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Purdue innovators moving to fast-track COVID-19 diagnostic, therapeutic solutions
Researchers leap to discover more about coronavirus
Study downgrades Arctic methane emissions thanks to soil microbes
New technologies aim to make 3D cameras easier to use
Minorities have broader view of environmental issues
Chemistry startup ready to take unique Purdue adhesive technology to market
Study: Doctors, nurses can break ‘stigma of silence’ that sexual violence survivors face
How drones can hear walls
More accurate climate change model reveals bleaker outlook on electricity, water use
Study finds signal cascade that keeps plant stem cells active
With a speaker and four microphones, drones can echolocate like bats
How do you make adhesives for electronics, vehicles, and construction tougher?
Case for economics – by numbers
Paper device could bring portable coronavirus detection, but funding bars production
Parents: Developing strategies for communication, independence is key for adolescents, relationship
Digital technology use and digital inequality could complicate teens’ lives
Stretchable, wearable coils may make MRI, other medical tests easier on patients
Support grows for technology aimed at turning bad fat to good fat, to treat millions with obesity
When bonding noble metals to 2D materials, interfaces matter
U.S. Vice President Pence’s Remarks at Michigan Farm Bureau Lansing Legislative Seminar
Turbomachine expander offers efficient, safe strategy for heating, cooling
How are microbes attracted to an oil spill?
Study: Your home’s water quality could vary by room – and season
Pancreatic cancer ‘time machine’ exposes plot twist in cell growth and invasion
New technology for pathogen detection driven by lasers
Alcoholism in family affects how your brain switches between active and resting states
DNA-like material could bring even smaller transistors
Novel techniques for mining patented gene therapies offer promising treatment options for cancers
Apps could take up less space on your phone, thanks to new ‘streaming’ software
Do some children really hear 30 million more words than others?
Researchers seek a helping paw for dog aging study
Portable device lights way to better foodborne illness detection
What brain really thinks about forever chemicals
Hybrid technique aims to produce stronger, corrosion-resistant nickel for auto, medical
Don’t blame U.S. biofuels for Indonesia and Malaysia deforestation, study shows
Coronavirus therapies slowed by intermittent nature of outbreaks
‘Mechanical breathing’ in smart windows
Light powers world’s fastest-spinning object
Edible ‘security tag’ to protect drugs from counterfeit
A technology devised to help reduce injection pain, swelling from some best-selling drugs
Recent health science news from Purdue University
Synthetic neurons project offers platform for disease treatment, further brain research
Microbubble findings could reduce chemical, water use in food processing
Scientists develop way to track salmonella infection in real time
Camouflage made of quantum material could hide you from infrared cameras
Newly discovered retinal structure may enhance vision for some birds
Site search: A digital approach to proteins and cancer
What if a bridge could prevent its own collapse in real time?