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Covid: CBSA resumes services at most small vessel reporting sites
Big winter of works for regional Victoria
Big Winter Of Works Across Regional Victoria
More state oversight needed to improve end-of-life care for assisted living residents
Bill Signed: S. 270
Light field-fast computing
Laser bursts drive extremely fast logic gates
ASTRO issues clinical guideline on radiation therapy for brain metastases
Daily steroids safe and slows progression of duchenne muscular dystrophy
Seashell-inspired Sandia shield protects materials in hostile environments
How can we be sure machine learning is accurate?
Mayo researchers use AI to detect weak heart pump via patients’ Apple Watch ECGs
Research finds AI-enabled ECGs may identify patients at greater risk of stroke, cognitive decline
2023 kinder registrations now open
Researchers update measurement ratios key for inertial confinement fusion experiments
Research reveals risk of psychotic-like experiences can start in childhood
May State Budget must deliver regional Victoria our fair share
Tech designed to aid visually impaired could benefit from human-AI collaboration
Providing hands-on photonics education across Massachusetts
Deliberative engagement for our communities
Draft Budget now open for comment
Campaign strives for less harm on farms
Youth leadership and development: Campaspe Shire
‘cautionary tale’ about location tracking
VICSES Gears Up To Keep Us Safe This Easter
New Hope for Predicting and Treating Heart Failure in Babies Born with Deadly Heart Defect
Remdesivir dominated hospital drug spending in 2021
Surf club rides winter waves on Lake Ontario
Research suggests brain processes smell both like painting and symphony
Remarks by President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden at Commissioning Commemoration Ceremony of USS Delaware
Research reveals survival rate improvement for extremely pre-term infants
Role identifier badges can assist patients, reduce perceptions of bias
NIH begins clinical trial evaluating second Covid booster shots in adults
Appointment of Bishop of Rochester 31 March 2022
Emory part of variant-targeted Covid booster vaccine study
Anti-inflammatories show promise for treating late-pregnancy complication
Amitav Ghosh: geopolitics are key to understanding climate crisis
New director of Susan B. Anthony Institute reflects on her background and plans
Can Artificial Intelligence Reveal Why Languages Change Over Time?
Oregon State receives $5.6M to study protein engineering, key tool in fighting disease
Optica Congratulates Tom Brown as new Director of Institute of Optics, University of Rochester
Thomas Ferbel remembered as inspiring mentor and distinguished particle physicist
Changyong Rhee to Retire as Director of IMFs Asia and Pacific Department
Large moons may be clue for habitable planets
Breakthrough hospitalizations ‘extremely uncommon’ after Covid immunity, Mayo study finds
On icy moon Enceladus, expansion cracks let inner ocean boil out
Scientists use ultrasound to predict ovarian cancer
Antabuse may help revive vision in people with progressive blinding disorders