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New study shows light-to-moderate coffee consumption is associated with health-benefits
New drug combination for aggressive breast cancer could save thousands of lives
New study pinpoints bumblebee genes that help them adapt to environmental changes
Business Secretary appoints new non-executive directors to board of Financial Reporting Council
External Panel to Follow Up Work on IMF’s Institutional Safeguards
Research suggests more sensitive people respond better to couple’s therapy
New Queen Mary research project aims to advance early cancer diagnosis in Africa
Comparing preprints and their finalized publications during pandemic
£100m funding for UK wide cancer research network
Scientists develop Covid testing lab in backpack
Researchers develop Covid testing lab in backpack
1 in 4 Chilled Sliced Meats Sold in UK are Saltier than Atlantic Seawater, according to new data
New discovery reveals how targeting healthy cells could help develop treatments for pancreatic cancer
Optimising treatments for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease could save lives, according to researchers
Eminent materials scientist joins Queen Mary
DNA from air could revolutionize way we measure animal biodiversity, say scientists
Graphene could replace rare metal used in mobile phone screens
Modern mammals originated after dinosaur extinction, confirms new study
Risk factors for heart disease change heart structure and appearance
Research shows psychological impact of pandemic on UK nursing and midwifery workforce
Research reveals psychological impact of pandemic on UK nursing and midwifery workforce
Scientists create stable materials for more efficient solar cells
New insights into impact of immune-suppressing treatments on Covid vaccine effectiveness
New insights into impact of multiple sclerosis treatments on Covid vaccine effectiveness
Queen Mary academic wins American Association of Geographers’ Creativity Award
Queen Mary’s Clinical Effectiveness Group receives funding to tackle falling pre-school immunisation rates
New online training platform builds global expertise in trauma research
Queen Mary climbs 47 places in sustainability league table
Environment Agency encourages community sports clubs to become sustainable
Dame Colette Bowe reappointed to Financial Policy Committee
Queen Mary academic wins major prize for Black British playwriting
More diversity improves genetic research into cardiovascular disease, according to new study
Molecule found in seafood plays role in protecting and improving cognitive function, researchers find
Burrowing critters increase risk of levee failure
Joint Queen Mary-National Polytechnic Institute ‘SAPIENS’ workshop focuses on smart air pollution forecasting system
Immune imprinting causes varied patterns of protection against Covid variants
Queen Mary academics secure major funding from National Institute for Health Research
Queen Mary academic wins best business book proposal prize
World Aids Day – Improving lives of everyone affected by HIV
Reducing sodium and increasing potassium may lower risk of strokes and heart disease
New book explores key issues around intellectual property rights
£1.6m study aims to understand why Covid vaccines can lead to rare instances of blood clotting with low platelets
New £11.6 million PhD Programme for health research in underrepresented populations
Forensic Sciences Research Volume 6, Issue 3 publishes
Scientists discover gut bacteria that improve memory in bees
Key step in how bacteria acquire drug resistance revealed
Researchers discover gut bacteria that improve memory in bees
Building inclusion through flexible and resilient education systems