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Social connectedness, sleep, and physical activity associated with better mental health among youth during Covid pandemic
Social connectedness, sleep, and physical activity linked to better mental health among youth during Covid pandemic
Survey findings on prevalence of allergic diseases among Hong Kong primary and secondary schoolchildren
New Sanders-Brown Center on Aging Memory Clinic
Exposure of pre-adolescent children to electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile devices is not linked to sleep disturbances
‘Brain fog’ during menopause is real – it can disrupt women’s work and spark dementia fears
HKUMed receives funding support from Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust to launch Hong Kong’s first cancer-specific research
Digital Therapy for Prenatal Insomnia May Prevent Postpartum Depression
Largest genetic study of suicide attempts confirms genetic underpinnings that are not driven by underlying psychiatric disorders
Sick and Tired: Study Reveals Toll of Poor Sleep Among Health Care Workers
Repeated concussions in professional rugby players linked to poor mental health post retirement
SCU to study treatment of treatment of Fibromyalgia syndrome using medicinal cannabis
Restoring normal sleep reduces amyloid-beta accumulation in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease
Restoring normal sleep reduces amyloid-beta accumulation in mouse model of Alzheimer’s
LED face masks are popular on social media for glowing skin – but they could disrupt your sleep
Long COVID: ‘Is this going to be my new normal?’
Long COVID can negatively impact physical and cognitive function, employment, and quality of life for
Wind farm noise and sleep disruption
Bullying and Children: What Parents Need to Know
Study links Mental illness to poor sleep quality according to largest study of its kind
Researchers will use $10 million grant to address concussions in children
Single gene can disrupt sleep-wake cycle
Research Investigates Views of People Living with Dementia
Study shows hormone therapy not associated with an increased risk of developing dementia
Menopausal hormone therapy not linked to increased risk of developing dementia
How contagious is Delta? How long are you infectious? Is it more deadly? A quick guide to latest science
Intense workouts before bedtime won’t guarantee good night’s rest, new research shows
New review investigates babies harmed by fathers and stepfathers
Exposure to traffic noise linked to higher dementia risk
Clinical trial will investigate medicinal cannabis for sleep disturbances
Supports available for people concerned about alcohol use
Researchers explore effects of weed in womb
Dynamic changes in chest CT images over 167 days in 11 patients with Covid
Reducing blue light with new type of LED that won’t keep you up all night
Strengthening evidence base for naturopathic medicine
Wind turbine night noise
Research from ASU reveals how Covid pandemic affected people’s sleep around world
Obstructive sleep apnea is common in kids and may impact blood pressure, heart health
Spotlight on research: Sleep tight, don’t let sound bite
Helping new mums sleep better without medication
NIH-funded study finds gene therapy may restore missing enzyme in rare disease
Research reveals gene therapy may restore missing enzyme in rare disease
Psychiatric patients at increased risk of COVID-19 hospitalization and mortality
Gene Therapy Offers Long-Awaited Hope for Children with Rare, Incurable Disorder