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Researchers to help unlock potential of marine wave energy
Artificial intelligence could be used to triage patients suspected at risk of early stage oesophageal cancer
Researchers unveil new time machine technique to measure cells
Canada invests in laboratories to support science and research in Canada
Cellular “hotspots” in brain may signify earliest signs of cancer
Donors key to discovery of potential new combination therapy for leukaemia
Revolutionary digital system transforms contemporary stage design
3 mRNA vaccines researchers are working on
Researchers Identify Potential Targets for Novel Treatments for Lung Cancer
UBCO research shows a mother’s fat intake can impact infant infectious disease outcomes
Wiley and Crue-CSIC Alliance Sign Transitional Agreement to Advance Open Access in Spain
Vici-grant for Wageningen research on poverty reduction
Bigger brains helped squirrels move up in world
Diverse pollinators improve canola production
Researchers modelling full impact of pandemic restrictions to prepare for next public health crisis
Australian Child Maltreatment Study to identify prevalence of child abuse and its health impacts
Megafauna extinction mystery – size isn’t everything
More kids are being diagnosed with ADHD for borderline (yet challenging) behaviours
Following atoms in real time could lead to better materials design
Asthma drug budesonide shortens recovery time in non-hospitalised patients with COVID-19
New study showing how brain retrieves facts and personal experiences may help people with memory disorders
Technique allows mapping of epigenetic information in single cells at scale
Research into new sensors to monitor drugs, speed up cancer detection and measure climate change impact
Cyclone Seroja last night demolished parts of WA – and our warming world will bring more of same
SFU to lead new national infectious disease modeling network
Canada Supports Innovation for Compostable Bioplastic
Glass injection molding
New Discovery Reveals Early Dispersal of Neolithic Domesticated Sheep into Heart of Central Asia
Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre Milestone announcement
Researchers discover seaweed molecules can help heal wounds
Discovery could help lengthen lifespan of electronic devices
Bone tools found in arid landscape among oldest in Australia
Research gives new insight into formation of human embryo
New national study of long-term impacts of debilitating lung damage from COVID-19
Antiparasitic drug could prevent Covid-19 lung damage
New national study of long-term impacts of lung damage from COVID-19
Southampton joins national study of long-term impacts of debilitating lung damage from COVID-19
Breeding barley for a changing climate
Supporting conversion therapy survivors
New Chair of Australian Antarctic Science Council 7 April 2021
How baked bat guano helped archaeologists understand our ancient past
Funding drives research into treating people with ADHD and cardiometabolic diseases
QUT awarded grants for renewable feedstock and viticulture research
Half of global methane emissions come from aquatic ecosystems – much of this is human-made
When Beads Line Up
Making cleaner, greener plastics from waste fish parts
Study reveals uncertainty in how much carbon ocean absorbs over time
Floodplains aren’t separate to a river – they’re an extension of it