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Pen-side test for bovine respiratory disease may save cattle industry millions, reduce antibiotic use
Nuclear deformation research could advance artificial tissue engineering
Training computers to tease out subtext behind text
Asteroid material deposited during large impacts record moon’s ancient magnetic field
Study suggests Sun is likely an unaccounted source of Earth’s water
FDA approves pioneering drug for ovarian cancer surgery
Research suggests Sun is likely an unaccounted source of Earth’s water
Space dust analysis could solve mystery of origins of Earth’s water
Holiday traffic jams could be prevented by ‘smart concrete’
Researchers study link between vitamin D and inflammation
Dreaming of being an investment shark? Better figure out if you’re night owl or morning person
NSF grants support Vanderbilt in high-tech archaeology information revolution
Future of face masks
Microbes’ sense of community, cooperation could improve biofuels
As-needed pesticide use brings wild bees, increases watermelon yield without reducing corn profits
Three ways to reduce carbon footprint of food purchased by US households
Three ways to reduce carbon footprint of food purchased by U.S. households
Researchers Uncover “Genetic Goldmine” Underlying Plant Resilience in Extreme Desert Environment
Taming data deluge
Sending up bat signal on forest use by endangered species
Self-powered wearable devices
UWA and Neuro Vigor announce drug development collaboration
Men, women ride same emotional roller coaster
Edgy light on graphene may bring new one-way information routers
Traffic light for light-on-a-chip
Chip-based optical tweezers levitate nanoparticles in vacuum
Food safety crises at smaller restaurant chains can hurt giants
Our brains have a “fingerprint” too
Improvements in microscopy home in on biology’s elusive details
In plant stress response, one protein lures, binds its own killer
Researchers create ‘self-aware’ algorithm to ward off hacking attempts
Naloxone access doesn’t make heroin seem less risky
UPDATE: Therapeutic malaria treatment shown to be 100% effective in Phase 2 trial
Researchers reach quantum networking milestone in real-world environment
Cracking code of cellular defense
Outstanding in their field: Tractor efficiency increased, thanks to Purdue hydraulics research
‘No Brain, No Pain’: UConn Researcher Develops Novel Neural Stimulation Protocol for Treating Chronic Pain
Scientists reverse pancreatic cancer progression in ‘time machine’ made of human cells
New NSF-funded institute to harness AI for accelerated discoveries in physics, astronomy and neuroscience
Study: Gene therapy can restore vision after stroke
Withdrawal from psychostimulants restructures functional architecture of brain
New tool finds best opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle across industrial sectors
Machine learning reveals genes for nitrogen use efficiency in corn
Machine learning uncovers “genes of importance” in agriculture and medicine
Deaths with drugs as contributing factor rising dramatically
Indiana farm fatality summary stresses importance of farm safety
Researchers Find Human Learning Can be Duplicated in Synthetic Matter
Savannas challenge preconceived notions of chimpanzee behavior