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Optical wiring for large quantum computers
Quantum engines? Entanglement as fuel?
Unique testbed in Eindhoven paves way for unhackable ‘quantum internet’
Silence, please: UNSW scientists create quietest semiconductor quantum bits on record
Acosta receives New Innovator Award
Generating photons for communication in a quantum computing system
All together now: Experiments with twisted 2D materials catch electrons behaving collectively
Scientists find evidence of exotic state of matter in candidate material for quantum computers
New algorithm could unleash power of quantum computers
LIACS part of European consortium to boost industrial quantum computing
Berkeley Lab Technologies Honored With 7 R&D 100 Awards
Bridging Gap Between Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Topological Insulators
Long-range quantum interactions limit speed of information
CERN meets quantum technology
Researchers develop worlds most efficient quantum-safe and privacy-preserving blockchain protocol
Wired Up: Majorana Fermions for Quantum Computing
ANU start-up to power next generation of quantum computing
320,000 euros go to next generation in quantum science
Demo Day shows MIT entrepreneurs’ resilience
Google It: Quantum Chemistry Problem Solved
Evidence of Power: Phasing Quantum Annealers into Experiments from Nonequilibrium Physics
Spectral classification of excitons
Miyake Research Group improves quantum computing algorithms
New evidence that quantum world is even stranger than we thought
Near-Optimal Chip-Based Photon Source Developed for Quantum Computing
Government backs UK’s first quantum computer
A Molecular Approach to Quantum Computing
New theory hints at more efficient way to develop quantum algorithms
Quantum Innovations Achieved Using Alkaline-Earth Atoms
Researchers partner with national labs in DOE-funded collaborations to expand research in quantum sciences
Caltech Faculty to Advance Future Quantum Science Efforts
ORNL, partners receive $115 million to establish Quantum Science Center
Natural Radiation Can Interfere with Quantum Computers
Princeton plays major role in new $115 million quantum science center
New $115 Million Quantum Systems Accelerator to Pioneer Quantum Technologies for Discovery Science
Researchers on a Path to Build Powerful and Practical Quantum Computer
Study enables predicting computational power of early quantum computers
AI automatic tuning to deliver step forward in quantum computing
New quantum paradox reveals contradiction between widely-held beliefs
First ever observation of “time crystals” interacting
MIT researchers lead high school educational initiative on quantum computing
Researchers collaborate on new national quantum centers
Shrinking deep learning’s carbon footprint
Physicists count sound particles with quantum microphone
Can a quantum strategy help bring down house?
UNM’s CQuIC to collaborate with CU-Boulder as part of NSF’s Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes
“Giant atoms” enable quantum processing and communication in one
‘Quantum negativity’ can power ultra-precise measurements