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New technique to study molecules and materials on quantum simulator discovered
New ORNL software improves neutron spectroscopy data resolution
Los Alamos National Laboratory joins IBM Q Network to explore quantum computing algorithms
Device splits and recombines superconducting electron pairs
A New Playbook for Interference
Superconductivity Theory Under Attack
Frontiers of quantum computing and sensing: 10 Sci & Tech questions
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How America Achieved “Quantum Supremacy”
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Controlling superconducting regions within an exotic metal
CMU Shines at Grace Hopper 2019
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Uncovering hidden “noise” that can kill qubits
‘Quantum annealer’ shows promise in study
“Qutrit”: Complex quantum teleportation achieved for first time
Physicists set new record with entanglement of atomic Schrödinger cat states of up to 20 superconducting qubits
Researchers design a light-trapping, color-converting crystal
Striped Glow Sticks: Heterostructure crystals could light way to optical circuits
Light in nanoworld
Quantum computers to clarify connection between quantum and classical worlds
Researchers at Forschungszentrum Jülich develop novel process for structuring quantum materials
Research reveals exotic quantum states in double-layer graphene