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ATS Issues Official Statement on Race, Ethnicity & Pulmonary Function Test Interpretation
Preterm Birth Increases Risk of Asthma, COPD in Adulthood
Allergic Asthma/Eczema Tied to Higher Osteoarthritis Risk
Atopic Asthma and Eczema Increases Osteoarthritis Risk
First Community Pharmacists Begin NQ Course Today
Collaboration offers personalized treatment for asthma and COPD patients
Clinical Practice Guidelines Recommend Plant Foods for Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment
Our Make Smoking History team launch ‘Sounds Like’ campaign
Stickiness may determine how influenza spreads
Covid-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Welsh Long-Term Conditions
Treating Asthma, COPD With Bitter Taste Receptors
Cincinnati researchers invent novel breathing aid
Researchers develop innovative breathing aid
Immunotherapy eradicates metastatic breast cancer
Childhood Respiratory Disease Tied to Higher Adult Mortality
Respiratory Infections in Childhood Linked to Higher Adult Mortality
Early Childhood Respiratory Disease Linked to Adult Death Risk
Beyond greenspace and bluespace
Audio AI Poor at Predicting Covid Infections: Study
Research Finds Risk Factors for TB in China’s Pneumoconiosis Patients
HKUMed: New Glucose-Lowering Drug Reduces Risk of Diseases
Debate Rages: Is Gas Stove Safety at Risk?
Heated debate – how safe are gas stoves?
UCI Study: Lung Cells Combat RNA Viruses
Mid-Life Relationships Linked to Lower Risk of Chronic Disease
Lower Risk of Chronic Illnesses in Older Age Linked to Good Midlife Relationships
Women with Strong Relationships Have Fewer Health Issues
Tool Aids Doctors to Diagnose More with COPD
Tool Aims to Increase COPD Diagnoses for Doctors
COPD Diagnosis to be Streamlined in Primary Care
Breathing Muscles Stay Strong Despite Weeks Without Training: Improved Endurance and Quality of Life for People with Chronic Lung Conditions
Researchers call for prescription charge to be cut
Most people hospitalized with flu have chronic illness
New Vaccine Fights Life-Threatening Fungal Infections
Pulmonary Embolism Can Appear as Exertional Dyspnea
Machine Learning & Big Data Used to Combat NHS Winter Pressures
MU Study: Regulating Immune Memory Boosts Disease Defense
COPD Patients at Higher Risk of Death After Surgery
Older Adults Increasingly Visiting ER for Cannabis-Related Issues
Studying elite divers could give insights into lung disease
New COPD Treatment Possibility Discovered
New Atlas Maps Lung Cell Types, Hints at Disease/Immunity
Wi-Fi Could Help Identify When You’re Struggling to Breathe
Innovative digital platform to diagnose and treat breathlessness receives $1.87m grant
NIH funds antibiotic trial for HIV and emphysema
Research Uncovers Unexpected Risks of COVID-19 Infection
COPD Clinic creates remote patient monitoring program to reduce hospital readmissions
Burden of ill health increases in Australia