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Bad Company: Is Too Much Alone Time Making You Sick?
Melatonin Tied to Reduced Self-Harm in Youth
Research Examines Effects of Spaceflight on Humans in Axiom’s Ax-2 Mission
Research Links Stroke to Sleep Disruptions at U of Ottawa
Bedtime or nighttime insomnia may increase dementia risk
Healthcare Workers’ Burnout Reduced with TM During Covid Peak
Too Much or Too Little Sleep Linked to Illness: Scientists
Noise Complaints Spike in NYC Open Streets Program
Microbiome disturbances linked to CFS/ME identified
Studies find that microbiome changes may be signature for ME/CFS
Antidepressants use for chronic pain on rise, but are they effective?
Antidepressants Ineffective for Many Pain Conditions
Research Links Social Isolation to Dementia Risk Factors
Research Unravels Pain-Sleep Link with Spinal Stimulation
Not just mood swings but premenstrual depression
Holistic Approach Needed for Improved Sleep Quality
Gene Activity in Schizophrenia Found to Cycle Every 12 Hours
Assessing, Treating Long-Term COVID Impact
Concordia Pioneers Indoor Lighting System for Biological Alignment
Concordia Pioneers Illumination System to Align with Biology
Novel Method IDs Key Sleep Gene Regulator: CHOP, Penn and TAMU
How might latest George Pell coverage affect child sexual abuse survivors?
Menopause Symptoms May Start Early: Study
Cardiac Arrest: Damar Hamlin Collapses During MNF, Emergency Response Follows
Don’t Mix Alcohol and Medications This Holiday
Acupressure vs Acupuncture: Treating Sleep Disturbance in Cancer Patients
Depression May Look Different in Black Women
Black Women’s Depression May Have Unique Symptoms
First wave of Covid linked to long-term depressive symptoms
Corrective surgery improves quality of life of breast cancer patients
UK psychologist has practical solutions for managing hectic holiday season
Exercise rehabilitation may hold key to helping people with long Covid
Scientists identify new marker related to dysfunction of glymphatic system
Researchers identify new marker linked to malfunctioning glymphatic system
$50 million for medical research grants
Grants to study mood disorder treatments & impact of sleep on brain ageing
Can pharmacotherapies prevent alcohol use disorder in people with PTSD?
Caregivers’ coping strategies tied to anxiety, depression and quality of life
Diverse mechanisms underlie associations between sleep and anxiety
Research reveals spine disease is more common in chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis than previously thought
Veterans find relief from nightmares with NightWare and Apple Watch
Poor quality sleep may be linked to heightened risk of irreversible sight loss
First clinical guideline on Schaaf-Yang syndrome for professionals and families
Just part of larger picture
‘Noise camera’ trials to detect rowdy drivers coming to Bradford, Bristol, Great Yarmouth and Birmingham
Home sensors can detect opioid withdrawal signs at night
Hot summer nights bad for health
Sleep is Good for Your Heart