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Better systems needed to stop overmedication of people with intellectual disability
Uncovering genetic roots of marijuana use disorder
Warren Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery names Craig Lindsley as director
How much do our genes restrict free will?
Clues to Brain Development and Disease Emerge from 3D Epigenome Study
Reducing stigma and discrimination needs urgent government action
Researcher leads $3.8 million project to map developing mice brains
Global collaboration on brain health research is urgently needed, say experts
Emory Fragile X Center: $8 million NIH grant supports next-generation neuroscience
Nurture trumps nature in determining severity of PTSD symptoms
‘Social cells’ related to social behavior identified in brain
Researchers open door to new schizophrenia treatment
New recruitment drive to help 10,000 people with serious mental illness
Researchers part of international team awarded NIH grant to study causes and predictors of emerging psychosis
It is time to embrace cannabis for medicinal use, say experts
Childhood sexual abuse: mental and physical after-effects closely linked
Reprogramming Brain Cells Enables Flexible Decision-Making
New dopamine sensors could help unlock mysteries of brain chemistry
FABP4: Preschool-aged biomarker discovered for autism spectrum disorder
Factors predictive of psychopathy and schizophrenia are already present in newborn infants’ brain cells
Rochester leads novel research project on how brain interprets motion
COVID-19 has changed psychiatry forever: researchers
University-led international research reveals common foundation for six psychiatric disorders
Researchers reversibly disable brain pathway in primates
Highly sensitive dopamine detector uses 2D materials
Hospital fined after assault on nurse
Researchers aim to use machine learning to improve diagnosis, treatment of mental illness
Future mental health care may include diagnosis via brain scan and computer algorithm
Zeroing out their own zap
Highly sensitive dopamine detector uses 2D materials
Transgender and gender-diverse individuals are more likely to be autistic and report higher autistic traits
“New findings could lead way towards treatments for intellectual disability in Down syndrome.”
Mental Health Pharmacy Trial – On track to commence soon
Discovery of a ‘negative regulator’ in brain alters understanding of brain function and potential treatment
Brain ‘signature’ could help to diagnose schizophrenia
Study reveals high prevalence of ‘hidden’ illnesses in people with type 2 diabetes
How does our brain fold? Study reveals new genetic insights
Researchers Identify Novel Genetic Variants Linked to Type-2 Diabetes
Vanderbilt University partners with ACADIA Pharmaceuticals to develop novel treatments for central nervous system
Study: Neurons can shift how they process information about motion
NIST Develops Benchmark for Accurately Detecting Large Genetic Mutations Linked to Major Diseases
What Does “Love Hormone” Do? It’s Complicated
High doses of ketamine can temporarily switch off brain, say researchers
I can’t breathe: suffocating truth of Australia’s race relations
Psychological therapy helps reduce chronic inflammation in body
Extra Choline May Help Pregnant Women Decrease Negative Effects of COVID-19 on Their Newborns
Fighting pandemic – COVID-19 research at University of Helsinki
Researchers call for new approach to some mental disorders