Gaspelin receives NSF Career Award
For twins, gesture and speech go hand-in-hand in language development
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Study looks at factors that influence pre-loss grief
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Neighbors looking out for one another can lessen child abuse and neglect
Understanding family members’ grief for a living loved one
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Is PTSD overdiagnosed?
Help for serious shopaholics
Gratitude: best medicine during tough times
UConn Selected to Help Create National Network on Emotional Wellbeing Research
Loan applications processed around midday more likely to be rejected
Being around children makes adults more generous
Study: What Brain Scans Reveal About Learning Math
More youth report concussions since 2016, U-M study shows
Research uncovers patterns in resting brains of highly sensitive people
Strengthening actions to end tobacco use
As optimism returns, a reminder that life after COVID-19 will be stressful for many
First patient scanned on 7T scanner
Record job prospects outweigh inflation concerns
C-SIDe project involves a broad selection of associates in solving cybersecurity problems
Border graduates’ time to celebrate
Partnerships Between Researchers, Policymakers and Practitioners Improve Early Childhood Education
IoPPN researcher wins £1.8m ERC grant to study engineered neurogenesis for brain repair
Labor will help upgrade West Moonah Community House
Can positive psychology change world?
Science of picky shoppers
Eye movements of those with dyslexia reveal laborious and inefficient reading strategies, according to Concordia study
Maine LEND trainees virtually advocate for people with disabilities in Washington
Researchers Demonstrate How Dynamic Changes in Early Childhood Development May Lead to Changes in Autism Diagnosis
UBCO researcher examines art of telling lies
Study shows how lockdown has increased mental health difficulties for vulnerable children
Anesthesia doesn’t simply turn off brain, it changes its rhythms
Star employees and high performers positively impact peers up to a point
Female veterans face mental health support barriers
Final chance to Lift with free wellbeing program
Is night shift really helping you sleep better?
Do fish feel pain? UTA team says it’s likely
Mozart performer: famous composer had a liberal approach to performing his string quartets and we should too
Researchers to investigate COVID-19 vaccine uptake in minority ethnic groups in UK
Can a newborn’s brain discriminate speech sounds?
Telehealth a certainty in a year of chaos
How exercise and simple act of moving your body can improve mental health
Research shows pain relieving effects of CBD
Help at hand as mental health referrals rise
Demand for AIS mental health support rises before Games