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Live quantum computer news and developments with the latest updates. Check out current quantum computer news stories and find out what happened, what is going on with quantum computer. Recent news updates about quantum computer
Quantum ethics project awarded DFAT grant
Tremendous Boost for Quantum Research in Amsterdam Ecosystem
Four UvA researchers receive NWO-Vici grants worth 1.5 million euros
Grant running into millions for research into ultrathin materials
1.4 billion for Growth Fund projects involving TU Eindhoven
615 million euros for quantum research
Search for strange Skyrmion phenomenon fails but finds even stranger magnetic beaded necklace with computer memory storage
Optical Fiber Could Boost Power of Superconducting Quantum Computers
“6G will be human-focused”
World’s first room-temp quantum computer set for release
Novel thermometer can accelerate quantum computer development
Solving ‘barren plateaus’ is key to quantum machine learning
Artificial intelligence meets quantum physics
Research finds surprising electron interaction in ‘magic-angle’ graphene
FSU researchers enhance quantum machine learning algorithms
Sweden’s quantum computer project shifts up a gear
Duke Technology Powers First Pure-Play Quantum Computing Company to Wall Street
Creating a new type of computing that’s ‘naturally probabilistic’
New funding could help Alberta scientists unlock quantum internet
A quantum internet is closer to reality, thanks to this switch
Quantum Shuttle to Quantum Processor Made in Germany Launched
Interview: Reaching quantum speed limit
A speed limit also applies in quantum world
Lack of symmetry in qubits can’t fix errors in quantum computing, but might explain matter/antimatter imbalance
Researchers create ‘beautiful marriage’ of quantum enemies
Atomic nuclei in quantum swing
IBM’s Quantum computer links two quantum revolutions
Topological insulators could offer a way to harness exotic particles for quantum computing
Quantum collaboration gives new gravity to mysteries of Universe
Technologies for More Powerful Quantum Computers
Light used to detect quantum information stored in 100,000 nuclear quantum bits
Applying Quantum Computing to a Particle Process
CLEO 2021 to Engage Global Audience with All-Virtual Format
Nanowire could provide a stable, easy-to-make superconducting transistor
Quantum effects help minimise communication flaws
University of Exeter partnership develops novel algorithms with power to transform use of quantum computers
Quantum computing enables simulations to unravel mysteries of magnetic materials
How universities will contribute to major events of 2021
Beyond qubits: next big step to scale up quantum computing
With superconducting qubits on way to quantum computer
It’s Elemental: Ultra-trace Detector Tests Gold Purity
How quantum is it? University of Toronto physicist Aaron Goldberg may have answer
Hyperchaos possibilities for modelling complex quantum systems
46 mio. kr. for seven young researchers
New Property Discovered at “Magic Angle”
Future of mathematics on global stage looks brighter thanks to £20 million funding boost
Transforming quantum computing’s promise into practice
Highly endowed EU grants for research at TUM