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Emulating impossible ‘unipolar’ laser pulses paves way for processing quantum information
$5 million from Boeing will support UCLA quantum science and technology research
Going gentle on mechanical quantum systems
Quantum systems and flight of bee
Quantum one-way street in topological insulator nanowires
Visiting researchers
Scientists discovers new properties of magnetism that could change our computers
In balance: Quantum computing needs right combination of order and disorder
Quantum computing needs right combination of order and disorder
It takes three to tangle: long-range quantum entanglement needs three-way interaction
Quantum network solutions, by ground and by air
Collaborators from Harvard University and QuEra Computing observe quantum speed-up in optimization problems
Quest for an ideal quantum bit
Building better quantum bit: New qubit breakthrough could transform quantum computing
Neon ice shows promise as new qubit platform
Background Press Call by Senior Administration Officials on President’s New Directives to Advance Quantum Technology
President Biden Announces Two Presidential Directives Advancing Quantum Technologies
‘beyond-quantum’ equivalence principle for superposition and entanglement
New method may help clear hurdle to large-scale quantum computing
Two ERC Advanced Grants for Scientists of KIT
Quantum New Mexico Symposium highlights QIS efforts across state
Researchers awarded three ERC Advanced Grants
Direct printing of nanodiamonds at quantum level HKU Engineering makes breakthrough in quantum device manufacturing
Scientists turn hydrogen molecule into quantum sensor
New hardware integrates mechanical devices into quantum tech
UW-Madison, industry partners run quantum algorithm on neutral atom quantum computer for first time
Lasers trigger magnetism in atomically thin quantum materials
Towards relevant quantum computers
New horizons in quantum physics
Lab creates superfluid circuit using fermions to study electron behavior
Ancient Namibian stone holds key to future quantum computers
Simulating Quantum Future
It’s World Quantum Day: Here’s why you should care
Quantum in Classroom
Team simulates collider physics on quantum computer
Researchers find ‘knob’ to control magnetic behavior in quantum material
Researchers Generate High-Quality Quantum Light with Modular Waveguide Device
Including everyone at table
Quantum computing and deep learning could help solve mysteries of quantum gravity
Mims Davies MP learns about quantum leaps being made at University of Sussex
Princeton discovery in quantum computing shows promise for silicon ‘qubits’
In race to build quantum computing hardware, silicon begins to shine
Bringing together next generation of quantum coders
Could quantum technology be New Mexico’s next economic boon?
NYU Physicist to Lead Project that Aims to Enhance Quantum Computing
Missing building block for quantum optimization developed
Quantum optics offers topological matter even more protection
Quantum sensors: Measuring even more precisely