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Flip flops not as bad for feet as previously thought – new research
Improving farm productivity in UK and Canada apply for funding
New research could reduce risk of sudden cardiac death
Annual public ILS Lecture: Jurisdiction and Territorialisation of Extraterritorial
B cells linked to effective cancer immunotherapy
Animals should use short, fast movements to avoid being located
Researchers identify new genetic link to schizophrenia
A statement by Tri-agency and CFI Presidents in response to crash of Flight PS752
Protein supplement could help weight loss after exercise
Researchers create ‘artificial cartilage’ that can repair itself
A molecular map of brain’s decision-making area
Focus on teenage anxiety may help early identification of those at risk of eating disorders
Degraded soils mean tropical forests may never fully recover from logging
Researchers discover when it’s good to get blues
CNSC amends Saskatchewan Research Council’s non-power reactor operating licence
Electrons Caught Flowing like Water for First Time
Could lost photoreceptors be restored?
One in three Australian adults has untreated tooth decay
Between Arousal and Inhibition
Suzuki Kohei receives grant from Swedish Research Council
Dr Renuka Shanmugalingam awarded at APCH2019
$5 million investment for international research to prevent cancer
Informing better policies for an aging population
Limiting alcohol could prevent almost 30,000 cancer cases
Giving newborns with underdeveloped lungs a fighting chance
Greens move to depoliticise research funding
Eight million for animal welfare and vertical agriculture
New antitumoral drug release strategy created for breast cancer treatment
Scientists discover body’s protection shield
Depressed MS-patients suffer debilitating symptoms earlier
Honour for Sêr Cymru lecturer
Genetic variants for autism linked to higher rates of self-harm and childhood maltreatment
Dementia research must include CALD Australians
Adelaide media call 11 am. Should Australia allow mitochondrial donation?
Energy Flow in Nano Range
Academic researchers seeking constipated people for study
Spinoza Prize for teams too now
Scientists link hormone production in baby wallabies to how some human girls are born with genitalia that appear more male…
Weight-loss surgery cuts risk of major birth defects
Cell family trees tracked to discover their role in tissue scarring and liver disease
Low intelligence linked to suicide risk later in life
Dstl Demonstrates Diversity of Research Programme to UKRI
Hardship could harm children’s language skills
Mechanisms of real-time speech interpretation in human brain revealed
A portrait of Professor Mart Saarma was unveiled in Viikki
Keeping crunch in low-fat chips
3D super-resolution helping scientists take a closer look
Jurassic crocodile identified in fossil study