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UK and Albania Seek £4bn Closer Export Ties
EU Commission Pilots Project with Bulgaria
COVID-19 linked to increased risk to develop gastrointestinal disorders
US Backs Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue Efforts by EU
Blinken, Borrell Discuss EU-US Relations
UW Study: Vaccine Shopping Effects on Pandemic Rollout
European Commission Launches Pilot Project with Romania
Serbian Basketball Coaches to Visit US for March Madness
Serbia to Strengthen Capital Markets with World Bank Aid
Young Leaders Lead CSW67 Dialogue: UN Women
Samantha Power Calls Serbia’s PM Brnabić
DiscoverEU: 35,000 Free Travel Passes Up for Grabs
UNESCO Launches Management Plan for Rapa Nui WHS
World Bank Backs Serbia’s Shift to Green Economy
Serbia Gets World Bank Support for Green Transition, Public Finance
World’s First Horse Riders
First Horse Riders Discovered in Ancient World
Kosovo, Serbia Normalization Process Gaining Momentum
Canada Funds Tourist Recovery in SW Ontario
Quint Ambassadors Visit Kosovo in Feb 2023
Serbia National Day 15 February
WHO supports Equatorial Guinea in combatting country’s first-ever deadly Marburg virus outbreak
Art Exhibition Explores Aftermath of War: New KCL Show
Sec. Blinken Talks With Serbia’s Vucic
Former Reps Verica Radeta, Petar Jojić Linked to Major Corruption
EU Consumers Outsource Environmental Damage to East Europe
More scams target Kimberley flood victims via social media
Khanty Dialects Show Greater Varieties than Slavic Languages
Australia signs new social security agreement with Serbia
Study sheds new light on demographics of ear-cropped dogs in UK
Law academic plays key role in judgment on same-sex couples in Russia
Indian Healthcare Centre Joins WEF 4th Industrial Rev Network
Edward Ferguson to be His Majesty’s Ambassador to Serbia
11,000 Planet Summers & Winters Detailed in New Study
Cooperation in Fragmented World: Addressing Crises, Tackling Future Challenges
Counselor Chollet Visits UAE, North Macedonia, Kosovo & Serbia
Tensions Rise in Northern Kosovo: Joint Statement
AFP members across globe wish you Merry Christmas
IMF Approves €2.4B Stand-by Arrangement for Serbia
Detector dog finds live Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
International Justice Strengthened to End Impunity
Secretary Blinken Conversation with 2022 Department of State Anti-Corruption Champion Award Honorees
Secretary Blinken At Anti-Corruption Champions Award Ceremony
2022 Anti-Corruption Champions Award
UK sanctions target 30 corrupt political figures, human rights violators and perpetrators of conflict-related sexual violence around
ICC and Spain conclude Agreement on Enforcement of Sentences
EU admits Croatia to Schengen Without Regard To Abuses at Border
New materials for computer of future