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Australian universities and industry working together to solve global challenges
Canada highlights support for innovative and early-stage small and medium-sized businesses in British Columbia
To advance equitable and effective conservation, OECMs should be key policy tool
Hot and dry Jupiter: SPIRou reveals atmosphere of exoplanet Tau Boötis b
Helping new mums sleep better without medication
Balancing nitrogen for sunflowers
$5m grant to turbocharge aquaculture research in north
Do search engines influence you more than you think?
Growing evidence suggests Russia’s Sputnik V COVID vaccine is safe and very effective
An invisible polluter: SFU researchers investigate growing carbon footprint of streaming media
Premature birth associated with “profound reduction” in brain connections, say researchers
Role of Aboriginal English in Indigenous health communication
Researchers receive more than $13m in Health Research Council funding
Government backs critical health research
Researchers explore concept of empathy in everyday life
Eating for hunger or pleasure involves regulating different brain circuits
Virtual contact in pandemic prompts over 60s’ loneliness
Lancaster University part of major research consortium on violence, health and society
Exeter part of research to improve adolescent mental health with £5.3 million award
New study explores how air pollution in indoor spaces affects human health
King’s to partner on new Consortium to reduce harmful consequences of violence
Research aims to unlock secrets of magma transport below ocean floor
Curious Kids: are sugar rushes real?
Virtual contact in pandemic prompts over 60s’ misery
Funding for new training centre for optimal ageing
Harnessing oceans for energy
Maths-based marine management project wins £1.5m funding
ARC funding announcement
Frequency of incorrectly attributed paternity is lower than previously thought
Blushing plants reveal when fungi are growing in their roots
Study to investigate how air pollution in indoor spaces affects health
£2.5 million for Exeter research to understand links between overlapping long-term conditions
Economists pinpoint UK local authorities in greatest need of support post-Covid-19 – new research
Silicon with two-dimensional structure
Young people share tips for coping with anger
Scientists reverse age-related memory loss in mice
Adolescents bombarded with junk food marketing on social media
Multi-million project will shape future of sustainable aviation
Synthetic diamond and AI research at Warwick to shine in new industry partnership
‘An entourage effect’: new clues on how low-dose CBD products work
Llama ‘nanobodies’ could hold key to preventing deadly post-transplant infection
3D imaging reveals neural ‘vicious cycle’ in fatty liver disease
ANU centre to turbo-charge crop production
Scientists set their sights on new catalyst technology to help achieve net zero
Arts Institute Film Commission 2021
Cell couriers deliver clue to cancer metastasis
BAS Shortlisted for British Construction Industry Awards