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Researchers Discover Second Type of Schizophrenia
Global group to investigate links between rare genomic disorders and psychiatric conditions
Five clearly defined patterns
Study finds empathy can be detected in people whose brains are at rest
Unraveling mechanisms of ventricular enlargement linked to schizophrenia
Schizophrenia genetics analyzed in South African Xhosa
Study uses eye movement test to confirm brain-ageing effects
Impact of meth use depends on your genes
Prescribers be aware of fatal risks of methadone and clozapine
Model helps explain how our sense of agency arises
Researchers develop way to help brain organoids thrive
Changing antipsychotics – how to choose best treatment
Neurobiological mechanisms behind schizophrenia may depend on gender
Genes underscore five psychiatric disorders
Scientists map our underappreciated ‘little brain’
Western University develops first-of-its-kind task-based map of human cerebellum
New Zealanders involved in global study showing genetic predisposition for anorexia
Rate of drug-induced deaths on rise, new report finds
Study finds psychiatric diagnosis to be ‘scientifically meaningless’
Determined DNA hunt reveals exciting new schizophrenia clue
Why can we see moving objects against their backgrounds?
Monash launches mental health institute
Boosting amino acid derivative may be a treatment for schizophrenia
Georgia State Researcher Receives $4 Million Grant To Use Brain Imaging, Genomic Data To Better Predict Mental Health Disorders
UConn’s Alcohol Research Center Continues Unprecedented Run
Fact and Fiction About CBD Oil
Mental health leader and women’s advocate recognised with Queen’s Birthday Honour
Where to draw line between mental health and illness?
Psychotropic medicines and hip fractures
Mentally ill at risk of dangerous pregnancy complication
New approach to ‘thinking errors’
Online support crucial for those living with mental illness