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Pandemic restrictions limit women’s ability to cope with abusive partners: study
Invasive Group B Strep in early infancy associated with higher risk of neurodevelopmental impairment in later life
Put Aussies at centre of health policy: call from consumer health advocates
Pill testing really does reduce risk of harm for drug users
Covid infection granted patients strong and long-lasting protection from reinfection
Future anthropologist focuses on infectious diseases
Fathers’ food choices influence future health of babies
How Marijuana Taxes Could Fund Mental Health Care for Millions
WHO launches guidance on digitally documenting SARS-CoV-2 test results
AHPPC statement on winter season preparedness
Move to Edge, Declare it Center: Practices and Processes for Creatively Solving Complex Problems
Harassment of public health officials widespread during initial phase of Covid pandemic
History doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes
Low blood folate may be linked to heightened dementia and death risks in older people
Pandemic lessons: Research shows strength of democracy in times of crisis
An examination of water, sanitation, and hygiene accessibility and opportunity
Top 3 Covid vaccine questions – anxiety with open borders, triple vaccinations, and child vaccinations
Transport for London’s junk food advertising restrictions linked to reductions
Most people giving birth in U.S. have poor heart health prior to pregnancy
Most people giving birth in US have poor heart health prior to pregnancy
Lund Debate examines migration, global public health
Hospitals in Communities with More People of Color Less Likely to Offer Programs Addressing Opioid Use
States increasingly require employers to provide paid sick leave- but even more states block local paid sick policies
Why Covid surveillance in Nigeria is critical
Budget submission shows how Commonwealth can generate $17b+ in revenue, and improve public health: PHAA
Boosting productivity and human capital will foster economic growth, more jobs and higher incomes, says OECD
AI models can predict individual risk of hospitalization for COVID using HIE data
1 in 4 Chilled Sliced Meats Sold in UK are Saltier than Atlantic Seawater, according to new data
Food labeling is lacking in online grocery retailers
Citizen science helps nurture our health through nature
Stress associated with an increased risk of getting Covid, study finds
New commentary offers reforms to regulations that hindered Seattle flu study surveillance of Covid
U-M economic expert, others find views on politics, science have driven public response to pandemic
New survey reveals pandemic impact on Canadian youth
Research finds new evidence that sugary beverage tax impacts are sustainable, effective
Five UNSW researchers recognised at NSW Premier’s Prizes for Science and Engineering
University of Alberta’s newest Rhodes Scholar headed to Oxford with goal of transforming health care in Canada
Council hears business concerns about vaccine mandate
3 Questions: Sophie Gibert on ethics in action
Video vs. phone visits and digital divide
Covid modelling FAQs
CDC to Renew Advisory Committee to Director
Democrat-led states tended to have stronger response to Covid, which improved health outcomes
Republican-led states lifted pandemic restrictions earlier
Study suggests R rate for tracking pandemic should be dropped in favour of ‘nowcasts’
Higher fruit and veg intake linked to better mental health in secondary schoolchildren
Researchers examine public sentiment on social media platform regarding Covid vaccine
Folic acid to be added to flour to prevent spinal conditions in babies