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Time to scale-up prevention over detection of skin cancers
St. Jude experimental anti-malarial drug shows promise in first clinical trial
QIMR Berghofer fast tracks vital Coronavirus research
Worldwide study unlocks genetic secrets of grey matter
QIMR Berghofer scientist named Cure Cancer Researcher of year
Global collaboration predicts nearly 200 genes that affect breast cancer risk
New genes predict glaucoma risk
QIMR Berghofer researcher appointed to help guide childhood nutrition initiative
Research focussed on improving disadvantaged children’s nutrition
Snoring is in your genes
World-leading scientist appointed QIMR Berghofer’s next Director and CEO
Scientists develop test that will help prevent glaucoma-related blindness
QIMR Berghofer’s Director and CEO prepares to bow out
Potential new cancer treatment a step closer
Study finds key risk factors for teenage suicide
QIMR Berghofer senior scientist recognised for globally influential research
How much sunshine causes melanoma? It’s in your genes
Scientists find new groups of genes that influence symptoms of depression
Lifetime achievement award for women’s cancer researcher
QIMR Berghofer scientists find new immunotherapy has promise
QIMR Berghofer researcher awarded prestigious Metcalf Prize
Researchers find new clues to what drives ADHD
Researchers find why some Parkinson’s patients develop harmful addictive behaviours
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to share benefits of genomic medicine
QIMR Berghofer researcher appointed to Stem Cell Advisory Panel
QIMR Berghofer researcher leads global response to cystic fibrosis care
Australian researchers recruit for world’s largest skin cancer study
QIMR Berghofer researchers recognised as Tall Poppies in science
Scientists discover promising new lead in Crohn’s disease
QIMR Berghofer researchers win prestigious Eureka Prize
QIMR Berghofer’s world leading research recognised with record federal funding
Far north Queensland students get to pick brains of world leading scientists
Australian researchers find 45 new genetic causes of non-melanoma skin cancers
Queensland psychiatrist to head QIMR Berghofer’s Mental Health Program
Daily coffee doesn’t affect cancer risk
Australian researchers help identify first genes linked to anorexia nervosa
New Council appointed to guide QIMR Berghofer
Being born prematurely changes sleep brain activity and could affect future brain heath
More genetic evidence of what puts people at risk of breast and other cancers
Chronic liver disease on rise in Queensland
Study finds words matter in genetics
Australian pilots not at higher risk of melanoma
Study finds being overweight is likely to cause cancer
Scientists identify new genes responsible for four serious mental illnesses
Unsealed rainwater tanks could cause localised dengue outbreaks
Blood test could help guide treatment for some breast cancer patients
Dengue mosquito is Queensland’s biggest threat for spreading Zika virus
Scientists find link between age and different subtypes of bowel cancer