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Chloride ion channel ASOR is required for vesicle shrinkage
Scientists discover how salt in tumours could help diagnose and treat breast cancer
Research finds unknown trigger for seizures
Epilepsy Research Reveals Previously Unknown Trigger for Seizures
Possible new pathway for treating epileptic seizures in patients with autism
Scientist L. Mario Amzel, Who Captured Images of Tiny Biological Structures, Dies
Variations in sodium channel molecular composition may drive drug efficacy
Toxin sponges may protect poisonous frogs and birds from their own poisons
Poison Frogs, Birds, Hold Clues to Antidotes for Deadly Toxins
Seeking a treatment for IBS pain in tarantula venom
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Case Western Reserve researchers identify potential approach to controlling epileptic seizures
Essential oils restore insecticide effectiveness against bed bugs
Therapeutic potential of peptides
Double Delight: New Synthetic Transmembrane Ion Channel Can Be Activated in Two Ways
Funnel-web spiders: why they kill us, and other news
New research on funnel-web spider toxin
Giant spider promises IBS relief
Giant spider provides promise of pain relief for irritable bowel syndrome
Native stinging tree toxins match pain of spiders and cone snails
Team deciphers how myotonic dystrophy generates lethal heart dysfunctions
An atomic view of trigger for heartbeat