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Hot and dry Jupiter: SPIRou reveals atmosphere of exoplanet Tau Boötis b
Jupiter’s Super Polar Cyclones are Here to Stay
Mystery of what causes Jupiter’s X-ray auroras is solved
Icequakes likely rumble along geyser-spitting fractures in Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus
Methane in plumes of Saturn’s moon Enceladus: Possible signs of life?
Liquid water on exomoons of free-floating planets
Key to Carbon-Free Cars? Look to Stars
Rochester laser experiments demonstrate ‘helium rain’ likely falls in solar system
Research sheds light on origins, age of massive impact crater
Imperial instrument ready to head to Jupiter after challenging lockdown build
Experiments validate possibility of helium rain inside Jupiter and Saturn
Giant Planets Found in Stellar Suburbs
Scientists find molecular patterns that may help identify extraterrestrial life
In emptiness of space, Voyager 1 detects plasma ‘hum’
In emptiness of space, Voyager I detects plasma ‘hum’
Johns Hopkins Scientists Model Saturn’s Interior
Meteor shower to light up sky
Artificial Intelligence for Space
First transiting exoplanet’s ‘chemical fingerprint’ reveals its distant birthplace
Alien raindrops surprisingly like rain on Earth
After landing Mars rover, Mohan ’04 reflects on time at Cornell
After landing Mars rover, Swati Mohan ’04 reflects on time at Cornell
After navigating Mars rover, Swati Mohan ’04 reflects on time at Cornell
When Volcanoes Go Metal
New method for finding Earth-like planets
Astronomers see star with dust disk that is being fed
Mars rover Perseverance will look for signs of life backed by University of Southern California research
Potential for life in lakes isolated beneath Antarctic ice
Lakes isolated beneath Antarctic ice could be more amenable to life than thought
Perseverance rover, powered by ORNL technology, to touch down on Mars
An art lover dreams of space
7 rocky planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1 may be made of similar stuff
TRAPPIST-1’s 7 Rocky Planets May Be Made of Similar Stuff
How our planets were formed
Astronomers estimate Titan’s largest sea is 1,000-feet deep
Puff’ planet like no other
NASA Conducts Test of SLS Rocket Core Stage for Artemis I Moon Mission
Recurring ‘Weather World’ segment takes viewers to space, beyond
Jupiter and Saturn to converge in rare spectacle over Perth skies
December events at Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory
Scientists discover new way to measure turbulence of large planets and exoplanets
Christmas week: Worlds will align for spectacular heavenly sight
Christmas week: Worlds will align for spectacular heavenly sight
Texting drivers willing to put others at risk
PORT officers nab learner driver
Colac truck impound
No need for speed in Plenty and Bundoora
Drug driver clocked at 177km/h in Winchelsea