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Eta Aquariids meteor shower is set to light up skies
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Venus and Jupiter to get hearts racing with celestial “kiss”
Instability at beginning of solar system
Backyard astronomers win recognition from professionals
4 billion-year-old relic from early solar system heading our way
Research finds unexpected changes in atmospheric temperatures
How do planets form? A ‘baby Jupiter’ hundreds of light-years away offers new clues
On icy moon Enceladus, expansion cracks let inner ocean boil out
Researchers provide new insight into sustainable investing
Astronomers identify real-life Tatooine using new method
Why our next visit to giant planets will be so important
Why is sky blue?
Planetary bodies observed in habitable zone of dead star
Antarctica as testing site ahead of mission to icy moons
Saturn’s high-altitude winds generate an extraordinary aurorae
A rogue rocket is on course to crash into Moon
Jupiter-like planet discovered through TESS and citizen scientist collaboration
Organic Materials in Martian Meteorite Formed by Interactions Between Water and Rock
Martian meteorite’s organic materials origin not biological, formed by geochemical interactions between water and rock
Astronomers find evidence for second supermoon beyond our solar system
Oxygen ions in Jupiter’s innermost radiation belts
Earth isn’t ‘super’ because sun had rings before planets
Astroonomers anticipate launch of James Webb Space Telescope
2021: Year in Review
Cracking mystery of nitrogen ice dynamics on Pluto
Research finds that giant planets could reach “maturity” much earlier than previously thought
Exoplanet Bonanza
Astroonomers discover more than 300 possible new exoplanets
Humans didn’t invent mathematics, it’s what world is made of
Tonight’s ‘eclipse moonrise’ will put on a special twilight show for most of Australia
Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Measured in Depth for First Time
Dead star and exoplanet show aftermath of star’s self-destruction
Astronomers May Have Discovered First Planet Outside of Our Galaxy
Crystal ball into our solar system’s future
To watch comet form, spacecraft could tag along for journey toward sun
New measurement method promises spectacular insights into interior of planets
Space week: Swinburne picks for movies and TV
‘Planet confusion’ could slow Earthlike exoplanet exploration
‘Planet confusion’ could slow Earth-like exoplanet exploration
Earth and Venus grew up as rambunctious planets