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Smoke-free city now even more inviting
Smokers support Smokefree 2025 goal and measures to help achieve it
Tailored support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander fathers to quit smoking and improve family health
Smokers good at math are more likely to want to quit
RACGP welcomes regulator’s stance on e-cigarettes
New e-cigarette liquid laws will keep Australians safe
AMA supports Australian Government’s stance on e-cigarettes and vaping
UConn Health Doctor: COVID-19 Directly Targets Cardiovascular System
Study finds evidence that loneliness makes it harder to quit smoking
New mum saves $32,000 on cigarettes since appearing in 2017 Make Smoking History campaign
RACGP welcomes decision on “heat not burn” tobacco
Cancer Council encourages Australians to quit for COVID
Minister of Health announces funding for projects to help Canadians stop tobacco use
One in three smokers lighting up more during COVID-19 lockdown: new survey
Four times as many people trying to quit smoking during COVID-19
World No Tobacco Day exposes tactics to create new generation of smokers
A few months of vaping puts healthy people on brink of oral disease
KPMG report shows tobacco tax is too high
World No Tobacco Day 2020
RACGP’s strong anti-tobacco advocacy work recognised
What is real culprit of smoking-inducing COPD?
SAVE DATE – Bowel Cancer Awareness Month 2020
Study finds overwhelming support for smoke-free policies among L.A. tenants, landlords
Covid-19 changes to NHS services may lead to worsening health inequalities
New resource offers support to help smokers to quit
UniSA research uncovers treatment combo that sees smokers six times more likely to stop smoking and stay smoke-free
Holistic approach best for tackling nonmedical drug use, study finds
Leading WA physicians and public health experts urging smokers to quit during COVID
Abnormal Stem Cells Underlie COPD’s Persistence
Smokers encouraged to Quit to protect themselves against COVID-19
Kids or teen smokers are less likely to kick habit as adults
Quitline providing critical support to smokers at increased risk of coronavirus impacts
Six ways home-based cardiac rehab keeps patients safe, healthy during COVID-19
Cancer Council WA offers $5000 quit smoking aids to homeless hotel guests
Effective options for quitting smoking during Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
Novel coronavirus at Mildura
Community information relating to coronavirus
False fears preventing smokers from using e-cigarettes to quit
Research suggests adults, not just teens, like electronic cigarette flavors
Designing a smoking cessation intervention
Government to regulate vaping
Elder-friendly care after emergency surgery dramatically improves outcomes for older patients: study
Sights on fixing problem smoking