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‘Mechanical breathing’ in smart windows
Light powers world’s fastest-spinning object
Edible ‘security tag’ to protect drugs from counterfeit
A technology devised to help reduce injection pain, swelling from some best-selling drugs
Recent health science news from Purdue University
Synthetic neurons project offers platform for disease treatment, further brain research
Microbubble findings could reduce chemical, water use in food processing
Scientists develop way to track salmonella infection in real time
Camouflage made of quantum material could hide you from infrared cameras
Newly discovered retinal structure may enhance vision for some birds
Site search: A digital approach to proteins and cancer
What if a bridge could prevent its own collapse in real time?
‘Buildings’ in human bone may hold key to stronger 3D-printed lightweight structures
Food pantries can help improve nutrition, diet quality
Your food may help make stickier, safer glues for laptops, packaging, furniture
How does protein fit in your holiday diet or New Year’s resolutions?
An engineering approach to reduce pain of chemotherapy
UK science engineering company ready to take unique Purdue heating technology to market
New safety recommendations for culvert repair released
Technology shown to reduce cancer-causing contaminants in drinking water, airports
New antenna tech to equip ceramic coatings with heat radiation control
New material points toward highly efficient solar cells
Anthrax may be next tool in fight against bladder cancer
Getting cancer drugs to brain is difficult – but a new ‘road map’ might make it easier
Risky business: Frogs’ mating calls also attract predators
‘Listening’ to engine blades to stop failures, disasters
Your dog might be hiding its true colors
Chameleon’s tongue strike inspires fast-acting robots that catch live insects
Scientists develop efficient methods to turn woody biomass into fuels
Unique properties of quantum material explained for first time
Pregnant women may soon be able to detect their own risk of preeclampsia with a smartphone
People are complicated, but their spit is ‘shockingly complex’
Enzyme trigger that tells cells to move characterized for first time
Purdue, Peruvian scientists at nexus of food, water and energy research
World is running out of antibiotics. This researcher is working on finding a solution
One day, a plane could give you flying lessons
National effort to focus on mapping human body on cellular level
How much are you polluting your office air just by existing?
New materials to help stop lithium-ion battery fires, explosions and improve battery performance
Can herbicides cause breast cancer? Purdue and INSERM scientists discover a piece to puzzle
Map showing gene interactions could lead to new cancer therapies
Want to keep a cow happy? AI, robotics could hold answer
New technique to improve ductility of ceramic materials for missiles, engines, drinking mugs
When disease threatens animals, predators might provide remedy
‘Poor man’s qubit’ can solve quantum problems without going quantum
A case for personalized medicine in search for answers about cancer
Rare metallic asteroids might have erupted molten iron
Research suggests new approach for treating inflammation