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New Victorian Public Sector Commissioner Appointed
Hopkins Covid data hub ends after three years
Research Finds Poor Sleep Tied to Long-Term Cardiovascular Risk
Study shows garden appreciation boosts wellbeing
Clean Cooking to Improve Health, Climate in Low-Income Nations
Evolutionary Medicine Offers Health Solutions
California Covid Emergency Ends: What Does It Mean for You?
Flexibility Promotes Mental Health in Chronic Pain Sufferers
Australia’s Food Labelling Can Promote Healthier Eating Habits
New research to tackle malnutrition in older adults
US Alcohol Research Body-Industry Links Spark Concerns
Johns Hopkins winds down pioneering pandemic data tracking
Vitamin D in Pregnancy Linked to Higher Natural Birth Rates
Covid-19 and Shame: new book reveals impact of ‘shame’ and ‘shaming’ during pandemic
Users of HIV PrEP Worry Most About Side Effects & Costs
Nearly Half of Pregnant People with IPV Not Screened Before/After Birth
Australia Day Honours awarded
Regional Factors Impact Spread of COVID-19 Identified by Scientists
Recreational Cannabis Reduces Codeine Prescription Demand
When recreational cannabis is legal, codeine demand drops
Vaccine Protects Against Omicron Variant-Linked Pregnancy Complications
UN Report Submitted on Kenya Economic, Social Rights
Women Struggling to Afford Employer-Sponsored Health Care
UC Launches Pandemic Recovery and ReadinessResearch Initiative
UC Launches Pandemic Recovery and Readiness Research Initiative
New committee established to drive better public health outcomes
Moves to tighten tobacco and vaping laws welcomed
Legalization of Recreational Cannabis Linked with Increased Alcohol Drinking
Public health, and its role in Victoria’s pandemic recovery election
Increasing research evidence translation & utilisation to improve population health outcomes
Increasing research evidence translation & utilisation to improve population health outcomes
Hollings cancer population researchers identify rapid increase in cervical cancer in millennial women
Food marketing and research on kids lacks government oversight
Coworkers can influence healthy eating choices
Excess of salty food seasons body with stress
Grant to fund global study of Covid surveillance
Getting to heart of Covid vaccination and its cardiovascular risks
Sleep as new 8th measure of cardiovascular health
Treatment for back pain: 84 percent increase in success rate
Top health experts call for tobacco free WA by 2030
Canada needs better detection system for respiratory pathogens
Research highlights experiences of general and mental ill-health in sexual and ethnic minority individuals
Folic acid added to flour to prevent brain and spinal conditions in foetuses
University of Southern California receives $1.3 million NIH training grant to enhance diversity
Myocarditis risk significantly higher after Covid infection vs. after Covid vaccine
Dietary salt substitutes lower risk of heart attack/stroke and death
Travel restrictions significantly reduced Covid cases entering Canada
Dental Health Week … and beyond