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Living better with algorithms
Algorithms empower metalens design
UK public want self-driving cars to be labelled
‘Nanomagnetic’ computing can provide low-energy AI, researchers show
Watson Lecture on May 11: Scott Cushing on What We Can Learn from Quantum Entanglement
Era of ‘optical computers’ operated by light is fast approaching
New state of art for unsupervised vision
Anticipating others’ behavior on road
Manipulating future
Microcavities as sensor platform
Thinking public transport, electric cars and roads we drive on
Research suggests brain processes smell both like painting and symphony
Fifth-generation lab opens for AI
“Today will probably define whether I choose technology in future”
How eye imaging technology could help robots and cars see better
Control for wheelchair robots to mitigate risk of collision in crowds
Developing crowd-friendly robotic wheelchair
Engineer s enable simple cameras to see in 3D
Identifying toxic materials in water with machine learning
Turning any camera into polarization camera
Ultra-compact integrated photonic device could lead to new optical technologies
When it comes to AI, can we ditch datasets?
University of Toronto’s Raquel Urtasun among five women breaking down barriers in auto industry
Gene Editing Gets Safer Thanks to Redesigned Protein
Wallet-sized device focuses terahertz energy to generate high-resolution images
Credit card-sized device focuses terahertz energy to generate high-resolution images
In Globe and Mail, Raquel Urtasun discusses ‘milestone’ in self-driving car development
Johan Åkerman receives ERC Proof of Concept Grant
Develops high speed lasers with support from ERC
Photonics researcher gets prestigous ERC grant
Which political ideologies make people more likely to dismiss risk of Covid?
Solving traffic congestion with help of math
Why we feel confident about decisions we make
Robot-assisted feeding focus of $1.5M NSF grant
Data-frugal Deep Learning Optimizes Microstructure Imaging
National governments need to manage out-of-control energy demands of internet
Ultrafast lasers, ultracold atoms and more as Rep. Neguse tours JILA
Future is Robotic: University of Toronto Groundbreakers EP3
Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Promises to Change Our Lives
Nonsense can make sense to machine-learning models
Impaired-driver sensor could pave way for safer vehicles
Machines that see world more like humans do
Initiative made possible by gift from Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg
Researchers develop two-photon microscope that provides unprecedented brain-imaging ability
How Can Next-Gen Computer Chips Reduce Our Carbon Footprint?
Artificial intelligence to advance energy technologies
New discovery opens way for brain-like computers
All aboard New autonomous passenger shuttle service trialled in Oxfordshire