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Wiley and Turkey Sign Historic Open Access Deal
Risk of Obesity May be Inherited from Mothers to Daughters
Parental Depression in Infancy Linked to Emotional Difficulties in Teens
Netherlands Leverages Automated Detection of Drug Samples’ Chemicals
Austrian Research Association Honors Wolfgang Lutz with Science Prize
Exotic Pet Owners Surveyed on Motivations, Concerns for Conservation
QUT research shows bushfire safe rooms may save lives
Penn State Researchers Lead AGU’s Natural Hazards Section
Mystery Parrot Has Poor Vision but Good Hearing
Life-long environment for discovery and impact
Chernobyl: Worst Nuclear Disaster Now Sheds Light on Earth’s History
Scientists open door to manipulating ‘quantum light’
World Must Cut Emissions & Adapt to Climate Change: IPCC
Durham awarded £1.25m to accelerate social science impact
Scientists Manipulate Quantum Light
Obesity Linked to Low Immune Response in Covid Cases
Lights to Guide Surgery: Tumours Illuminated for Precision
Immune Response Linked to COVID-19 Severity, Obesity Factor
Lighting Tumors May Aid Surgeons in Removal: Study
Māori, Pacific Patients Priority for Diabetes Drugs: Was it Justified?
Weight Loss Without Side-Effects: Certain Foods Can Make You Feel Full
Chemicals in Everyday Products Linked to Reduced Fertility
Genetics of Night Owls Protects Night Shift Workers from Sleep Loss
Orkney cancer gene link revealed
Early Weaning Could Reduce Peanut Allergy Rates by 77%
Swedish Footballers at Higher Risk of Dementia
Blue-green algae Report 17 March
UN Climate Report: What to Know About IPCC
Vaping Products: Calls for Ban on Direct Sales
Butterfly Flaps Predict El Niño: Autumn Not Ideal Time
ChatGPT and Dr Google Answer Questions about Cancer
High School Teacher Sparks Groundbreaking Research, Career
Queen Mary Honours Vaccine Scientist with Doctor of Science Award
Canada Invests $38.3M in Brain Health Research
Underwater Giant Waves Impact Ocean Carbon Storage
Offshore Petroleum Workers at Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Preterm babies do not habituate to repeated pain
Giant Waves Impact Ocean Carbon Storage
Preterm Babies Unresponsive to Repeated Pain
MRC Prize for Improving Relevance of Clinical Trials
Climate change concern reduces support for gas
Impact Prize for Improving Clinical Trial Relevance
New rapid ‘glow-in-the-dark’ test for infectious diseases
Scientists Closer to Targeted Real-Time Hypoxic Cancer Treatment
Giant Eagle of Australia Extinct: Could Snatch Koalas from Trees
Researcher Selected for Global Women in STEMM Leadership Program
Brain white matter declines for years after stroke
Cancer care and lessons learned from pandemic