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Scientists Uncover Protein Synthesis in Giardia Parasite
Switch Offers Easier RNA Therapy Programming
Ribosomes enable heart to switch between maintenance and energy-boost mode
Tracking Cellular Proteins with Snapshot Translation Data
Translation Snapshots Could Uncover Cellular Protein Mysteries
Aging Mouse’s Peripheral Blood Examined at Single-Cell Level
PolyQ-Binding Protein 5 Structures Nucleolus: Be Mindful
Risky Amino Acids Halt Protein Synthesis
Lost Amino Acids Block Protein Synthesis: Risky Translation
Ribosomes ‘Scan’ DNA for AUG Codons
How cell’s mitochondria make their own protein factories
Researchers reveal unexpected gene in transparent worms
New approach for studying ribosome function
Gene activity in test tube
Commander in cell’s production room
Scientists discovered intracellular regulatory mechanism of TGF-β
Phase Separation of Ddx3xb Helicase Regulates Maternal-to-zygotic Transition in Zebrafish
Unique insight into inner workings of our cellular powerplants
Cryogenic electron microscopy finds drug targets against common fungus
Researchers find another layer to code of life
New model for antibacterial mechanism
Journey through history of protein synthesis
New Imaging Technique Could Lead to Better Treatment of Cancers, Viral Infections
Study supports distant relationship between Archaea and Bacteria in tree of life
Genome-wide screen for human 60S biogenesis factors reveals role of polyamine metabolism
Carter Awarded $1.5 million for Origin of Life Research
Role of ribosomes in age-related diseases
Study describes how cellular protein factories may contribute to aging and age-related diseases
Researchers track lifespan and myriad functions of mRNA
$2M grant will fund Penn State research studies on preventing muscle wasting
Tumour cells create ribosome reservoirs that allow them to survive under adverse conditions
Molecular hijacking: Cancer gene re-programs ‘protein factories’ to stimulate cell growth
Researchers Examine How Viral RNA Changes Shape to Hijack Host Cells
New ribosome-targeting antibiotic acts against antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Multi-enzyme platform is developed for sequence-unlimited traceless protein synthesis
Proteins of Covid
Fixing protein production errors lengthens lifespan
Study reveals how ribosomes are assembled in human cells
Proteins can help each other bind to DNA
Silent Prophets
Researchers discover interior organization of nucleolus
Long-term memory setup requires reliable delivery crew
Microbes metabolizing toxic substances were found in burning coal seams of Kuzbass
Can antibiotics treat human diseases in addition to bacterial infections?
Zaher wins NIH grant
Ion transporters in chloroplasts affect efficacy of photosynthesis
Achilles heel of Coronavirus
Molecular biologists travel back in time 3 billion years