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NutraMaize gets $650K USDA grant to scale orange corn research for poultry
Grant of $500K to Address Air-Quality Data Gap in Swine Production
Colorful Films May Help Buildings and Cars Stay Cool
Women at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Who Changed History
Engineers Use Connected Vehicles to Monitor Traffic Congestion
Purdue Researchers Uncover Tourist Attraction: Colorful Sidewalks
Purdue ViPER Group Develops Long-Life Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Purdue Engineers Create Long-Life Li-Metal Batteries
Organic Dream Achieved Through Molecular Cooperation
No Data on Dog-Human COVID Interactions Stirs Fear
Concrete Talks to Reduce Traffic Jams, Carbon Emissions
Americans Plan Frugal Use of 2023 Tax Refunds
Biologists, Engineers Uncover Petunia Cell Processes
Construction Material Makers Cut Energy, Carbon Footprint for Homes
Parents Worry Over HIV Prevention for Sexual and Gender Minority Teens
Optica Names 17 Recipients for 2023 Awards and Medals
Review: Disparity in STD Treatment Despite CDC Guidelines
Fulbright scholars take Tasmanian know-how to US
Military Aircraft Vulnerable to Hackers: Can Cyber Shuffle Stop Them?
Gov. DeSantis Appoints DeFosset to Tampa Sports Auth
Psyllium Fiber Prevents Colitis via Bile Acid Sensor: Study
Counterpropagating Modes at v=2/3 FQH Confirmed by Purdue Heterostructures
Purdue Ventures Invests in Assistive Ed Tech Co. ($250K)
Proposed Quantum Device May Realize Emergent Particles Like Fibonacci Anyon
$10M USDA Grant Funds Midwestern Seafood Production/Consumption
U.S. Dept of State Names Top Fulbright Schools
Wiley & Big Ten Academic Alliance Expand Open Access Agreement
Tossing coins to understand spheres
AI Learns to Understand Human Emotions with Help from Computer Scientist
USDA Grants $10M to Boost Eastern US Forest Resilience
Psilocybin and Mental Health: Magic in Mushrooms
Can clay capture carbon dioxide?
Research Examines Opioid Theft in Long-Term Care Facilities
Purdue Researchers Uncover Method for Generating Thermal Radiation
Engineer Discovers Method to Improve Pharmaceuticals Through Dolphin Research
New Technique for Detecting Stress in Complex Fluids
Tailoring Thickness of Conducting Materials Increases Photonic Uses
Colorado Wildfire: Study Examines Effects on Drinking Water
Research: How to apply lessons from Colorado’s costliest wildfire to drinking water systems
Purdue launches new AI-based global forest mapping project
Transistors Repurposed as Microchip ‘Clocks’ to Strengthen Supply Chain
Engineer s improve solar cell efficiency, stability
Engineer s improve solar cell efficiency, stability
Negative marital communications leave literal, figurative wounds
Marital Conflict Leaves Lasting Scars
OmniVis recognized with prestigious Most Fundable Companies designation
UNM, Purdue Create Autonomous Control Architecture for Microreactors
CGT Analysis Database Expanded w/ New Features