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2050: Groundbreaking Study Reveals Europe’s Pesticide-Free Ag
Von der Leyen, Michel Address European Council Meeting Outcome
UK Backs Romania and Black Sea Region
COVID-19 linked to increased risk to develop gastrointestinal disorders
Data Integration Improves Heart Disease Research
GMP Clearance: Additional countries added to MRA pathway
European Commission Launches Pilot Project with Romania
Nanoparticles Can Now Be Controlled for Twist Degree
U.S. & Romania Hold 8th Strategic Dialogue Round
Using geometry to fight fires and cure blood disease
Gender Bias Persists Over Centuries: Study
NATO Allies Show Readiness in Major Exercises
Avian influenza viruses could spawn next human pandemic
EU and Sweden to host donor conference for Turkey and Syria
NATO Donates Buses to Jordanian Women’s Training Center
Blinken speaks with Romanian FM Aurescu
Implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments 7 March
PPPL Experiment Observes Solar Flare Process Directly
Disjointed EU PLACI Roll Out Risks Customs Clearance Delays
World’s First Horse Riders
Intl Center for Prosecution of Crimes of Aggression against Ukraine established
First Horse Riders Discovered in Ancient World
EU4Energy Forum: IEA Discusses Energy Security, Ukraine & Moldova Lessons
CEO: 2.6M Drivers Gone After Workforce Reduction
Liver Cirrhosis Tied to Lower Vaccine Response, Not Efficacy
Recognising innovative and impactful urban agriculture projects
Council Members of Community of Democracies Affirm Support for Ukraine
Statement by OECD Secretary-General on Ukraine
Biden Meets With NATO Allies on Eastern Flank: White House
NATO SG Praises US, B9 Leaders for Ukraine Support
NATO Airstrikes Aid Turkey Earthquake Relief
Security Council: Ukraine 22 February
Pres. Biden, Pres. Duda Meet, Joint Remarks Made
Ukraine Gets US Aid for Justice, Accountability
UN Calls for $5.6B to Aid Conflict-Ravaged Ukraine
16 Allies Launch Largest Space Project in NATO History
UN Urges US$5.6B for Ukraine War Victims
Unthinkable Risk: Sea Level Rise Threatens Planet, UN Warns
NATO to Support Ukraine Ahead of Russia Invasion Anniversary
Supreme Court Election: Joint Statement Released
Four Nations Name Squads for Cup of Nations
Moldova’s Journey to Safety: Long and Winding Road
Brown Bears Pose Risk to Romania’s Livestock: Study
Planting Trees Could Cut City Heat Deaths by 33%, Study Finds
‘Summit in Reykjavik urged to bring values into action.’
John Perlin to Show Link Between Civilization & Forests at UCSB
EU Consumers Outsource Environmental Damage to East Europe
Romania’s Progress in Anti-Corruption Efforts Evaluated by GRECO