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COVID-19 causes ‘unexpected’ cellular response in lungs, research finds
EarthTalks: Head of nuclear engineering looks to stars for clean energy
New inhibitors may offer novel approach to treating deadly tuberculosis
This common shoulder injury could heal faster, thanks to first implant that recreates a crucial tissue structure
Evolution proteomics approach opens view into how new gene functions arise
Technology uses ‘single’ approach to develop electronics, acoustics
Demonstrating World’s Fastest Spintronics p-bit
Georgia Tech’s Center for Study of Women, Science, and Technology Host 2021 Distinguished Lecture
Research uncovers missing physics in explosive hotspots
Greenland landscape history preserved under ice sheet
Soft contact lenses eyed as new solutions to monitor ocular diseases
Team predicts next-generation microbiome research promises agricultural advances
Creating a new type of computing that’s ‘naturally probabilistic’
Think brain is always efficient? Think again
How to reduce environmental impact of your next virtual meeting
Rewriting book on fluid mechanics of blood vessels
Tissue filler, scaffold technologies provide new options for patients with breast cancer, other diseases
A quantum internet is closer to reality, thanks to this switch
Ice frozen under Mars’ surface offers major resource to aid future settlements
Kelly Metcalf Pate to lead Division of Comparative Medicine
Scientists use Doppler to peer inside cells, leading to better, faster diagnoses and treatments of infections
Agile underwater glider could quietly survey seas
Songbirds’ reproductive success reduced by natural gas compressor noise
New Purdue, MITRE research partnership to focus on innovation
Baby food product names may not accurately reflect ingredient amounts
New mix could double concrete’s carbon uptake
Emerging robotics technology may lead to better buildings in less time
Quantum computing enables simulations to unravel mysteries of magnetic materials
5G testing center for rapid connectivity to launch at Purdue’s Discovery Park District
Scientist reflects on her passion for studying Mars’ geology, landscape
Bone treatment startup raises $5.5 M in Series A financing, names pharmaceutical leader William Boyle as CEO
‘Leaky’ noble gas behavior could provide missing link in predicting climate change
COVID pandemic can lead to better food safety, if you get right information
X-Ray Tomography Lets Researchers Watch Solid-State Batteries Charge, Discharge
Thick lithosphere casts doubt on plate tectonics in Venus’s recent past
Technology bolsters use of chia seeds to help improve health, slow signs of aging
NSF grant aiding Purdue-affiliated startup’s work to treat COVID-19, stop future viral pandemics
Scientist ready for Mars rover touchdown to begin exploring red planet
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Scale New Heights Thanks to NASA
New study ties India’s genetic diversity to language, not geography
Turbulence model could help design aircraft capable of handling extreme scenarios
NASA to Host Virtual Briefing on February Perseverance Mars Rover Landing
Turn off that camera during virtual meetings, environmental study says
Modern tomatoes can’t get same soil microbe boost as ancient ancestors
Built Environment Exacerbating COVID-19 Pandemic, Researchers Argue
New drug form may help treat osteoporosis, calcium-related disorders
NIST Awards Nearly $4 Million to Support Metals-Based Additive Manufacturing
Deforestation drove massive Amazon rainforest fires of 2019