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UOW receives $100,000 donation to support brain cancer research
Free speech in UK’s culture war: attitudes to causing offence or harm
Harder Winters, Stronger Storms
An alarming prevalence of smell, taste loss during COVID’s delta surge
PolyU develops ultrasensitive and portable detection sensor for rapid, easy and low-cost Covid antibody test
Shedding light on spermatogenesis failure caused by testicular warming
Not individual genes but “mutational signatures” of many genes hold key to better cancer therapies
Upconversion-based Nanosensor Developed for Chemotherapy Drug Detection
Study Reveals How Alpine Grasslands Respond to Climate Change and Anthropogenic Impacts
Researchers Realize Gas Pressure-dependent Luminescence
DWI for detection of locally recurrent pancreatic cancer
Does herpes simplex virus change during transmission?
New culprit found to cause shellfish allergy
New tool measures atomic scale defects, identifies transistor limitations
One step closer to making terahertz technology usable in real world
Using Artificial Intelligence to Predict Life-Threatening Bacterial Disease in Dogs
Seeing shadows in dark
Researchers develop novel AI algorithm for digital pathology analysis
Custom ‘headphones’ boost atomic radio reception 100-fold
DNA contained in honey finds honeybee health
Research brings hope for spinal cord injury treatment
Can sniffer dogs really detect COVID almost as well as a PCR test?
IMF Staff Concludes Staff Visit to Albania
IAEA Helps Protect Patients and Staff in Dentistry
Discovery of high-speed moving plasma turbulence for first time in world
Computer chips that can smell and nomadic mushrooms win AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant
LumiNose wins AtlasInvest Entrepreneurship Grant with computer chips that can smell
Preliminary Study Shows Minimally Invasive Diagnostic Biomarker Strategy Successful
Online Storytime goes bilingual
Sparking sustainable new chemical catalysts
MSU helps deliver insights to better characterize nuclear physics and extreme environments of cosmic explosions
Reliable diagnostics at tip of your finger
New tool developed by WVU researchers makes it easier to identify pregnant patients with eating disorders
Different subtypes defined in small cell lung cancer
Trained sniffer dogs accurately detect people infected with SARS-CoV-2
Gruber Cosmology Prize for Frank Eisenhauer
Magnetic resonance makes invisible visible
Science for Sustainable Future
New CRP: Improving External Dosimetry for Terrestrial Animals and Plants
Scent dogs detect coronavirus reliably from skin swabs
Risk of breast cancer in males may be linked to male infertility
Vaccinia virus MacGyvers makeshift tool to repair its DNA, exposing vulnerability
Nature conservation in Dutch Caribbean
Novel Focusing Technology Developed to Improve Ion Transmission Efficiency of Mass Spectrometers
2022 Mosman Youth Art Prize Winners Announced
AI tool could dramatically decrease diagnostic times for psoriatic arthritis patients
Humans may have evolved to show signs of stress to evoke support FROM OTHERS
Menopausal hormonal shift alters women’s metabolism