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Purdue, Peruvian scientists at nexus of food, water and energy research
World is running out of antibiotics. This researcher is working on finding a solution
One day, a plane could give you flying lessons
National effort to focus on mapping human body on cellular level
How much are you polluting your office air just by existing?
New materials to help stop lithium-ion battery fires, explosions and improve battery performance
Can herbicides cause breast cancer? Purdue and INSERM scientists discover a piece to puzzle
Map showing gene interactions could lead to new cancer therapies
Want to keep a cow happy? AI, robotics could hold answer
New technique to improve ductility of ceramic materials for missiles, engines, drinking mugs
When disease threatens animals, predators might provide remedy
‘Poor man’s qubit’ can solve quantum problems without going quantum
A case for personalized medicine in search for answers about cancer
Rare metallic asteroids might have erupted molten iron
Research suggests new approach for treating inflammation
Soldiers, athletes could have improved outcomes from traumatic brain injury through faster diagnosis
Purdue economists warn palm oil solutions may have unintended consequences
‘Google of microbes’ could provide digital data from bacteria to solve world problems
Science to reveal how long highway construction should actually take
Booking websites killed travel agents, and that’s a bad thing, tourism study says
Sticker makes nanoscale light manipulation easier to manufacture
New technology may help repel water, save lives through improved medical devices
‘A first for cancer research’: New approach to study tumors
Treat cancer with cold plasma? Purdue aerospace engineer helps bring first clinical trial
Sad truth about happiness scales
Discovery provides path to pathogen-targeted antibiotics
Expanded ion beams light new way for next-generation electronic devices, energy storage
Power of 4D technology advances care for heart patients
Invasive pests kill so many trees each year, it’s equal to 5 million car emissions
Wi-Fi ‘antenna’ provides options for rural areas
This designer clothing lets users turn on electronics while turning away bacteria
Jet ignition technology could boost efficiency and lower emissions of combustion engines
Is that avocado brown already? Genetic research could help
New technology for protein complex discovery holds promise for biotechnology and crop improvement
Acid may be key ingredient for better adhesive strength, electronic components
New software brings lower-resolution cryo-EM maps into focus
Scientists show how soybeans may get more nitrogen from atmosphere
Transforming biology to design next-generation computers, using a surprise ingredient
Device could automatically deliver drug to reverse opioid overdose
Cold, dry planets could have a lot of hurricanes
‘Cholera detection lab’ smartphone-enabled platform to be beta tested by worldwide leading hospital
New visualization technique offers alternative to heat maps to track spatial data sets
Purdue utilizes high-tech AI to improve coal-burning power plants
Infrared chemical imaging technology promises new precision cancer diagnosis
New technology targets cancer, other diseases
Aching backs could get relief from technology to improve back surgery outcomes, reduce pain
Novel X-Blockchain technology can help users share shopping, airline, other rewards
Could humans live in lava tubes on moon?