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Purdue’s best in Mars, planetary research
Roads need to be ‘smart.’ Here’s why
First U.S. study analyzing tooth survival after root canal in general population
Painting clearer picture of black holes
Department of Defense Selects North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University for Applied Hypersonics Research Work
Rapid Adaptation of Deep Learning Teaches Drones to Survive Any Weather
Purdue’s best in microelectronics
Affordable prosthetics and orthotics to rival world’s best devices
Advanced surface dating technique clarifies information about possible migration of early peoples to Americas
Professors Charles Nichols, PhD and Peter Hendricks, PhD Appointed Co-Editors-in-Chief of Psychedelic Medicine
What drives rechargeable battery decay? Depends on how many times you’ve charged it
How Purdue biomedical engineers innovate health care
Researchers develop patent-pending IV injection treatment for sepsis
Extracellular vesicles offer new insights into treating endocrine disorders
Edible, fluorescent silk tags can suss out fake medications
Epigenetic regulator explains why some lung cancer patients become resistant to common therapeutics
Game changer for medical testing devices
Differences between Moon’s near and far sides linked to colossal ancient impact
‘Ears’ for rover Perseverance’s exploration of Mars
Planetary scientist helps equip rover Perseverance with 4 of 5 human senses
Covid policies should vary by location to mitigate negative economic effects
How do you test for equine asthma and heart disease using remote horse slicker
Impact of Renewable Fuel Standard on biofuels production shown in study
Medicaid health plan community health workers have positive impact on care
NIST Awards Funding to Strengthen Advanced Manufacturing for Microelectronics, Digital and Biomanufacturing
Estimates of carbon cycle – vital to predicting climate change – are incorrect
Ice on Mars gives peek into red planet’s climate history
When worlds collide: Studying impact craters to uncover secrets of solar system
Lehigh U’s Vice Provost for Creative Inquiry leads special issue of ASEE Advances in Engineering Education
Mounds of ice in craters give new insight into Mars’ past climate
New and improved cherry flavor courtesy of petunia flower
Answers to faster recovery from wildfire are in water
Meaningful Standards for Auditing High-Stakes Artificial Intelligence
Two black holes orbiting one another eventually will merge
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks in Roundtable With CEOs and Governors in Support of Bipartisan Innovation Act
Night and day difference: Circadian clock may protect aging eyes
Physicists discover method for emulating nonlinear quantum electrodynamics in laboratory setting
Core aspects of climate models are sound – proof’s in plankton
Giant leap toward quantum internet realized with Bell state analyzer
Unlocking new doors to artificial intelligence
When veterinary and human sciences collaborate, cancer patients of all species benefit
Scientists designed aerodynamic configuration of Mars ascent vehicles?
Small cyberphysical watermarks could prevent huge headaches caused by fake meds
Purdue tapped as lead for Midwest research hub of new Air Force program
Bullying in school hampers skill development, healthy adulthood
Does improving sleep reduce signs of early Alzheimer’s disease?
Life sciences company GeniPhys Inc. receives $974,349 NSF SBIR Phase II grant
Women in energy and water research seminar series continues Feb. 24