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Antioxidants in corn line could aid human IBD protection, therapy
Bubbling methane emissions caused by ice-free days in Arctic lakes
Protective antibodies identified for rare, polio-like disease in children
How have people responded to COVID-19 restrictions around world?
Chemicals released into air could become less hazardous, thanks to a missing math formula for droplets
Chemistry innovator widening, quickening uses of spectrometry
New approach to extend shelf life for N95 mask
Does ‘mommy brain’ last? Study shows motherhood does not diminish attention
Bayer commits to opening space in Purdue University’s Discovery Park District to apply interdisciplinary approach
$400,000 SBIR grant fast-tracks new approach to treating lung, thyroid cancers
Today’s Top 5 From Purdue University 18 June
Using sunlight to save satellites from a fate of ‘space junk’
Wearable patch may provide new treatment option for skin cancer
New technique for polymer manufacturing with reduced solvents aimed at vehicle, packaging production
New tool helps caseworkers tackle elder mistreatment, improve case management
Acoustics put a fresh spin on electron transitions
Archaeologist sinks teeth into understanding cultural identity, interactions in ancient Nile River Valley
Poll: Black woman running mate favored for Vice President Biden
Engineering method designed to help prevent catastrophic failures in electric grids, logistics systems
Today’s Top 5 From Purdue University 9 June
Technology aims to provide cloud efficiency for databases during data-intensive COVID-19 pandemic
Egg-based coating preserves fresh produce
$2 million SBIR grant fast-tracks cancer drug platform technology, which aims to better treat relapse
US Fulbright scholars to boost rural and regional research
USB software security tool catches 26 bugs across operating systems
Study of 2 cities shows domestic violence reports on rise as COVID-19 keeps people home
Technology uses plant biomass waste for self-powered biomedical devices
Software solution predicts costs for manufacturers
New Mobile Health Tool Measures Hemoglobin Without Drawing Blood
Patented technology designed to stop tiny errors from crashing large health care, supply chain systems
Chip for biomolecule detection may help in COVID-19 testing
Today’s Top 5 From Purdue University
Enabling highways and bridges to prevent their own damage
Purdue-developed nanomaterial significantly enhances potential COVID-19 therapeutic
Can renewable energy really replace fossil fuels?
Slivers of land could power cheaper, greener nitrogen fertilizers
Outsmarting enemy: Treefrogs rely on illusions to find a mate without being eaten
Scientists ‘at bleeding edge’ with upgrade to CMS detector
System designed to improve database performance for health care, IoT
Pursuing future of lunar habitation
3D-printed concrete to help build offshore wind energy infrastructure
NSF provides more support for drug discovery platform to create options for hard-to-treat cancers
How this veterinary ophthalmologist is addressing a disease that can affect golden retrievers
Hands-on with augmented reality in remote classrooms
Microwaves power new technology for batteries, energy
Carbon dioxide sensor can lower energy use, reduce utility costs
Study: Football offensive linemen should start plays upright to avoid hits to head
Think you’re mom’s favorite? A Purdue social scientist says think again