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Major overhaul call for collision sports policies
Key Brain Molecule May Play Role in Many Brain Disorders
New perspectives for treating psychiatric disorders
International team identifies genetic link between face and brain shape
Disrupted biochemical pathway in brain linked to bipolar disorder
Researchers craft AI-based tool that detects bipolar disorder at earlier stages
Mental health recovery plan backed by £500 million
Pilot Study Finds Evidence of Bartonella Infection in Schizophrenia Patients
Large New Study Reveals Rates of Brain Abnormalities in Healthy Children
Mental illness linked to worse heart attack outcomes
Disability highest for schizophrenia and personality disorders
Rare Mutations May Have Big Impact on Schizophrenia Pathology
New Brain Sensor Offers Answers About Alzheimer’s
Anti-hyperlipidemia drug improves brain connectivity in mouse models of schizophrenia
Deciphering genetics behind eating disorders
Dunedin Study data provides evidence that youth mental health issues impact adult physical health
Growing Evidence That Mentally Ill Youths Become Less Healthy Adults
A boost for plant research
How brain makes sense of touch
Distinctness of mental disorders traced to differences in gene readouts
Why do psychiatric drugs help some, but not others? New study offers clues
How does immune system keep tabs on brain?
Machine learning tool used to predict early symptoms of schizophrenia in relatives of patients
Neuroscience team wins grant to explore cognitive flexibility
New Alzheimer’s research could inspire better treatments and earlier diagnosis
Liverpool launches new Centre of Excellence for Long-acting Therapeutics
Helping Brain’s Immune Cells Regain Ground State
Large transporter protein linked to schizophrenia
Age of Father Affects Offspring Through an Epigenetic Mechanism
Astrocytes Eat Connections to Maintain Plasticity in Adult Brains
Maternal Immune Activation Induces Sustained Changes in Fetal Microglia Motility
Brain tissue yields clues to causes of PTSD
UOW researcher receives prestigious medical research award
New research project funded at RITMO
Great ideas attract $7 million in NHMRC grants
Brain cells involved in mouse social behavior identified
Exceptional local named 2020 Kingston Young Citizen of Year
Can Early Drug Intervention Prevent Weight Gain in Mentally Ill Children?
Hallucinations induced in lab could be key to better understanding and treatment
Schizophrenia may be similar to immune disorders, show scientists
Study finds more mental health support needed for prisoners
Study: Bartonella Infection Associated With Psychiatric Symptoms and Skin Lesions
Molecule found in green tea may block negative effects of chronic cannabis use
Q and A: Lisa Saksida honoured as a powerful advocate for women in STEM
New funding to support innovative medical research
When Male and Female Brain Connections Break Down Differently
Identifying structure and function of a brain hub
Working to better understand brain